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Nelli’s Post: sewing projects

Miauu, miauu! It’s me Nelli here and I’m very happy to see you! After our guest puppies left, I have been again more in the sewing room. This is not the best photo of me but the only one now to show you that I really have been working …


As you see I had put earlier lots of little tringles  on my design wall, some ‘lines’ with narrow bias stripes and  some other inspiration blocks. In the weekend I thought to relax and to focus to this ‘Dream Catcher’ quilt project.

dream catcher

First I sew the petals to create the center circle (which is not going to be necessarily in the center). I thought that if one day I need to empty my design wall, it’s better to have at least this circle sewn up. Perhaps you don’t need to look too close, but if you do, you see that I had to improvise. I was so happy that sewing the curves went really smoothly and I was expecting some issue at the end … and there it was. But I don’t mind at all! This is very improvised, creative, free style project so any ‘mis takes’ will be concidered ‘art-is takes’! After making this circle I welcome any curve-prject with no fear!

flying geese

Making these small flying geese curve lines was really fun! Totally free style, even I took care how to place the colours. I could make these all the time, but that wouldn’t look interesting, so I had to start to make something else, too.

improvised patchwork

It was time to for more colour! If you look my design illustration for this quilt, there are also very colourful parts. Okey, don’t think exactly this drawing because here the colours are very pale. Miouw, I should paint this again with COLOURS!

dream catcher

I love colours, you know! Want to see the cat I made?! One day when I don’t have anything to do, I shall make this quilt! This kitty is hiding in the grass waiting to catch something …

blue eye cat

By the way I went to see my vet, Stavros,  yesterday and he said I’m very well. I’m 14 years now and feel great! I had a small thing with one too long nail … ah why we girls like long nails? Be careful, the nail can grow to your finger! Yiaks!


So the weekend went and it was time to work and not just play with scraps. I made test block with a house. Soon I shall make a quilt where I need houses and the family in this house has a lovely dog, Collie.

house block

Before the quilt with houses, I am making (just almost finished the top) a baby girl quilt. You know how much I like pink!

economy block

You can understand that I didn’t sleep well with the green blanket, blaah! I like the blue, star blanket in my sewing room bed but here I need pink blanket!

Nelli cat

As I said I focused to ‘Dream Catcher’ in Saturday evening … and ended up with two chickens! That’s the way it happens with sewists! When I saw the chickens that Adrianne @ ‘On the Windy Side’ had made, I just had to get one chicken! Click HERE to read Adrianne’s post and get her free chicken template! See in Instagram her chicken flock growing up! You will enjoy seeing all her photos – so much inspiration! and cats!

chicken block

Adrianne’s fabrics are so perfect for her chickens and I felt that I can’t find anything (!) from my stash. Then I didn’t find anything else than this blue for the background and I feel it’s too strong colour … at least for the orange chicken.

chicken raw edge applique

I made yellow chicken with my favourite fabric which is like lime yellow in real. Then I couldn’t stop making some eggs with favourite scraps … and then I stucked … thought to make this pillow but … there is a big But and I think I shall separate these two ladies … they Kot Kot  too much and I can’t focus to my quilting work!

Hanna and Nelli

After having a nap with Hanna, I shall baste the baby quilt and start the fun part,  quilting by paw! with pink Perle no 8 cotton!

Thank you so much for reading my post! I feel much happier after chatting with you! Thank you also for your lovely comments and sweet words about my ‘selfie’ in Instagram!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Dear Friends!

merry christmas

Nero and Hanna

We are here with Hanna waiting for Santa Claus. I think he comes any minute but we have a moment to show you a little bit our Christmas decorations.



Christmas decoration

Christmas ornaments


dala horse

Christmas pillows

Nero's Christmas baking


Nero and Hanna


knitting moose

We wish you Merry Christmas and Wonderful Holidays!



Nero’s Post: Cats and Dogs

Vof vof! Hi friends, how are you? I’m fine and happy to see you!


We had some rainy days but now it’s gorgeus sunny weather!

