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Selvages, envelope block, paper piecing tips

Hello, hello hello! Weekend sewing was this time more about organizing all my selvages but also making one more block for The Honey Pot Bee by Molli Sparkles.

For March we got fantastic paper piecing pattern: Envelope block from ‘Tweety Loves Quilting’!

Here is my version in all it’s glory! I like this a lot! I thought the red may pop too much but perhaps it’s time to accept  that I do like red.

envelope and letter quilt block by teje

This block is generally easy to make and Alida’s pattern is very good. My headache was to find fabrics. I don’t have many with tekst and first I thought to create a card. But the space for letter is not very big and then I saw this red fabric on my self and decision was made (I had already cut one other fabric). You could add borders for your letter paper but I though I shall have enough challenge to make the envelope. For that I shall show you few of my tips.

This cute duck fabric has been just waiting on the self and from my fabrics, I think it was a good choise for the envelope. Here is how I feel easier to sew the diagonal pieces when paper piecing. Explination is always under the photo. This may look complicated but when you do this, you’ll see that it’s easy and quick.

Because I wanted to fussy cut (use certain parts of the fabric) pieces for the envelope, I had to place them exactly. Triangle on the left is sewn. You can see on the right triangle how I first pressed the seam allowance. On the right photo you see how I folded the paper pattern on the sewing line.

Then turn the paper so that you can fold the fabric on the same line as the paper. On the right you see the lines on the red fabric and on the duck-fabric.

Now you can put the triangle on the red fabric so that the lines match. Open the triangle and put few pins. Don’t sew yet.

Now turn your piece to see it from the paper side and add pins for sewing. Take away the pins from the fabric’s side and sew.

Trim the seam allowance to 1/4″. As you can see the balloon cords didn’t match as hard I tried. My mistake was that the triangle wasn’t exactly straight. We talk about 1 millimetre here! I went to eat and knew I have to fix it. I ripped only some stitches, sew 1 mm lower, pressed and voila, fixed! I sew the stamp with sik sak twice around.

paper piecing tips

My #saturdaynightcraftalong with Lucy from ‘Charm About You’ went with organizing all my selvages. I saw that if I want to use any of them, only way to find something is to empty all the box and arrange them somehow. On the left you see the 3.5″ squares I save from all the fabrics for my project: fabric sampler quilt (haven’t started yet).


Everything is out and in order. Those in the basket I have been already using! Yes, I took the brave step and thought they have been preserved long enough! Started to worry about the expiring date!

selvages by Nero's Post

To find something or looking what to use, there has to be some kind of order (for me). And they can’t stay on the table even how cute they look.

selvages by teje

On the left by colour, from blue, turquoise, green,yellow, red, brown, low volumes and black (2).

In the middle some collections still together and most favourites with few specials.

On the right solids and selvages from the side where is no text (yes I save those too).

*********  !!!  If you don’t use/save selvages, I’m interested !!!  *************

Nero's Post selvages

I use ‘BeFunky’ to make photo mosaics and for editing photos. I don’t edit my photos often but sometimes even the strong light of Greece is not enough or makes too strong shadows.

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The Honey Pot Bee by teje

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Colourful Days

Hello Dear Friends! My days have been very colourful with 4 puppies around, one cat (hiding) and colourful quilt plans! Today is my birthday and I think great way to celebrate is to enjoy colours!

Kona color panel

When you are surrouded by four puppies, it’s better to do something you don’t need to concentrate too much and what doesn’t need too much space. When puppies were sleeping a while today, I made some stitches to this Kona color panel. By the way, I have learnt at school to say ‘colour’ but I’m not sure should I use ‘color’? What you think: does it matter what word I use when writing in internet?


My main subject today is the new mosaic challenge by Rachel at ‘Stitched in Color’.  I love her idea and her posts are beautifully written and filled with most colourful, inspiring photos! This time the theme is Cathedral Windows – how exciting! Fabric shop is wonderful The Loopy Ewe! They have fantastic collection of fabrics and well organized shop. It was easy to search the fabrics. They have also good way to find fabrics by colour (by lots of shades of colours).

