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"life is meant to be colourful"

Crochet Jacket


Vof vof dear friends! It’s me Nero here and today I show you how our “granny square jacket” is going on. Hope you are well and hope you love colours!

crochet jacket


These are the sleeves. I think they look like a castle in Disney land!

sleeves for crochet jacket

These are the front pieces. I’m not sure yet how the collar will be but something simple.

crochet cardigan

And this is the back piece.

crochet jacket


I had to think a lot how to make the sleeves. Finally I planned the colours so that they follow the colour theme on each side … I hope so. Those little ‘tree’ triangles will be under the arms. That was a hard job to decide how to make the sleeve shape. I didn’t want trumpet sleeves! I hope this will work out well.

granny squares

This has been a slow project and I’m really happy to see that it will be finished soon!

crochet granny squares

Mornings are the best! It’s still a little bit cool and the light is beautiful! Have to smell who has passed my road.



If you like to read the earlier post and how I connect the squares, it’s HERE.


crochet granny squares

crochet jacket

I help with Hanna as much as we can because Teje is mostly reading on sofa, her back is in pain and she can’t sit at the sewing machine. Oh boy we miss sewing and patchwork!


Anyway it’s really hot and we don’t have energy to do anything. In the afternoons we play a little bit and look the traffic on the road, but mostly just try to find a cool place to lie. Today seems to be very nice wind, even some clouds,so I hope the day won’t be terrible hot.

granny squares

Thank you friends for stopping by!

Furry hugs from



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

10 thoughts on “Crochet Jacket

  1. Pretty soft colours. I shall look forward to seeing the finished piece. I hope your back is better soon and keep cool in the heat.


  2. Beautiful blocks. The colors all work together so beautifully on each one. Here I thought I was the only one that sees “Disney” things everywhere. I most definitely see a Disney castle in your picture. Have a great day! –Andrea


  3. Hey Nero, that is a neat jacket for sure. Can’t wait to see it all put together and modeled for us. Mom is stretched out on the sofa reading too. It’s not that hot here, I think she’s just a bit lazy. Hugs to you all from all of us. Lady Caroline


    • Thank you dear friends! We’ll see if this jacket is too colourful even for us!? Just got lots of Finnish books so lazy days can continue! Hugs to you all! Nero


  4. Ihana jakku tulossa! Kauniit värit eikä ole levoton, vaikka on monivärinen. Kuvia valmiista odottelen! Mukavaa viikkoa, yritän saada sähköpostia aikaan sinulle lähipäivinä.


  5. I’ve just stumbled upon your blog and enjoyed reading some of your posts – especially loved the photo of Miss Moose. Looking forward to seeing how your crochet jacket comes together.


  6. Hello there! Lovely to se you handsome boy (and Hanna of course)! Those crocheted squares are looking so lovely. The jacket will be beautiful, I’m sure! Hope your back is feeling much better very soon. x


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