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Selvages, envelope block, paper piecing tips


Hello, hello hello! Weekend sewing was this time more about organizing all my selvages but also making one more block for The Honey Pot Bee by Molli Sparkles.

For March we got fantastic paper piecing pattern: Envelope block from ‘Tweety Loves Quilting’!

Here is my version in all it’s glory! I like this a lot! I thought the red may pop too much but perhaps it’s time to accept  that I do like red.

envelope and letter quilt block by teje

This block is generally easy to make and Alida’s pattern is very good. My headache was to find fabrics. I don’t have many with tekst and first I thought to create a card. But the space for letter is not very big and then I saw this red fabric on my self and decision was made (I had already cut one other fabric). You could add borders for your letter paper but I though I shall have enough challenge to make the envelope. For that I shall show you few of my tips.

This cute duck fabric has been just waiting on the self and from my fabrics, I think it was a good choise for the envelope. Here is how I feel easier to sew the diagonal pieces when paper piecing. Explination is always under the photo. This may look complicated but when you do this, you’ll see that it’s easy and quick.

Because I wanted to fussy cut (use certain parts of the fabric) pieces for the envelope, I had to place them exactly. Triangle on the left is sewn. You can see on the right triangle how I first pressed the seam allowance. On the right photo you see how I folded the paper pattern on the sewing line.

Then turn the paper so that you can fold the fabric on the same line as the paper. On the right you see the lines on the red fabric and on the duck-fabric.

Now you can put the triangle on the red fabric so that the lines match. Open the triangle and put few pins. Don’t sew yet.

Now turn your piece to see it from the paper side and add pins for sewing. Take away the pins from the fabric’s side and sew.

Trim the seam allowance to 1/4″. As you can see the balloon cords didn’t match as hard I tried. My mistake was that the triangle wasn’t exactly straight. We talk about 1 millimetre here! I went to eat and knew I have to fix it. I ripped only some stitches, sew 1 mm lower, pressed and voila, fixed! I sew the stamp with sik sak twice around.

paper piecing tips

My #saturdaynightcraftalong with Lucy from ‘Charm About You’ went with organizing all my selvages. I saw that if I want to use any of them, only way to find something is to empty all the box and arrange them somehow. On the left you see the 3.5″ squares I save from all the fabrics for my project: fabric sampler quilt (haven’t started yet).


Everything is out and in order. Those in the basket I have been already using! Yes, I took the brave step and thought they have been preserved long enough! Started to worry about the expiring date!

selvages by Nero's Post

To find something or looking what to use, there has to be some kind of order (for me). And they can’t stay on the table even how cute they look.

selvages by teje

On the left by colour, from blue, turquoise, green,yellow, red, brown, low volumes and black (2).

In the middle some collections still together and most favourites with few specials.

On the right solids and selvages from the side where is no text (yes I save those too).

*********  !!!  If you don’t use/save selvages, I’m interested !!!  *************

Nero's Post selvages

I use ‘BeFunky’ to make photo mosaics and for editing photos. I don’t edit my photos often but sometimes even the strong light of Greece is not enough or makes too strong shadows.

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The Honey Pot Bee by teje

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Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

54 thoughts on “Selvages, envelope block, paper piecing tips

  1. I am also a selvage saver. I have made my quilting friends each a pin cushion and also tote bag for myself.


  2. It certainly is a “red letter day!” Your blocks look fabulous all together!


    • Thank you so much Molli! I love this letter block but all the blocks in this bee are really good and fun! Can’t imagine what else there will be! Have a great week! x Teje


  3. I can certainly start to save selvedges for you – how much do I need to cut off?


    • Thank you Thank you! I cut usually about 1.5″ so that there will be some fabric to seen after sewing but even the thinnest with only tekst are good. Mix of different widths is good.Have a lovely day! x Teje


  4. I’m most impressed, all my selvedges are tumbled together in a plastic bag!


    • Thank you Jenny! I was thinking that fortunately I have saved them folded! If you start to iron and organize yours, I’m sure you want to make something fun with them! It was also nice to go through them and remember the fabrics I have used. x Teje


  5. That block is Amazing Teje! I can’t believe how beautifully you fussy cut and matched everything. The fabrics could not be more perfect. Thanks for sharing with oh Scrap! You are so very inspiring!


  6. Oh I love that envelope block! ❤

    My sewing machine is still quite neglected. I am getting ready to move some time in the next few weeks and will have a new job. Maybe in my new place I will find time to finally commit to learning to sew/quilt!