You may think that it was easy to make these mosaics because I picked many fabrics from Kaffe Fassett. I can say that this time I felt quite easy to find what I want but still it took hours to decide. I wanted to choose more ‘un common’ fabrics but with the theme Cathedral Windows, Kaffe’s colours are perfect (for my opinion) and that’s why I ended up picking many of them.

I wish we could make mosaic with 12 fabrics because I have always 2-3 that I just don’t want to leave out. Rachel, what about bigger mosaic?! or would it be then too easy?

In my 1. mosaic the blue prints are moda – Shibori and the others are Kaffe Fassett.

In my 2. mosaic the blue prints are moda -Shibori, turquoise circles are Kaffe Fassett, yellow circles are ‘Summer Song from Riley Blake and the rest of three are ‘Slow & Steady by Tula Pink.


One evening I started to add colour to one of my ’30 Days of Quilt Design’ (also challenge by Rachel). In my illustration the curved ‘leaves’ create interesting repeating pattern. It doesn’t show here yet but you will see it when I finish this.

water colours to quilt design

I can imagine so well those gorgeus Cathedral Windows colours for this design … bright colours for curves and the Shibori blues for filling. Water colours are perfect for this kind of relaxing colouring. Other wise I feel they are quite difficult even so so beautiful!


Can you guess how hectic our days are with four big dogs and one of them, Paris is 7 months! Paris is gorgeus and sweet Labrador girl! She has grown up a lot (body and mind) and she learns easily many things. Walking with her is every day easier. But, wow, does she has energy and strength! London, sweet Golden Retriewer has been our friend for several years and she is very much like Hanna, calm and easy. Had to stop my lunch to pick camera …dogs

As it’s my Birthday, I continue to have fun (=play with puppies) and as it’s Saturday, I shall continue to stitch the Kona panel. Lucy from ‘Charm about You’ is hosting in IG ‘Saturday Night Craft Along’ and I try to join her every Saturday.

water colours

Thank you for joining my Colourful Birthday! What colours you have in you days this time? What is your favourite colour? My favourite colour changes often but today it’s for sure Pink!




Snow, Stash and Bee Blocks

Vof vof friends! Nero here and I’m very happy to see you! I have today many things to show but I just have to start with the coolest thing …

Snow on Nero's head

For you this may be normal stuff but I have never before had snow flake on my head! Look what happens in my garden!

snow in crete

You can imagine that the weather is really cold and it has been raining every day. I went for a short walk and tried to catch the snow flakes – that was fun! But then it turned to water again and the girls had just a small sniff in the garden but were not quick enough for a walk on snow. Rain made the snow disappear soon. Hb went to our village and there it was all white! I hope we can play with the snow later!

Hanna and snow

As it’s Sunday it’s good time to show the latest add to our stash. Santa and dear friends sent to us many goodies!


My dear “american cousin” Sonja sent to me Quilting & Patchwork Coloring book wrapped in this house fabric! I’m excited because I haven’t tried the ‘coloring’ yet! She sent something else too what I’ll show you an other time. Thank you Sonja!

Little suitcase is from my dear Finnish friend Leena! It’s filled with chocolate! We have a nice story with these suitcases. I happened to find one red from one of my trips to Finland. Leena saw that in my blog and got the same! Last year when we met, she gave me little brown suitcase and now sent this for the Christmas! We have a super fun collection! They are designs of  ‘Maileg’. Leena sent also one other most cute thing and that you will also see an other time. Thank you Leena!


Mia, my dear Finnish friend, sent to me dog fabric! How she knew?! She knows and adds always Finnish candies! Hopea toffee is a memory from my youth and I love the strong taste candies! Always packed with cutest details … Thank you Mia! Have a look also Mia’s shop which is filled with most beautiful things!


My dear Finnish friend, quilter who lives also in Greece, Anneli, sent to me happy fabrics! There are charm squares, birdies and berries – all my favourites! Thank you Anneli!


