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Drunkard’s Path for pillow

Hi Dear Friends! Somewhere last month I thought that it’s time to make a new pillow. Trying to keep my colour palet smaller, wasn’t easy. Curves are easier than expected.

drunkard's path pillow top

I drew the templates on my own. Because I haven’t done very much curves, this was also exercise and I cut the outside piece big enough to have space to trim if needed.

drunkard's path block

Okey, I could have trimmed the blocks smaller but I trimmed them as big as possible.

drunkard's path pillow top

That meant that the ‘flower petals’ didn’t meet, which doesn’t really matter, but made me continue.

drunkard's path quilt block

I wanted so much to add other colours for the leaves but then stayen in my plan and picked blues.

drunkard's path

I cut the leaves just free with scissors. With the hera marker I made line where I should turn the seam allowance and then I basted them. If you make the line with hera marker on the back side, it helps to turn the seam allowance. You can see the line a little bit on the dark leave down right.

drunkard's path

Leaves are ‘needle turn applique’ which is quite easy and you can find many tutorials from youtube and pinterest.

yellow flowers

Spring is here and even we have now few rainy days, last two weeks were warm and beautiful! Yellow spring flower from a friend … clearing the long greens from the garden made birds happy …

… mountain view from my sewing room … with some shadows of clouds …

For the quilting (by hand) I made several circles in the centre. Then I made other circles outside (using kitchen bowl to mark them).

drunkard's path

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Diamond Cushion

Hi dear friends! This is a cushion I made last minute for the Christmas. Why the ideas come often last minute?

diamond cushion

Then there is not enought time and that’s why now only few quick photos. The evening light inside doesn’t show the colours as bright as they are in real.


I cut the diamonds from scraps and 2.5″ stipes.



Strenght from ‘Salmiakki’ and sewing in rows and lines.


Sometimes my sewing room is full of helpers. I wish Nero could iron and press because I can’t reach the iron.


Nelli’s bed is here when the puppies, London and Paris are visiting.



Straight line quilting by hand.

pillow with diamonds

Fortunately it’s not raining anymore all the time, only some showers now and them. I had lovely walk with each girl, this time one by one, so they were able to go on their own speed and stop when ever liked. Nero went for a walk with hb. Now it’s raining but looks like we have a good chance to have a ‘dry’ walk in the afternoon.


Have you tried to take photo of four dogs? They were all nicely in line, looking to the road, but did I have camera glued to my hand? no, so I was late.

I have finished the knitted hat and I wonder who could help with modeling?

I have finished the secret quilt but I don’t know how and where to take photos? Perhaps I try to hang it on the wall.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments and for reading my blog!

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{TEA TOWEL CUSHION} easy Tutorial

Hi friends! I’m sure you are thinking about gifts and seasonal sewings. Me too and today I made very easy cushion with a tea towel!

tea towel cushion tutorial

When I was in Finland I found this cute tea towel in Eurokangas. They had the same in red and also both in fabric. I’m sure you can find lots lots of great tea towels from your local shops or from the internet.

tea towel cushion tutorial

If you like to make the most simple, envelope cushion, follow me! I shall make this cover for 16″x16″ (40×40 cm) pillow form so I make the cover about 1/2″ (1 cm) bigger on each side.

Fold the towel in corect size. Trim the edges. Save the scrap (I shall make mug rug/ little table mat  with that).

Measure how big piece you need to add. As you see I have folded on purpose the down edge more than the up edge. The piece you will now add, should be about 2/3 from the size of your cushion.

cushion project

For the extra piece I use table cloth fabric. It has still selvage and I don’t cut that away but I sew the finished edge of the towel straight on the selvadge.

pillow making

I fold twice the other edge of the red fabric and sew a straight line there. White fabric/tea towel has ready finished edge.


If you like to add something on your cushion, do that before sewing the sides.

Christmas cushion from tea towel

Now fold the right sides together. Red fabric is against the print because that will be the outside part of the envelope. White is the most outside because that will be the inside part of the envelope.

making pillow

Sew the sides with straight stitch and with sik sak.

making cushion

And there you are! I loooove this simple Scandinavian style cushion!

Christmas pillow tutorial

PS. my pillow form is a little bit too full and too small, that’s why the cover looks ’empty’. I ran out from pillow forms so I think I need to make few good.

Scandinavian Christmas pillow

I have updated my TUTORIAL page. Have a look for ideas and inspiration! There are lots of things to sew and also few to knit for presents and Christmas time gifts! So that you won’t be confused I tell you that some of the tutorials are in my earlier blog addresses. 

