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Nero’s Post: We are paper piecing!


Vof vof dear friends! It’s Nero here!

Nero is paper piecing

Look what we have been doing, paper piecing! I made all the pieces on the floor and now I’m playing with my favourite tennis ball. I like to put the ball on the table when I’m asking someone to play with me.

paper piecing with Nero

These hearts were something that we just had to start making! When we saw the hearts Saija had made, we knew this is the hand sewing project for the hot summer days! Saija’s blog is ‘Pomada’ and her instagram HERE. I know you will love her beautiful and inspiring work!

paper pieced hearts

First we weren’t sure what fabrics or colours to use but then we turned to solids and I like them.


Hanna has more patience than me and she is more careful with her paper piecing. I just find the coocie from the box but Hanna continues playing with the box.


Hanna is not playing so much and if she does, she plays mostly alone with some rope toy. She plays like it’s  a catch for a hunting dog! You know what is my favourite game! I exercise every day!


We were thinking a lot how to continue. Now we have made templates to fill the edges around the hearts.  Perhaps we add some other shapes for border, like bigger diamonds or triangles. Fabrics we have used are Kona cottons, few prints and mixed low volumes. Blue diamonds are from different scraps.

english paper piecing

These papers, could call them kite shape, are from ‘Tales of Cloth‘. Little diamonds we printed from internet because the ‘Hexie Shape Family’ didn’t have so small diamonds.

english paper piecing

It has been really hot here in Crete! Often also so much humidity that it’s like in sauna, they say. I haven’t been in sauna but I know it’s very hot room where people sit and they throw water on hot stones. For me that doesn’t sound very clever. But what I know about cold weather in Finland. Perhaps after a walk in  icy cold, freezing, snow storm, I would like sauna, too! I heard that one Afgan dog of the family always insisted to go to sauna and stayed there long time.


We have enough sauna outside and when the weather is too hot, we just have to stay inside.


These little creatures appear when the weather gets hot. They make very loud noise and usually you can’t see them easily because they sit on the trees and it’s hard to notice them. When I was puppy I had fun catching them and holding them in my mouth where they made srrrssstrrrrrssstrttssss!

From yesterday we have so wonderful wind and the temperature is much lower! All the windows are open and we don’t need to hide inside! I really really hope the rest of the summer could be like this but I know there are coming more burning hot days until my favourite season, autumn.

Nero and paper piecing

I wish you enjoyable summer days! Hugs and kisses!

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Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

17 thoughts on “Nero’s Post: We are paper piecing!

  1. Hei Nero! Hienoa paper piecingiä! Jos sinä näet siin sydämiä, niin minä näen kauniin värisin koppakuoriaisia rivissä. Jokainen voi varmaan nähdä pinnassa, mitä haluaa. 😀 Lähetä sitä lämmintä ilmaa vähän tänne Suomeenkin! Tapaamisiin!


    • Voi kiitos Leena! Koppakuoriaiset ovat kivoja ja mina nain naissa vahan perhosiakin. Laitan paketillisen aurinkoa huomenissa! Terkuin Nero


  2. Hi Nero. You have a wonderful eye for color and your quilt is coming along beautifully. Looking forward to seeing it progress.


  3. Hey. Nero, there you go with another good idea and beautiful handwork. When it’s so hot, you have to get up really early for a little walk otherwise you get baked. A breeze makes such a difference. It’s really hot here, too , my friend, but we are lazy and don’t do anything but watch old movies. Hugs from your fur pals. Lady Caroline


  4. Those buzzy bugs with wings are called Cicadas in English. My grandfather (a farmer) taught me as a small child how to count the chirps and use the number to figure out the temperature on hot summer days.

    🙂 Linda


  5. What a fun post today Teje!! I love your hearts and happy to hear they are from Tales of Cloth…I just happen to have the same shape family. Did I just find my next EPP project?!! It’s been super hot here as well. There doesn’t seem to be any relief coming any time soon. And those bugs…Cicadas! We have them too! They are so loud and there is nothing more irritating than being dive bombed by one of those!


    • Thank you Jayne! This is fun project and I like the heart shape, something new for epp that I hadn’t seen before. Not sure yet if I stop here or continue. We had few days a little bit easier but now it’s getting burning hot again. I’m so tired for the summer which should be great season. And the noise all the time … I prefer quiet autumn days. Hugs! x Teje


  6. The heat and humidity has been oppressive here, too. Last evening , and through the night, strong storms came through but they didn’t really do much (except it is cloudy this morning which is very welcome). Tomorrow (Friday) a storm repeat is forecast. Not good, since there was some damage last eve from the super high winds and towns East of here got 5″+ of rain and are having some flooding issues today.
    Finishing up some small tasks then on to another vintage piece (client’s). So great to have you stop by……..hugs……………………


    • Thank you Doreen! Sorry to hear about the storms and bad weather there. It’s getting again very hot here. My back is in pain (‘quilter’s back’, too much sitting) and I can’t stay long at the computer so not many comments lately. Also sewing has been only some on the sofa. Hugs! x Teje


  7. Handwork is perfect for when it is so hot, just sitting relaxing, watching the world go by. My Ella says hello, but Indi saw the pics and hasn’t stopped garding her tennis ball, just in case……..


  8. Kiitos linkkauksesta! Minun sydäntyö on edistynyt jokseenkin samaan vaiheeseen tällä hetkellä. Tämä värikäs versio näyttää todella hyvältä ja tuo tumma sopii taustaksi mainiosti 🙂


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