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Nero’s Post: We are paper piecing!

Vof vof dear friends! It’s Nero here!

Nero is paper piecing

Look what we have been doing, paper piecing! I made all the pieces on the floor and now I’m playing with my favourite tennis ball. I like to put the ball on the table when I’m asking someone to play with me.

paper piecing with Nero

These hearts were something that we just had to start making! When we saw the hearts Saija had made, we knew this is the hand sewing project for the hot summer days! Saija’s blog is ‘Pomada’ and her instagram HERE. I know you will love her beautiful and inspiring work!

paper pieced hearts

First we weren’t sure what fabrics or colours to use but then we turned to solids and I like them.


Hanna has more patience than me and she is more careful with her paper piecing. I just find the coocie from the box but Hanna continues playing with the box.


Hanna is not playing so much and if she does, she plays mostly alone with some rope toy. She plays like it’s  a catch for a hunting dog! You know what is my favourite game! I exercise every day!


We were thinking a lot how to continue. Now we have made templates to fill the edges around the hearts.  Perhaps we add some other shapes for border, like bigger diamonds or triangles. Fabrics we have used are Kona cottons, few prints and mixed low volumes. Blue diamonds are from different scraps.

english paper piecing

These papers, could call them kite shape, are from ‘Tales of Cloth‘. Little diamonds we printed from internet because the ‘Hexie Shape Family’ didn’t have so small diamonds.

english paper piecing

It has been really hot here in Crete! Often also so much humidity that it’s like in sauna, they say. I haven’t been in sauna but I know it’s very hot room where people sit and they throw water on hot stones. For me that doesn’t sound very clever. But what I know about cold weather in Finland. Perhaps after a walk in  icy cold, freezing, snow storm, I would like sauna, too! I heard that one Afgan dog of the family always insisted to go to sauna and stayed there long time.


We have enough sauna outside and when the weather is too hot, we just have to stay inside.


These little creatures appear when the weather gets hot. They make very loud noise and usually you can’t see them easily because they sit on the trees and it’s hard to notice them. When I was puppy I had fun catching them and holding them in my mouth where they made srrrssstrrrrrssstrttssss!

From yesterday we have so wonderful wind and the temperature is much lower! All the windows are open and we don’t need to hide inside! I really really hope the rest of the summer could be like this but I know there are coming more burning hot days until my favourite season, autumn.

Nero and paper piecing

I wish you enjoyable summer days! Hugs and kisses!

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{Puppy First Aid pouch} gift from a friend!

Hi dear friends! Today I show you special present I received from my Finnish friend, Marle!

First aid pouch by Marle

made by Marle

What can I say, this pouch is something else! Thousands of thanks Marle! And my favourite sweets + treats for dogs! This was a surprise present for my right answer. Marle was making first aid bag and showed then only the quilting and asked us what it’s going to be. Lucky me, who saw there the red gross!

Marle's pouch

made by Marle

I just love ‘Sulo’ driving the ambulance! And did you notice the paw marks on the wheeles?!On the other side of the pouch there is a smiling nurse! Oh, I wish every doctor and nurse would be so sweet!

Marle's pouch

made by Marle

Visit Marle and if you know Finnish you will laugh with her story. If not, you still enjoy to see the her photos and ‘Sulo’ … and how he spends his time … except driving and nursing.

playing puppies

‘Paris’ and ‘London’

I really tried, but my camera is not quick enough to catch playing puppies!

‘Paris’ and ‘London’

There are some things that we share with Marle: sewing and quilting of course, knitting, obviously we like chocolate and salmiak, but this time we both also experience teenage puppy. Marle has beautiful ‘Sulo’ and as you know, sometimes beautiful ‘Paris’ lives with us. We both know that puppy in that age needs attention every minute. I’m also nanny to ‘London’, sweet, adult Golden Retreiver. Marle found special London chocolate and beautiful card!

gift from Marle

Thank you so much Marle! Sweets will be enjoyd and the pouch will keep our puppies daily little things. Ah, I forgot to show you the inside! There is the most cute puppies in spring outfits!

puppy fabric

Thank you for stopping by! Have fun with your puppies and kittens!