    • Thank you Cherry! I hope your moving goes smoothly! At your new home, make sewing place, even small. Put beautiful fabrics and sewing tools next to your machine, so you see them and it’s easier to start. Don’t wait, start! I waited too many years. You can also start now for example with hexagons! No need for space and few are enough for a small project. I’m happy to help if you like to ask something. x Teje


      • I am actually going to have a craft room in my new house, so I can dedicate a corner of that room to sewing! I just have to hope I will have work hours that will allow me to have enough down time to work on crafts!


      • That’s great! When you start, you’ll see that you find always some moments to do that you really like! x Teje


  7. Love that envelope block! They are so cute! The red is perfect – I wanted to “read” it! So cute! Visiting you from Oh Scrap! at Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework!


  8. Now that is a letter i would like to find in the letterbox ! So beautiful, and way better than al the bills 🙂
    I think the red is gorgeous, nice choice !


  9. Nämä kirjekuoriblokit on niin hienoja ja postimerkki on just hyvä pieni lisä! Minä olen nuukuuksissani leikannut hulpiot aina kovin pienellä kangasosuudella. Näinhän ne ovat paljon käyttökelpoisempia!


    • Kiitos kovasti Saija! Olen leikannut hulpiot niin etta kangastakin jaa reilusti nakyviin kun en tieda mihin kaikkeen niita kaytan. Hyvaa viikkoa! x Teje


  10. What a lovely letter! The colors are perfect I love the envelope! Have a nice week!x Anneli


  11. Kirjekuori-blokki on ihan huippu! Postimerkki ja kaikki. Niin loistavat kankaat. Ankat ilmapalloineen on niin suloisia ja punainen kirjepaperi! Varmasti rakkauskirje ❤ Tuon blokin ehdottomasti kokeilen ihan omin päin, joten kiitos vinkeistä. Tweety loves quilting linkki ei toiminut, osoitteessa pieni kirjoitusvirhe, mutta löysin ihan nimen perusteella perille. Mahtavat hulpiovarastot sinulla onkin! Noistahan saa jo vaikka mitä! Minä keräilen niitä myös. Hauska idea tuo, että sinulla on neliöitä töittesi kankaista ja se sampler niistä kuulostaa kovin hyvältä! Mukavaa viikkoa!


  12. What a cute letter….the ones I receive in the mail are never that pretty.


  13. Wow, that’s an impressive stash of selvages! I tried saving them for all of a week, and ended up trashing them!


  14. Fantastic tip for both working on aligning the fabric for the paper piecing AND taking a break before continuing on. I find that giving a project a rest can do wonders for my next attempt and view of a project in general. Thank you so much for linking up!


  15. Beautiful block Teje! I save all my selvages also and make mug rugs with them and plan on making placemats!


  16. What wonderful paper piecing and your fabric choices are adorable! That fabric with stamps is the perfect special touch. I love your comment about going to eat and knowing you’d have to go back and fix the balloons–when I don’t fix something, it nags at me until I do 😉 Pet the puppies (big dogs included) and kitty for me!


    • Thank you so much Karen! I’m happy with these fabrics and like a lot this envelope block! Nero, Hanna and Nelli got hugs and I shall hug the other puppies later today. x Teje


  17. I loved your little duckies when they showed up on IG.
    I save some of my selvedges and use the printed words sometimes on bags to personalize them. I also sent some to another sewing friend who makes selvedge quilt blocks.


  18. The envelope is sweet. Neat fussing cutting. Would be a cute gift card.


  19. wow look at all those selvedges!! Very impressed with your organisation. I collect them too but for a friend, and in return she brings me back liquorice when she goes to Denmark. I love Finnish liquorice too!


    • How about salmiak, Jo?! Thank you for your visit and sweet words! I’m happy your selvages goes to a good home and you get liquorice! x Teje


  20. This is so beautifully made Teje! Such care and attention. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday and sharing your tips!


  21. That envelope block is really fun! Great job with the duck and balloons!


  22. Hi Teje!! I love your envelope block and thanks for te tip on lining up 2 pieces! I am a very experienced paper piecer but have never thought about lining fabrics up like you did!!! I love all your work!!!


    • Thank you so much Cathy! I appreaciate your words! I hate the angles and thought how to match them from the right side. If not fussy cut pieces it’s okey but to match special pieces it can be a headache. x Teje


  23. Your envelope block is darling and I love the red letter! I’ve been saving selvedges too but not in any kind of order. That try looks perfect for organizing.


    • Thank you Karen! Now I like the red letter too! Because I’m attend to use those selvages I had to find a place where I can somehow see them. x Teje


  24. I cannot believe you matched the balloons as well as you did! Love your envelope with those ducks and the red, I really like it and don’t think it’s to bold at all!


  25. awesome block and great job with matching those balloon strings


  26. Very pretty! I love the fussy cut envelope and the stamp – such great touches! That strawberry block at the end is really fun too!


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