You may remember that I’m very much affraid of the fireworks. In the Nea Year’s Eve we sat all together until late night and sew this little dog by hand. Pattern is by Kumiko Fujita. It was nice to make but more difficult than paper piecing.

dog block

I haven’t been sewing last days because …

Hanna and Paris

… if I’m in the sewing room, there are two friends waiting for me with ‘crying faces’. ‘Paris’ can’t come to the sewing room because it’s Nelli’s safe-place; Nelli has barely used to me and Hanna but is terrified about other dogs. So the only thing I did, was to finish quickly the star block I had started.

star block

The beginning wasn’t quick because I needed one evening to choose the fabrics! I would have chosen a little bit different if there just were possibilities in my stash. From the colour ‘points’ I like mostly the turquoise and did my best to make similar points with other colours. I had yellow bicycles but I guess I have used the last scrap because couldn’t find any. This is the second block of the new bee …

Molli Sparkles is hosting ‘The Honey Pot Bee’ and I’m so excited to join that! First blocks are out and I love them!

First block is strawberry, which I have done already once for my ‘Strawberry Cake’ wall quilt.

strawberry wall quilt

You may know that when ever you think something is easy piecy, it is not. I had ready cut little squares and the wall quilt front of me and thought this will go so easily. I guess I didn’t see clearly enough without my glasses and ended up with very looooong strawberry …


‘Let every strawberry grow and be unique’. Perhaps I shall make one more,  a round one.

my strawberry

I shall use low volumes for these bee blocks.

quilt blocks

There will be also some ‘wild cards’ in this bee, like these trees. Can’t wait to see what other blocks we shall make!

So I guess it’s time to get back to puppies. They have been so good all together! At the moment 3 girls are snoring and me, Nero I’m sleeping on my feathur duvet. Now you think how I write and sleep …  I have of course secretary do do the writing! Not the easiest job to take photo of 4 dogs together. We are all looking for the goodies next to the photographer!


Thank you so much for visiting and reading my little stories! Thank you also again for the sweet comments you write!

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Furry hugs from NERO!


Sunday Stash and lots of Stuff

Hi Dear Friends! I can’t believe that I’m joining again the ‘Sunday Stash’ at ‘Molli Sparkles’! And even better, I can show you the fabrics I won from his Celebration Give Away! It’s a beautiful bundle of low volumes from ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’! Thank you!!!

low volume fabrics

These are really beautiful and soft fabrics! I don’t have many low volumes in my stash so this is fantastic add to my collection. I had thought to use these for my diamond quilt but I shall save them for an other project.

Buttons from my trip to Finland. There was a big box in the fabric shop and the price was by weight. I was happy to pick some wooden buttons and some simple ones for pillows.


My zippers needed to be organized because they didn’t fit anymore in their small storage box. Now they can stay outside so I can see and pick them easily. Metal zippers are from my friend ‘Tilkkutie’, thank You! and most of the others are from hb:s trip to Athens! Few last poor zippers were living in my drawer but now they are happy with many colourful friends!


You may know that we have been collecting sea glass for many years and make jewelries and decorations with them. Hb made an other trip and look with what he returned! I could spend hours (and I did) organizing them …

sea glass by Trikimia

He found some really good and special pieces. Not all of them are for jewelries … like this huge blue piece …

huge blue sea glass

Except that I love the sea glass and their colours, I love the mystery hidden in every piece! Many sea glass pieces are like our privite secret. Also it’s very exciting to think about stories that those pieces many carry. Where have they lived, from where they have travelled, what items they have been and who have holded them. For me one of the most nice things were, when one little boy said to my friend (who was wearing sea glass pendant) that it could be from Pirate’s ship! Her pendant was white and first the children were wondering if it’s piece of ice and how it doesn’t melt!

big blue sea glass by Trikimia

Then to totally other thing. I have got this old suitcase from friends and it was really nice for decoration in our shop, but it’s not suitable to store anything. So finally I started to fix it.

old suitecase

I tried to take the inside paper away, but often that’s not possible. I cleaned it as much as possible and then put the first layer of paint. Hope to continue this next week. When it’s painted, I shall cover the inside with wadding and fabric.

painting old suitcase

And then also totally something else, say cheese! This is the best cheese from friends in Ioannina Greece!  It’s smoked and so so good! Also it brings to us wonderful memories from our trips. We used to go to Ioannina every winter and had the best time with our friends! That area is so worth of visiting. There are lots of beautiful villages and special places to visit and to make short trips.