Now I shall go to make the {mug rug / little table mat / candle mat} and will show you that soon!

I have an other pillow project going on too. That is patchwork with some applique and other details.

Christmas cushion from tea towel

Thank you for visiting! I hope you like this cushion and find the tutorial helpful. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer. Sometimes my foreign english is complicated.


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Pillows & Pouch

Hi dear friends! I like to make pillows and especially for kids!


They can be colourful and happy! It’s fun to create a little story with items and creatures.



Envelope backing because I don’t want to take any risk with buttons going some where they shouldn’t.


New pouch for Nero’s etsy shop. I got this gorgeus parfum from ‘London’ and ‘Paris’. I went to say hello to them yesterday and Wow how Paris has grown again! She is beautiful and full of postive energy!


And my sweet friend, London is so unbelievable cute darling.

golden retriever

Thank you girls for this gorgeus parfym! I love the bottle, too! Pink shoe is a beach find!


zipper pouch

Pillow project …

pillow project

Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments! I just received my fabric present – gift card from ‘Scraptastic Tuesday’! So stay on the waves to see what I picked after hard time! PS. I bought one special piece, too! Did you see what fabrics I bought from Finland?!

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cat on pillow




Nelli’s Post: mice, pillows and quilt

Miaouuu lovely friends! Today it’s me Nelli here because something very special happened to me! I got my very own quilt! But first I show you the newest pillow, fresh finished from our sewing studio! There it is, that pink with hearts!

Nelli and new pillow

Here you can see it closer. I think I love pink! Hearts and milky star make this pillow look really beautiful!

pink heart pillow

But, there is a big BUT … this pillow is not mine. That makes me sad. And I’m not allowed even touch it because it is for our shop. So I sit nicely on the side …

Nelli and pillow

Did you notice anything special? From now on I have to keep my paws clean …


… because I got my very own quilt! Can you believe that I was the only one in this house without quilt?! In fact I got a whole new bed! Usually I sleep on the queen size bed or Hanna’s big bed. I don’t understand what’s the problem if Hanna needs to sleep on the floor. Anyway, now I have new bed under the ‘Fabric Forest’ quilt.

Nelli and quilts

This bed is supposed to be enough big and soft … we’ll see if I like it or not. I wish I could have that pink pillow but no, it is now in Nero’s etsy shop. I hope one little, as cute as me, girl will get it! You see I have my mice friends to keep me company and heart decoration that I have made from Helen’s book: ‘Modern Vintage Gifts’!

hearts and mice

I love mice and have made also one bigger mouse from Helen’s book …


I re-decorated a little bit because I got an other pillow. Do You like little birdies and mice?

mice and heart

As I couldn’t have the pink pillow which I like so much, I got a pillow to match my new, puffy quilt. Now I just need new matching collar … I said that the pink pillow was much better … I do my best to be happy with these …

Nelli's new bed

Have to run now, there are so many parties to join! Come with me!

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Nelli's new bed

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I have now my sewing table full of green scraps so I go to see what they could become.

Thank you miaouly much for your visit! We all thank you for the super great comments you write to us! Hope to see you soon again!



Patchwork Pillow

Hi dear friends! I hope you are fine and enjoy the weekend! I’m busy as you can see from my flowers; bought them many days ago and still their are waiting to get proper pots.

patchwork pillow

Last weekend I left all the other works to sew something colourful. I wanted to make something for my dear friend and  thought that pillow could be the best choise.

log cabin block

For the beginning I chose carefully one cat with her favourite colours. Lots of other fabrics and colours changed their places until I ended up with these…

log cabin pillow

For the quilting I wanted something else than lines and squares and I made big heart template to surround the cat.


This time I picked threads that are a little bit thinner than Perle cotton no 8. I felt that I had better colours in these.


quilting shapes

To quilt some other shapes, I used my Christmas coocie moulds. I draw the lines with disappearing marker. Mine disappears very quickly so I draw only few lines, stitch them and draw again. Remember to test your markers always before using on your project to be sure they work as you like. Wouldn’t be nice if the lines didn’t leave at all.

quilting by hand

If you use something like a plate or bowl you can mark around with the hera marker, too.

quilting with kitchen things

For the backing I used blue fabric which reminds me of Marimekko and that’s nice for my friend, too. Simple folded backing and sik sak around.


I hope my friend likes this pillow and that it gives her happy thoughts.


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pillow coverby Teje

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your sweet comments! I wish you wonderful spring-weekend!


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