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"life is meant to be colourful"

Nero and Hanna: waiting for the packet!


Vof vof, it’s me Hanna!  With Nero we have been waiting for The Packet! While waiting we did many things.

Nero and Hanna

It’s coming from far away and we woked up many mornings watching the sunshine on the Fabric Forest.

Fabric Forest quilt by Teje

Fell a sleep many evenings … watching the same sunshine! One day I had bath and I looked like a wet bear!

Hanna had bath

Sometimes we got tired to wait. Isn’t it coming yet, Nero?!

Nero and Hanna

We had delicious food! Hb made it and said it’s soufle. I know there was bacon and that’s my favourite!


We had walks and picked little flowers. If you stop to smell the grass and look around you, you can see beautiful tiny things that other wise you wouldn’t notice. I think fairy uses that green thing to comb her hair.

wild flowers

Sometimes you can see bigger things. Nero’s job is to take rubbishes out. Look what he found one day! Is this a treasure or trash? I know I can fix it and it will be my treasure. It’s iron and there is mirror in the middle. That could be changed to something else, like my photo for example! No, now I know! I shall put there photo of me and Nero!

Hanna and old mirror

Hmmm, perhaps I shall make picture with Nero, Nelli, Foxy and me. That would be really nice.

We have been sewing a lot. Mostly I like the crown we made for The Honey Pot Bee! I want to give this crown to my hero, Nero! Last Monday he wasn’t well and we were so worried. You know that he is 12,5 years. But fortunately from Tuesday he was well again! What a relief to see him again happy, sitting on his favourite place, playing with ball, ears up and enjoying his small walks. Today I took the trash bag out and Nero said: ‘shouldn’t I go now out with that bag and not you?’ We all get used to our habits! I said to him: ‘Dear Nero, you can go today to the other road to read some new news’.


Can you guess how fun it was to make this crown! When I was walking I was planning how to do it. I thought that darkened silver would be nice and then I could decorate it with lots of gemstones and with some colourful glass pieces. I love those turquoise diamonds! There is also silver thread!


And I show you how I made the fun ribbon for the edge.

chevron edge

I was thinking hard how to add something to the edge and looked my fabric stash. Hmm something with lines … haa, yes chevron is just what I need! I didn’t cut the rest of the piece before marking it on the back side. I drew line where the stitiching should be and then added 1/4″ seam allowance.

My crown became improvised. I mixed up with my notes and those colourful triangles are not the same like in the pattern. Also the silver thread was a mess. It just ran out on its own! Lucky me who didn’t have bigger diamonds! But now I have an idea for a patent. Have to try first and then I tell you.

Hey Nero, I think I see something there on the road! Come to see! Is it our bike coming?


Yes Hanna, it is and he’s carrying something wrapped with brown paper! It must be The Packet!


Jippii! Our packet is finally here! How exciting!

Seriously, Nero, is this all we have been waiting for so many days?! I think I’m a little bit disappointed. It did smell interesting but there were nothing to eat or play! Blaah.

quilt wadding

But no worries! I know that you know why this packet was so important. With Nero we can continue to wait; perhaps there will come something else, soon!

Nero and Hanna

You guessed right. This means that the quilt project with puppy and girl will continue.

If you like to continue reading, how about visiting Connie at ‘Free Motion by The River’. She shows us her sewing studio! Wow it is so spacious and well organized. Connie has a cute sewing friend Sadie and at the moment little visitor in her studio.

One quilt pattern has been long time in my to-do list and now I saw it in gorgeus colours! Free pattern ‘Blown Away’ by Jodi Godfrey from ‘Tales of Cloth’, is available at ‘Free Spirit Fabrics’. Shop fabrics here and find inspiration here.

This time I ordered the wadding / batting from ‘Chitter Scraps’ at etsy. I’m very happy and will shop again from them. There are lovely fabrics, too.

I’m joining my favourite linky parties! All the buttons are on my sidelist. Click to visit to see what other are sewing!

Thank you so much for reading my story! Kisses to you sweet friends for your lovely messages!

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Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

24 thoughts on “Nero and Hanna: waiting for the packet!

  1. Wonderful post! Glad the package arrived safely


  2. What a fun post to read, Teje! Your dogs are so sweet and fun. I enjoyed going over to read your post about the girl and the puppy quilt! It is wonderful, and I’m glad you can work on it again now that your package arrived.


  3. What a fun post Teje. I loved seeing your forest quilt again. It is one of my favorites. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!


  4. Love your post! And what to say to those lovely friends you have there at your home with you, they are so lovely and special, give my hugs!I hope you liked you packet. I love your metallic treasure you found from the road and looking forward to see what you will do with the crown. So nice pictures! Have a nice week! x Anneli


  5. You and your friends had a lovely time waiting for the package. Well done.


  6. Hi there, Hanna, it’s always fun to read about your days. You have such a generous spirit and set such an excellent example. Sometimes I forget and can be kinda pushy especially when it comes to treats. I’m so glad that Nero is back to feeling his old self. He’s our hero too. Hugs from us Lady Caroline


  7. This is a lovely story, and I do so love reading about your dear companions. The food looks wonderful


  8. You had me laugh out loud. Such a funny post and wonderful dogs =)


  9. What a beautiful crown, despite the mess of silver thread!! Your dogs are adorable and sure tell a good story! 🙂


  10. Lovely post…lovely pictures of Nero and Hanna and your quilt and crown! So glad the package arrived! Your experience with metallic thread is the same as mine…I used to embroider with it sometimes by hand but could only use short lengths at a time or it got into a big mess and began to unravel. Love the jewels on your crown…you are such a creative lady Teje.
    Helen xox


    • Thank you so much Helen! I’m so happy to have Nero and Hanna! I think metallic thread has always that problem because can’t be so ‘loose’ like normal thread. It would add nice touch but I can manage well without. Perhaps I shall try also by hand. Have a lovely day! x Teje


  11. I so enjoyed reading this and I absolutely love the adorable photos of Nero and Hanna. What beauties they both are. I’m glad all is well with Nero.


  12. Voi, miten hienosti tarina sekä Neron ja Hannan kuvat kulkivat rintarinnan. Ja tylsää vanua paketillinen oli odotettu pitkään – mikä pettymys! Vanu varmaan muuttuu lähiaikoina vähemmän tylsäksi, kun saa iloisia kankaita ylleen.


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