Metsovone Greek cheese

I have finally finished ‘one thing’. Here is a sneaky peaky until I shall show it. You could never guess what this is! … but you can try!


Thank you for reading my blog! My warmest thanks also for your always lovely and supportive comments!

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Diamonds with Jelly Roll

Hi dear friends! I feel that I haven’t started new quilt for a very long time! Now when I have received my first ever Jelly Roll: Grand Canal by Kate Spain and can start to make diamonds!

diamond quilt project

You can imagine my excitment to open the Jelly Roll and to see the colours and prints in live! They have so beautiful colours and the fabric is soft! Those 3 strips on the right down corner are from my shoppings in Finland (green/yellow is by Kate Spain but the other two are something else). I used those three for test blocks .

jelly roll diamonds

When I decided to order jelly roll, I started to think about the pattern, too. This time it was easy to decide because for a very long time I wanted to make these diamonds. I was quite sure that I saw some where tutorial but couldn’t find it now. That’s why I shall put here easy tutorial for you and also for me. If this will be long term project it’s sure I forget how to place my ruler!

2,5" diamond

First I cut 45 degree angle from the end of the 2,5″ strip. Then I place the ruler as showed in photo above to cut the diamond.

diamond tutorial

To make the big diamond I need one diamond for the centre. From the ‘outside’ fabric I cut two diamonds (same size as the centre) and two pieces with the same 45 degree angle where the long edge is 9″ (width is 2,5″).

2,5" strip diamond

When you make test blocks, take care of the angles and measurements. At least for me it’s easy to get mixed so I check few times until I get used to the new block.


As you see in my test blocks I used matching prints for the centres. But I think the centre should pop out more and that’s why I go for Kona solids.

I’m planning to use low volumes around the Grand Canal strips. Beyond that I haven’t decide yet. I may add something ‘darker’ but I have to see first how the diamonds look.

At the moment this is my side project because these days I’m playing with bracelets, adding them to my second etsy shop: ‘TRIKIMIA’. 

beaded leather bracelets

gemstone bracelets

sea glass bracelets

And before starting some custom orders, finished one more pouch with elephants …

elephant pouch

How are your days now? Do you have time for quilting or perhaps you are decorating your home with Christmas lights etc. Do you have new decoration ideas? I hope to clean tomorrow and then start to put something seasonal … ‘North Star’ quilt and ‘Reindeer pillow’ (tutorial) from last winter … or perhaps I find myself making diamonds …

I wish you happy weekend! Thank you for reading my blog and for your sweet comments! Hope to see you soon!


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Weekend Sewings with new Fabrics!

Hello friends! How are you? Enjoying any fun sewings in the weekend? I was first doing some happy cleaning and then started to sew. Happy cleaning – what’s that you ask? That’s the cleaning when you plan in your mind new quilt project and you know that after cleaning you can concentrate totally to sewing and you don’t need to think that you should be cleaning and not playing with fabrics!

Kona colours

Hey what’s this?! That was my thought when I first saw this! This is a panel with lots of Kona colours! I found this from ‘Fat Quarter Shop’. I love Kona solidis like everyone but can’t order them often, so I thought this is just perfect for me!

Grand Canal Jelly Roll

This story began from ‘Scraptastic Tuesday’, monthly linky party hosted by Leanne and Nicky. I join this party every time and in September I was lucky to win gift card for ‘Fat Quarter Shop’! Thank you so much Leanne, Nicky and FQS! My gift card covers the shipping so it’s not easy to decide what to purchase (when I just can’t say that ‘I don’t have any fabric to sew’)!

It took me weeks to make up my mind. First I decided to go for a Jelly Roll because I have never tried those. My wishlist was growing and then shorting and so on … every day I decided something else (something wise to sew for orders, something colourful, something less colourful) … but at the end I decided to go with my instinct. Usually that’s the best way not to regret later.

