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{Village of Moomins} Baby Quilt


Hello, hello dear friends! You have seen some sneaky peakys of cars and houses, Moomins popping out here and there and finally it’s show time: {The Village of Moomins}!

Village of Moomins baby quilt by Teje

When I started to plan this baby quilt in my mind I was thinking of a small village with houses and gardens. Then my friend said there could be cars because she liked the little cars I had used for pillows.

baby quilt with moomins

When having all the puppies here and not being able to plan with fabrics as I often do, I had made this illustration.

So I continued with the houses and gardens but instead of the dog and tree, I started to think how to add cars.

quuilt project in my sewing room

I was in trouble with my fabric stash. You may see here lots of blue and green but I felt that I couldn’t find the right shades. Like the cloudy sky below – so fun but totally too busy. I think this pink house had been the first one I made, but later it was left out.

Moomins quilt house

Because my design wall has still the ‘Dream Catcher’ project I had to make improvised small place to see well my plans, fabrics, colours etc.

quilt project

For the cars, I drew first simple car with few lines to see if that could look like a car and then started with fabric.

improvised car block

Vintage thread spool had good size to draw the circles and a scrap saver may find just something perfect for the wheeles.

Moomin's car

I made houses, changed some of them and tried to find out how to add the important white.

baby quilt process

I made white houses and they gave the light I always need in my quilts. Traditional Greek houses has been white so this Moomins’ village may be some where in Greece.

village of moomins quilt top

village of moomins baby quilt by teje

Baby quilts are small enough to baste comfortable on the table.

Hand quilted as usually; this time free motion waves. And quilt label with one happy Moomin.

hand quilting and quilt label


Name: ‘Village of Moomins’

Designed and made: by me

Size: 38″x 46″ (95 cm x 115 cm) about (forgot the measure when it was finished)

Pieced improvised and quilted by hand.

Baby quilt Moomin's village

I enjoy making pictures, little stories and with fabric it’s really fun to create quilts like this. The next baby quilt has puppy with girl.

Thank you for joining me today and reading my quilting and other stories! Thank you for your lovely comments! And thank you for following here and in Instagram!


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Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

64 thoughts on “{Village of Moomins} Baby Quilt

  1. Tämä on niiiiin ihana! Rakastan tuota pientä peittoa, sen värejä ja muotoja, hauskoja taloja ja autoja, kaunista aitaa, kukkapenkkejä, pöllöä, kissaa ja sinne tänne poukkoilevia muumeja! Olet kyllä mahtavan taitava. Onnellinen se pieni ihminen, kuka tämän onnenpeiton saa.


  2. Such beautiful work, as always. Your designs are always so interesting, clever and fun! Ros


  3. This is so stinking cute Teje! The detail is amazing. Thanks so much for sharing with Oh Scrap! I love everything about this quilt 🙂


  4. So interesting to hear how you design as you go trying to capture what’s in your head.
    This must be for a special little Moomin baby.


  5. What an adorable quilt!! Thanks for sharing your process from start to finish


  6. I love the way you create stories in quilts and this is particularly lovely. A lucky baby will receive this.


  7. OMG your village quilt is so beautiful. I love houses quilt and your is fantastic. Great criativy process. Congrats! Very well done


  8. Love this little quilt, I’m a house and cat person so you caught me on my first visit. Very imaginative person. I’m on my way to see the girl and puppy.


  9. Now is that as cute as it gets or what! Lucky little baby who gets this gift will have so much fun with those little Moomin driving fellows as they scoot around on the quilt. Hand quilted, of course. Well done, my friend.


  10. This is soooo cute Teje! I love everything on it! All those details are fantastic and you write about the progress so lovely. Love your work! Congrats! 🏆🥇 x Anneli


  11. How beautiful. Moomins deserve their own quilt and yours is gorgeous. BTW, did You check already The quit show in Kemi in my post?

    Happy new week.


  12. This is a piece of art Teje, fantastic work!


  13. It’s just too darned cute!!


  14. Oh Teje — this is beyond words! I can feel your joy for life through this quilt. I love it!!!


  15. This is such a pretty quilt. Thank you so much for sharing your process. I love to read how other quilters work through problems and make decisions when designing. It is inspiring to me.


  16. This is just wonderful and I love how you worked through it all! It is such a happy carefree quilt!


  17. Oh so cute – you did a great job. I love that you shared your creative process with us! ~smile~


  18. Such an entertaining quilt. I love it.


  19. I envy your creativity! Such a fun quilt and love the process of your designing. A work of love. Not sure I could give it away.


  20. Found your blog for the first time today> WOW. I love your work. I have signed up to follow you and can’t wait to take some time and look through your older posts. I love your design wall – I have mades some of those paper pieced birds, eat on the left side – you have put them together so cleverly!. Your new village quilt is so cute too! Can’t wait.


  21. Yksi kauneimmista näkemistäni pikkupeitoista! Luonnoksesikin on tavattoman iloinen. Ihailen sommittelukykyäsi, saat kaiken näyttämään niin helpolle ja kauniille!


    • Kiitos kovasti Leena! Valmiina voi nayttaa helpolta mutta kylla niissa aina riittaa miettimista ja sommittelua. Tuntuu ettei varastosta loydy tarvittavia vareja jne. Mutta kivaa se on! x Teje


  22. Super cute Teje!!


  23. This is such a creative quilt! I love Moomin and this is such a fun way to feature fussy cuts 🙂


  24. I love this great house quilt.


  25. I love your style, Teje! This is another beauty…. And those Moomins in the cars are so cute!


  26. I followed your link from Needle and Thread Thursday. Your quilt is adorable! I can see a lot of day dreaming when a Little gazes at the quilt!


  27. An awesome quilt, Teje. I love it!!!


  28. I love this quilt! The houses are so well laid out. The balance of all motifs and colors is perfect to my eye. You are such a wonderful artist.


  29. This quilt is just too cute!! You did a fabulous job and this quilt is going to bring smiles.


  30. Absolutely adorable! Such clever creativity! I’m so glad I found your blog. I’m following!


  31. awww how cute. thanks for sharing!


  32. You are so talented! I was just started reading Muumi book by Tove Jansson and love every single story and character. I can’t believe it all those years I spent in Finland and lived so close to Naantali, I’ve never read the book nor have I visited Muumimaailma 😦 Your quilts are so exquisite!


    • Thank you so much for your sweet words! I’m happy you have found Moomins! I haven’t either visited Muumimaailma but can imagine how wonderful place it must be. Have a lovely day! x Teje


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