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Hanna’s Post: Butterflies and Lavender


Vof vof, friends! It’s me Hanna here, surrounded by lavender and butterflies!

Hanna puppy

Spring turns to summer here in Crete and there are lots of flowers around. When I come home from my walk, I have often flowers and leaves in my fur. In my garden there is a big lavender bush and it’s full of tiny purple flowers. When me and Nero walk near by this bush we smell really nice!




There are busy bees collecting honey and beautiful butterflies flying around.


My new quilt projcet has butterflies and I have already made few to test how the free piecing would work. You can see more about that HERE.

fabric butterfly


There are really so many kind of butterflies! That’s fun and gives me a change to make creative butterflies with different techniqs. You may know that I love paper piecing! But, the Big But is that it takes a lot of time and I think it’s better for small blocks. But, I made yesterday one purple butterfly and I love it! It took time but I’m hooked! I think I shall make few of these small butterflies but I couldn’t make many because this quilt is going to be the biggest I have ever made.

paper piecing butterfly

paper piecing butterfly

Patter is from Lillyella and I’m sure you have seen many of these beautiful butterflies flying around in blogs and instagram. I made small change on the body

paper pieced butterfly

butterfly quilt block

Diamond blocks are made with Kate Spain‘s ‘Grand Canal’. I think my favourite is this deep purple! It brings water to my mouth! Now I’m waiting to receive bundle of ‘Early Bird’ also by Kate Spain, to continue this project. I think these small butterflies with solids add something special to this quilt.


I picked lots of lavenders to make later lavender pouches. There is still much more to cut but I leave them for the bees for a while.

dear dog Hanna

Hmmm, what I was thinking? Making plans is one of my favourite hobbies. Often it’s difficult to concentrate and start to make something. But when I start then it’s difficult to stop. I was thinking to clean in the garden, you know those fallen leaves and flowers, but I think I prefer to make new butterfly. What you think about juicy yellow-green butterfly? … pink … turquoise …

I shall join my favourite linky parties with my friends! All the buttons are on my sidelist, so click and see what everyone has been doing!

Kisses from HANNA


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

9 thoughts on “Hanna’s Post: Butterflies and Lavender

  1. Good Morning, Hanna! Your photos are all so beautiful. What a lovely garden. And the quilt blocks are also very pretty!


  2. Love the direction this is going! The butterfly “charm blocks” are so dainty and almost fragile appearing. A beautiful addition to your butterfly “family”!!! Hugs……


  3. Looking so pretty and I love the happy colours!


  4. Such a beautiful girl! Love those summer pics of beautiful lavender and butterflies! x


  5. Lavender already! Wow! Beautiful butterflies too!


  6. What super photos you have there, Miss Hanna. I love your garden. We have some lavender in our garden, too, but not nearly enough to make a big bouquet like yours. I’ll bet it smells wonderful. Hugs to all of you from all of us. Lady Caroline. PS. Love the butterfly blocks. Mom needs to try some cuz we all love butterflies.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh Hanna I do love reading and looking at your posts! Teje your blocks are so fun and pretty 🙂


  8. Moikka Hanna! Sinua ympäröi varmasti ihana laventelin tuoksu! Kauniita perhosia niin luonnossa kuin kankaisinakin. Terveiset Nerolle, Nellille ja Tejelle ❤


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