Jelly roll

Finally my order was: ‘Grand Canal’ by Kate Spain for Moda Fabrics, Kona painted color chart quilt panel and the orange (on the back ground) ‘Modern Country’ by Mary Elizabeth for Windham Fabrics. I’m love them all! The purple/blue fabric is: andover created by Quilted Koala for Andover Fabrics (2014 Patt 7634), bought from my trip to Finland (Eurokangas). Strongly in my mind was also: ‘Flow’ by Zen Chic.

zipper pouch

I’m making pouches for Christmas and for my etsy shop. But saturday evening I like to join friends and sew something else. Lucy from ‘Charm about You‘ is hosting every saturday #saturdaynightcraftalong in Instagram and that’s fun! Few days ago I realized to my horror that I didn’t have anything to hand quilt! I couldn’t watch tv because didn’t have anything to do! I crapped my epp diamonds but now I’m not so excited about them.

my sewing room

So it was good time to start with this new Kona panel. Somehow my sewing table is getting smaller and smaller and I had to move to the living room. I basted the panel and took out my Perle 8 cotton threads.


There was an old movie in tv: about family where mother has to go to work to other city and father stays at home with two daughters. He’s all the time super energy, not ‘very well’ and mostly collects everything and creates things but he cooks and takes care of the girls and they have lots of fun together. One evening the small girl asks if dad has made her the dress she needs. Of course he had forgot but now he asks what dress that should be … ‘Flamenco dress’! and he gathers lots of materials and sews all night …

old movie

He creates the best ever flamenco dress (daughter’s words) based to old jeans and filled with lots of fantasy materials! I was not quick enough to shoot the finished dress. He reaminded me that I should be more creative. But I started to quilt straight lines on my fabric …


On the selvage it says that this panel is not for exact colours. So if you need to know exactly what Kona solid to order, it’s better to have their colour card.

I can’t wait to start with the ‘Grand Canal’ Jelly Roll! They are 2,5 ” stripes and most likely I shall make some kind of diamonds. But there are countless number fantastic patterns to make with stripes, so I may change my mind. If you have a good pattern in your mind, please share in the comments.

Jelly Roll

Now it’s time to take Nero and Hanna for a walk and a little puppy is waiting for me …

patchwork puppy

By the way, next tuesday is already again ‘Scraptastic Tuesday’! How it happens that one month feels like one week!

I shall join my favourite linky parties and you can find all the buttons on my sidelist. You can click the buttons and visit the blogs any time you like, not only for the linky parties but to see their other posts!

Thank you very much for visiting and reading my blog! Thank you also for your lovely comments!



Flying home with Fabrics!

Hi dear friends! I’m back home and just emptied the last things from the suitcase(s).

new fabrics

Among many new things is my new passport. I won’t show you the photo … but look what else there is on the pages …


This was a cute surprise!

fabric box

This steady box was just perfect for all my new fabrics! Bundle with the ribbon is from my friend, Leena. All the rest I found from the local fabric shop Eurokangas. It was fun to search the pieces with an other lady who was looking for red fabrics to make dresses for two girls (she picked one fabric that I was hoping she wouldn’t take it!).


I had a great weather in Finland! First there were beautiful autumn coloured leaves on the trees and later we had the first snow! Last day it was raining as it was also here in Greece when I arrived home.


Marimekko ‘s poppys fly far away! This plane was in line before us …


I was happy to fly with Finnair! They have new, clean planes with good space and with happy and polite air hostesses.


I have notized that magazines are best reading for a flight. In fact I read only one and half during the 3h 40 min flight so I can still enjoy the Landliv’s Christmas inspired issue! Coffee and blueberry juice is served in Marimekko’s paper mugs.


Especially the return flight was really great! It’s the end of the summer season and the plane came to pick up the last tourists. Guess how many we were?


I was the only one with luggages! Imagine to wait your suitcases all alone in that huge hall!


It was cloudy all the way but so beautiful!

flying with Finnair

It turned to evening with gorgeus sunset!



I prefer flying in day time. Having breakfast before leaving, preparing last things without hurry and arriving home for dinner.


I had great vacation but I’m also happy to be back home! Now keep your thumbs up for a sunny weather so I can pre wash my new fabrics soon and start to sew something colourful and fun!

I couldn’t look now what all these fabrics are but I shall tell you more along the way.

Thank you for joining my trip to Finland! I shall post still few postcards from there and about other shoppings. Here at home I shall start tomorrow with some wip pillows and … we’ll see what next.

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