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Drunkard’s Path for pillow

Hi Dear Friends! Somewhere last month I thought that it’s time to make a new pillow. Trying to keep my colour palet smaller, wasn’t easy. Curves are easier than expected.

drunkard's path pillow top

I drew the templates on my own. Because I haven’t done very much curves, this was also exercise and I cut the outside piece big enough to have space to trim if needed.

drunkard's path block

Okey, I could have trimmed the blocks smaller but I trimmed them as big as possible.

drunkard's path pillow top

That meant that the ‘flower petals’ didn’t meet, which doesn’t really matter, but made me continue.

drunkard's path quilt block

I wanted so much to add other colours for the leaves but then stayen in my plan and picked blues.

drunkard's path

I cut the leaves just free with scissors. With the hera marker I made line where I should turn the seam allowance and then I basted them. If you make the line with hera marker on the back side, it helps to turn the seam allowance. You can see the line a little bit on the dark leave down right.

drunkard's path

Leaves are ‘needle turn applique’ which is quite easy and you can find many tutorials from youtube and pinterest.

yellow flowers

Spring is here and even we have now few rainy days, last two weeks were warm and beautiful! Yellow spring flower from a friend … clearing the long greens from the garden made birds happy …

… mountain view from my sewing room … with some shadows of clouds …

For the quilting (by hand) I made several circles in the centre. Then I made other circles outside (using kitchen bowl to mark them).

drunkard's path

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Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments! Have a beautiful day!





Nelli’s Post: sewing projects

Miauu, miauu! It’s me Nelli here and I’m very happy to see you! After our guest puppies left, I have been again more in the sewing room. This is not the best photo of me but the only one now to show you that I really have been working …


As you see I had put earlier lots of little tringles  on my design wall, some ‘lines’ with narrow bias stripes and  some other inspiration blocks. In the weekend I thought to relax and to focus to this ‘Dream Catcher’ quilt project.

dream catcher

First I sew the petals to create the center circle (which is not going to be necessarily in the center). I thought that if one day I need to empty my design wall, it’s better to have at least this circle sewn up. Perhaps you don’t need to look too close, but if you do, you see that I had to improvise. I was so happy that sewing the curves went really smoothly and I was expecting some issue at the end … and there it was. But I don’t mind at all! This is very improvised, creative, free style project so any ‘mis takes’ will be concidered ‘art-is takes’! After making this circle I welcome any curve-prject with no fear!

flying geese

Making these small flying geese curve lines was really fun! Totally free style, even I took care how to place the colours. I could make these all the time, but that wouldn’t look interesting, so I had to start to make something else, too.

improvised patchwork

It was time to for more colour! If you look my design illustration for this quilt, there are also very colourful parts. Okey, don’t think exactly this drawing because here the colours are very pale. Miouw, I should paint this again with COLOURS!

dream catcher

I love colours, you know! Want to see the cat I made?! One day when I don’t have anything to do, I shall make this quilt! This kitty is hiding in the grass waiting to catch something …

blue eye cat

By the way I went to see my vet, Stavros,  yesterday and he said I’m very well. I’m 14 years now and feel great! I had a small thing with one too long nail … ah why we girls like long nails? Be careful, the nail can grow to your finger! Yiaks!


So the weekend went and it was time to work and not just play with scraps. I made test block with a house. Soon I shall make a quilt where I need houses and the family in this house has a lovely dog, Collie.

house block

Before the quilt with houses, I am making (just almost finished the top) a baby girl quilt. You know how much I like pink!

economy block

You can understand that I didn’t sleep well with the green blanket, blaah! I like the blue, star blanket in my sewing room bed but here I need pink blanket!

Nelli cat

As I said I focused to ‘Dream Catcher’ in Saturday evening … and ended up with two chickens! That’s the way it happens with sewists! When I saw the chickens that Adrianne @ ‘On the Windy Side’ had made, I just had to get one chicken! Click HERE to read Adrianne’s post and get her free chicken template! See in Instagram her chicken flock growing up! You will enjoy seeing all her photos – so much inspiration! and cats!

chicken block

Adrianne’s fabrics are so perfect for her chickens and I felt that I can’t find anything (!) from my stash. Then I didn’t find anything else than this blue for the background and I feel it’s too strong colour … at least for the orange chicken.

chicken raw edge applique

I made yellow chicken with my favourite fabric which is like lime yellow in real. Then I couldn’t stop making some eggs with favourite scraps … and then I stucked … thought to make this pillow but … there is a big But and I think I shall separate these two ladies … they Kot Kot  too much and I can’t focus to my quilting work!

Hanna and Nelli

After having a nap with Hanna, I shall baste the baby quilt and start the fun part,  quilting by paw! with pink Perle no 8 cotton!

Thank you so much for reading my post! I feel much happier after chatting with you! Thank you also for your lovely comments and sweet words about my ‘selfie’ in Instagram!