Nero the Shephard

I have had a little bit sniff sniff these last days, catched a cold, but now I take medicin and feel already better. I’m 12 so I need to take good care. I try to sleep in a warm bed but often it’s too warm for me. Then again the marmory floor  is too cold. Nelli sleeps in the corner, who could believe years ago that one day we sleep in same bed!


With Hanna we spend a lot of time in our little garden.

Hanna the rescue puppy

We take care of our road …

Belgian German shephard

rescue puppy

… there is often some one who thinks this is her/his road too …


greek cat

She said to me: Nero, I lived here long before you came! Now I go for a walk but I come back because I live in the next door.



This cat comes every day also IN my garden! What nervers! and the other one … this red cat …


… there she is sitting on a car looking innocent, but I have catched her INSIDE my home few times! I guess she thought she could eat my food!


We have a friend, Paris, staying with us some days. Unfortunately I don’t have anymore energy to play with kids. She sleeps sometimes … a little bit …

Paris the labrador

Hanna shows some flowers from the garden. Jasmin is her favourite!


This one is super fun!


There is one lemon tree in our little garden and those lemons are so good!



We have two big aloes and they made lots of little aloes!

aloe vera

Hanna is singing here front of the lavender.


I hope you enjoyed my post with lots of photos! Next time we shall have again something with fabric and sewing.


Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your lovely comments! With big furry hugs, I wish you great time!


PS. did you see that colour of the 2017 is Green!


Nelli’s Post: mice, pillows and quilt

Miaouuu lovely friends! Today it’s me Nelli here because something very special happened to me! I got my very own quilt! But first I show you the newest pillow, fresh finished from our sewing studio! There it is, that pink with hearts!

Nelli and new pillow

Here you can see it closer. I think I love pink! Hearts and milky star make this pillow look really beautiful!

pink heart pillow

But, there is a big BUT … this pillow is not mine. That makes me sad. And I’m not allowed even touch it because it is for our shop. So I sit nicely on the side …

Nelli and pillow

Did you notice anything special? From now on I have to keep my paws clean …


… because I got my very own quilt! Can you believe that I was the only one in this house without quilt?! In fact I got a whole new bed! Usually I sleep on the queen size bed or Hanna’s big bed. I don’t understand what’s the problem if Hanna needs to sleep on the floor. Anyway, now I have new bed under the ‘Fabric Forest’ quilt.

Nelli and quilts

This bed is supposed to be enough big and soft … we’ll see if I like it or not. I wish I could have that pink pillow but no, it is now in Nero’s etsy shop. I hope one little, as cute as me, girl will get it! You see I have my mice friends to keep me company and heart decoration that I have made from Helen’s book: ‘Modern Vintage Gifts’!

hearts and mice

I love mice and have made also one bigger mouse from Helen’s book …


I re-decorated a little bit because I got an other pillow. Do You like little birdies and mice?

mice and heart

As I couldn’t have the pink pillow which I like so much, I got a pillow to match my new, puffy quilt. Now I just need new matching collar … I said that the pink pillow was much better … I do my best to be happy with these …

Nelli's new bed

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Nelli's new bed

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I have now my sewing table full of green scraps so I go to see what they could become.

Thank you miaouly much for your visit! We all thank you for the super great comments you write to us! Hope to see you soon again!



[Fun for Friday] and thoughts about blogging

Hi dear friends! I just love this funny face! Guess what she’s looking at?

cute cat

I don’t see this kitten every day but now and then she visits our garden. This time I wasn’t the only one behind the window …

Nero's garden

Nero was just looking, didn’t say anything. But the kitten thought better back out slowly …

greek cat

So she tip toed away …

greek cat

This post is sort of new beginning. I have been thinking a lot about blogging, mine and others. Then Rachel put in words those thoughts and maybe yours, too. That post shows how important blogs still are as you can see from the interesting and long comments on her post. It’s getting more quiet in blogland and I’m sad for that. I miss the time when there was happening “too much” around the blogs! Always so many interesting hops and qals to join, so much ideas and inspiration to put into effect. But now often I roll up and down trying to find something to read and something to get the big ‘wow’ smile on my face!