{Dreaming at Dusk} and photos

Hi dear friends! Dreaming at dusk sounds really nice! My dictionary says that dusk is dark, twilight, grey dawn … I feel that dusk is foggy, twiglight yes, misty … soft pastel colours and greys come to my mind.



I was looking if I can find ‘dusk’ from my photos which usually have lots of colours.


Afternoon in Crete has usually most beautiful soft colours! That time is very short time after the sunset and before the dark.

crochet stone by teje

But let me tell you where this came from.  Rachel at ‘Stitched in Color’ has again Mosaic Contest going on – last moment in fact to join! Theme is {Dreaming at Dust} and she has created once again the most beautiful photo collection to inspire us! There are 2 quilts which I want to make both! And the colours in her post are so so delicious! Sponsor is fantastic ‘Lark Cottons’! Their site is beautiful and inviting! It’s practically organized so it’s easy to find what you are looking for. Of course it’s terrible difficult to pick something because all their fabrics are so beautiful! I think I spent two evenings to make my mosaics even my plan was this time to go with my istinct and not to think too much.





Of course I hope to win but to choose which one is my favourite is difficult … I hope Twilight wins! Have a look what others have chosen to their mosaics – there are so many beautiful collections!




sunset in Crete

These are what I found most near to ‘dusk’ from my photos.

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Hanna’s Post: Pink Scraptastic Tuesday!

Vof vof vof! Hello from Hanna!

Hanna and quilt

It’s second Tuesday of a month, again! how that happens? and that means Scraptastic Tuesday!


Because I love pink I thought to gather you some pinky pictures, scraps and others!

pink scraps

pink scraps

pink hexagon

She has a big smile! It’s fun to make hexagon flowers and to plan what fabrics to use.

scrap mouse

This mouse is my favourite because of her cute, pink ears!

winding ways

‘Winding ways’ is forgotten in a box … waiting to be continued one day.

quilt block

Once turning around the pieces, I liked this option. Perhaps I will make sometimes something with this kind of blocks.

pink rose

Pink may be my favourite colour of rose!

hand quilting

Haven’t made much coocies lately so why not use the cutters for quilting!


On going project with circles with Quilty 365.

hand quilting

Hand quilting with Moomins!


applique butterfly

Yesterday one butterfly sat on my shoulder! I thought she brought me good luck!

pink quilt

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Kisses from HANNA!


Flowers, fabrics and ideas

Hi dear friends! Beautiful flowers I got from friends, inspired me to take some photos … fabrics from friends.


Some of you already noticed these amazing cats in my last post. They are from my ‘cousin’, special, dear friend who I got to know through my blog. Thank you Sonja! One idea for this is to make a medallion quilt. I haven’t done any yet and it would be nice to create borders for this special piece by picking colours and shapes from the cat squares.


Hyacinths are one of my most favourite flowers! The strong purple colour of these made me think of Jessica from ‘Quilty Habit’! I won this special bundle from Jessica’s give away: fabrics that I never had but often admired. Thank you Jessica! Part of these fabrics may become covers for my notebook and file. But then, also these could be very inspiring for a medallion quilt or a new summer bag.


My Finnish quilter friend, Leena from ‘Tilkkutie’ sent me beautiful fabrics with houses and bags. Thank you Leena! I love houses and of course bags! These houses would be fun for a baby quilt or for pillows. Every house could be used separate with matching colours around. They would make also beautiful tea cosies. Bags would make lovely clutch bag or a project bag for knitting…hmmm also the houses would make lovely knitting bags.


For my latest project I took out all my solids. Many colours match well with the colourful prints but I was very happy to notice that two solids from Anneli, were perfect for this project.


Beautiful bundle of colourful fabrics and fun white/black print became from my Finnish quilter friend Anneli. Anneli from ‘Chromatobalomata’ lives in Greece. Thank you Anneli! Look at those super cute buttons! These fun fabrics are perfect for many things….happy mini quilt for my sewing room, bag, pillow…notebook covers…seems to be that I have to make notebook/journal covers!


Thank you my dear friends for these beautiful fabrics and flowers!

I continue to cut these…


… ending up with these …


…I hope I end up with a colour explose quilt … but I worry a little bit.