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Dream Catcher: centre blocks

Vof vof vof! It’s me Hanna here and I’m super happy to see you! Last week we were sewing with Teje the first blocks for our ‘Dream Catcher’ quilt.

dream catcher

I did a happy dance when I saw that these curved blocks worked out just we planned. From our big drawing (see the last post) we cut the paper templates and marked each piece in the sewing order.

paper templates

Then we made one test block to see if it works and what to decide about the fabrics. We sew the test block by hand and saw that it’s not necessary; it can be sewn very well also by machine – hurray! Solids look best as in our first illustration so we shall use for the centre part these three Kona solids and the dark blue (almost solid) fabrics.

testing quilt block

There are lots of small templates and each of them is different. That means that we have to keep them in correct order. First we thought about envelopes but when looking for those on the self, we saw few restaurant catalogues (from our old restaurant).


What a perfect way to organize our templates and also to keep the blocks in order. But I know how easily we mix things so I said to Teje: just to be sure, number the blocks. You can see that we cut ‘teeth’ for few edges (I saw that some where) but we don’t need to do that if cut the seam allowance a little bit more narrow.


So we knew that this will work and could cut all the pieces.


organizer for quilt blocks

All filed in order and ready to be sewn. Next photo shows you about the size of one block.

quilt block

We continue to make ’30 Days of Quilt Design’. You can see all our designs at Neropost in Instagram. There is my photos, too!


Just for fun and colour …

chinese garlic

Our sewing room is … no it looks like a mess but it’s not … it’s just full full full of many projects. But the nicest thing for me is that we have new, fresh, blue rugs there!


My favourite places in our sewing room are front of the cutting table and front of the ironing board. Teje gets good exercise when jumping over me.

It’s Saturday and I think now I shall go to brush myself and then I like to crochet some granny squares (Teje found new colour for our crochet project). Then I need to sew binding for one quilt and if I’m still awake I may sew few more blocks for this ‘Dream Catcher’.

dream catcher quilt

I wish you wonderful weekend! Thank you for visiting and for your lovely comments! And don’t forget: next week starts ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’!!!



Project with Quick Curve ruler and batiks

Hello friends! I hope you are fine! Guess what? I received a surprise parcel … and what I found … Quick Curve ruler! Jippiiii!

Quick Curve ruler

First evening was filled with wonder, reading the pattern that followed the ruler and thinking what fabrics I can pick to start quickly! This ruler was a surprise present from my friend Leena at ‘Tilkkutie’! Thousands of thanks, Leena! A while ago we had a fabric swap with Leena. I got some lovely pinks and I sent to Leena some batiks. That made me think that I could make a small project with batiks.


You may have noticed that I haven’t used batiks before but I’m lucky to have several of them (also present from a special friend) – Thank you, Sonja!


I am so so exited to have this Quick Curve ruler! I wanted to challenge myself this year with curves and now I can! Also I’m really happy for the pattern, Leena sent to me, because with that it’s easy to understand how to use the ruler. Curves I could have cut, but to understand how to cut all those pieces without templates would have been impossible.

my sewing table

This was the scene on my table when I started. First I cut center pieces from my favourite fabrics. Then I didn’t know how to continue. This is a good colour challenge, too! I had to pick my coloured pencils and try to make a plan.

my sewing table

I emptied my design wall from the ‘Fabric Forest’ and put the first pieces there.

Chic Country

Chic Country

I wanted to use orange, yellow and purple. Here the purple creates square …

Chic Country

But I prefer the light ‘pink’ square so I changed them …

Chic Country with batiks

Then what about the yellows? I think they are better if they are mixed …

Chic Country with batiks

Surrounding was still missing. This almost white fabric is part of the pink. That fabric is beautiful where the colour change from white through peach till dark pink/purple. But I think the surrounding needs colour.

Chic Country with batiks

Then I was still thinking if I should leave out the dark blue. You see there are innumerable amount possibilities! The photo below shows the result where I left this yesterday evening. I had made up my mind. Brown bothers me a little bit; not the best with the purple.

wnding ways

You understand that first thing to do in the morning was to see if I still like this. Brown is not so good and I liked all the yellows ‘inside’. Could the brown be outside?

Chis Country with batiks

By the way, yesterday evening I said in the IG that I start to sew this. Then I thought that late evening is not the best time to start to sew curves. So I started to connect little fabric trees. Soon it’s end of the month and time to show our Quilty 365′ projects.


Shall I still change something with the batiks? I think I go now quickly to sew the pieces and don’t allow myself think any changes. You’ll see soon how my curve-batik project ends up.

Look how beautiful quilt Leena is making with the Cuick Curve ruler using sunny yellow, orange and white! Thank you again Leena, this was a super super good present!

Thank you very much for reading my sewing and quilting stories! Thank you also for your lovely comments! They make me happy!