There are of course still many many inspiring, fantastic blogs but I fish … wish there were more. I don’t like to put blogs in any order but this time I like to lead you to my two favourite blogs: Rachel’s “STITCHED IN COLOR” and Jayne’s “TWIGGY AND OPAL”. I’m sure both of these blogs are known by most of you but if you are new in blogland,  have a look, I’m sure you will love them! Both ladies are so talented and have all the time new ideas! They know how to mix the colours best way and wow, where they find the time and energy to make so much! I don’t think they sleep much. I enjoy their writing and beautiful photos (photos inspires me a lot) and I appreciate that they show how to do things.

As I’m back to quilting business (already some custom orders in line) I thought it’s time to take time to fix my blog, too. Yesterd I started to make new header, using hours for no result. And if you noticed even have now mistake in the blog’s name. For some reason that I can’t understand, I couldn’t add the mark:  ‘  … so now it writes NEROS POST?! Every time I pressed that button, the computer stucked for a long time. Have to find an other way to do it. Also because I use wordpress free theme, there are some limits. For example I can’t choose free the size of the header photo. I wanted to make this time only one line, but I guess I shall make the same 10 squares to get this done.

Anniversaries haven’t been celebratied often lately. Somehow life has changed and we are tired to do ‘this and that’. I used to have fun in my blog when celebrating dogs’ birthdays and at least the blog anniversary. Dogs did give ways and picked winners. When I started my blog in 2010 I was at home and had all the time to figure things out on my own. It took lot of time but was so much fun! So now when I’m again ‘at home’ I think it’s good to enjoy blogging again! It is so fantastic to have blogger and quilter friends all around the world!

So I’m planning to celebrate soon my blog’s 6th anniversary. I’m also thinking (trying) to post more often (the time I spend just thinking what to look in the internet, I can also write myself). I like to play with words and today when vacuum cleaning Nero’s hairs, I started to make a list:

  • Monday Makings
  • Fabric Fuesday
  • Wordless Wednesday
  • Thursday Things (tutorial, tips, this and that)
  • Fun for Friday
  • Super Saturday
  • Sunday Stash

Hmmm, don’t get too excited, I don’t think it’s possible to write every day under these themes but I’m sure this list inspires and helps me to write more and not only to show quilt projects. Perhaps this gives also ideas to you to post more! Let me know if you have more ideas for the themes or if you wish to see/read about something. I like to make tutorials so there will be some new of those, too.

My hb has always been very supportive about my quilting and blogging and I thought to ask him to give some of his special, secret recipies. Would you like to try delicious recipies from a really good, Greek chef?! That could be some times on Mondays.

So now I think it’s time to do some hand quilting to have perhaps quilt finish for Fabric Tuesday! Or … perhaps I shall play with my friend …


Thank you my friends for being there! Thank you for reading my blog and for writing so sweet, friendly and fun comments! Thank you and welcome many new followers!



Greek Cats: Mom with kitten

Hi friends! Greek cats is well known phrase. I see many cats every day, except our Nelli. Few ‘strange’ cats pass our garden almost every day. In the mornings Nero and Hanna smell around the garden to see who was walking there at night. On our neighbourhood lives lots of cats and we meet them when walking with Hanna. Many of them know us now and they don’t run away because they know that Hanna won’t chase them.

The following story happened when I was walking alone some where else.

greek cats

I took photo of this cute moment, I guess mother with her daughter. They were walking side by side.


But then an other cat started to walk towards them. Mother turned and obviously showed to the other cat that it’s not welcome.

greek cats

They continued walking …


… and so did the other cat …


Mother was taking care of the little one and surely says: come on, stay near to me.

Other cat passed and fortunately nothing else happened.

greek cats

Mother cat and her kitten continued they walk.

greek cats


greek cats

greek cats

I was happy to follow they walk.

Wishes from Greece!