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Puppies and Paper Piecing

Hi dear friends! I hope you had a great weekend! We have holiday ‘Clean Monday’. That means the Easter fast begins. Today people go for a pic nic and to fly kites. They eat sea food, salads and enjoy the day with friends and family. Weather looks good for a pic nic and there is a gentle windy so there will fly many kites today!

paper piecing

I have said this many times but ‘donkey bridge’ appears so often in my thoughts when I’m blogging. I didn’t find yet name for this paper pieced block I have made, but in fact it looks like a happy kite on the sky! I shall name this and make also tutorial. I shall try to make also ‘without paper’ pieced or foundation pattern (no idea yet if that can be logical to make).


When you have four big puppies at home and one of them is teenager, you don’t need to think how to spend your time. It’s more to think if I could possibly make few stitches when everyone is resting after the supper. Here they are waiting for dinner. We wake up Very Early! Hmmm … that’s different with human teenagers and puppy teenagers! We go many walks every day and when finally each puppy has had their walk, I’m so ready just to sit. Have you tried to paper piece when you walk?

Nero, Hanna, Paris

Fortunately the gorgeus weather allows puppies to be in the garden as much as they like. Notice the green forest! We didn’t dare to cut away all the grass because one of the puppies loves to dig and get dirty with the delicious, wet solid!  So as les she sees the ground the better. Gardening has to wait a little bit.


Saturday evening I thought it’s time to do little paper piecing which I had missed. These papers came with the ‘Love Qulting & Patchwork’ magazine few years ago (issue 24/2015). Squares are 1.5″x 1.5″.

english paper piecing

I continued early morning on Sunday because after too early wake up, eating and playing, all the puppies sleep again! I coulnd’t think of going back to bed 9:30 so I made second coffee and sew.  It went a little bit wonky. I guess the thing is the corners of the diamonds. They are so small! But fabric is forgiving and after removing the papers and pressing, it looks okey.


At least my sewing friends approve it totally … ‘it’s so beautiful! can I just get the goodies’! Behind you can see Nero’s and Hanna’s taverna. Table/floor cloth has to be colourful and the food is served on the little chairs. Especially for Nero it’s much more comfortable to eat when the bowl is higher. I guess that’s nice for any big dog.


‘Hey birdie’ where are you flew?

sewing suitcases

I have up-dated my sewing suitcases. The red one on the left was my first and it has usually been in the ‘hexagon’ project box. It needed clearing up and at the same time it was good to make an other one for quilting. Usually I hand quilt with Perle no 8 cotton but now I had a project where the green and light blue threads were good. The brown suitcase on the left was a present from ‘Tillkkutie‘ and the purple scissors from ‘Chromatobalomata’. Thank you friends!

sewing suitcases

Which are the few needles I really use? For the needles I add piece of felt with double sided tape (you can use felt, wadding or fleece).

sewing suitcase

You may think what’s  going on with my hexagons. They have been forgotten because I don’t like anymore my plan. Now I’m seriously thinking to rip the flowers apart and sew them more by colour to make few pillows.

paper piecing diamonds

Could you please help me to find a name for this ‘kite’ block! Perhaps ‘Spring Kite’?

Thank you so much for visiting! It was really nice to see you! Now it’s better I start to prepare the lunch before ‘they’ are all in the kitchen. You know that you don’t need big house even you have many puppies. Any way they are usually all in the same ‘corner’ and ‘in your feet’!

Thank you for your sweet comments and for reading and following my blog! Have a great day and see you soon!




Paper piecing: foundation and english

Hello dear friends! This time I write by myself but next time Hanna will be here to show you our new quilt. We had fun today taking the photos!


One day I saw these beautiful, simple letters, paper pieced alphabets. ‘Patch and Dot’ is making the patterns and very kindly shares them free. ‘Patch and Dot’ in Instagram. 

paper pieced A

How great that A is the first letter because it’s easy to start if you are a beginner and also good to remember your ‘forgotten’ skills. In Finnish start = ‘alku’ and in Greek ‘αρχη’ (arhi).


I chose to use my favourite, last scraps for the A. For the B I picked an other favourite, pale turquoise with little green and red. Is there such a thing as ‘too small scrap to save’? For me no, if it is my most favourite fabric for ever ever!


And if you look again, you realize that it’s not really that small … much bigger that the smallest pieces in B.


Have to say that ‘beast’ came to my mind when making the B.

paper piecing

I wouldn’t say that those tiny pieces make things difficult. They are just pieces like any size and in fact with the tiny pieces you don’t need to take care so much how to place your scrap. Any way your scrap is much bigger than needed so you just sew it and trim. But if you don’t concentrate it’s sure you pick wrong fabric, you put them upside down and then you ripp. I’m lucky to like white because that you can’t put upside down!

little scraps

One more cute scrap on my plate! The reason I save even the tiniest scraps is that I like raw edge applique. There you can use easily the smallest pieces and just this colour can be important some where.


Be took much more time than A but it’s not for ‘beast’. It’s for ‘blue’, in Greek ‘μπλε’. No B word in Finnish (I don’t count words like baari, ballerina or banaani)

paper pieced B

So now the question is when I could do raw edge applique because there is always something I like to jump in?!

I love paper piecing, any kind! Letters are made by foundation paper piecing and English paper piecing means that we sew by hand using paper templates. In summer I couldn’t stop myself to order ‘Shape Family’ templates from ‘Tales of Cloth’, and in Instagram. Now there is beginning new exciting quilt along: ‘Ice-Cream Soda Club’! If you like hand sewing, have a look! I’m sure you love it! I’m thinking/wanting to join … but I’m worried I shouldn’t/wouldn’t have time.

paper piecing

I haven’t done anything like this before and feel totally unsure and without any idea how to start. I want to make one test block to see how it works and perhaps I shall look for help from ‘Tales of Cloth’.

Have a great week and see you soon! Thank you for reading and following my blog and for your sweet words!  Warm welcome to new visitors and followers!

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Paper Pieced Diamonds

Hello friends! Last week I took this wip out and managed to make few stitches while taking care of puppies. Hmmm, I like this a lot!

English paper pieced diamonds

I mean this photo … this looks great in photo but I’m not enough excited. I like much more the back side! And I know why; because there is lots of white … and it looks more scrappy …

paper pieced diamonds

This project began in summer and the colours had a meaning. First it was quite grey, then few colours on the grey, then snow white – light, then blue etc.


First I made the blue half and then the purple half. I had many thoughts how to continue. Perhaps a table runner so that blue part is at the other end and the purple part at the other end but like mirror (so that the straight edges make the outside edge).


Now when watching the whole circle I feel that I should have used all the rainbow colours to go around. That would have been ‘me’ but I had decided to stay with ‘less’ colours.

Other good option would have been to use only greys. That would have been beautiful! But now it’s too late. One thing I have learnt is that if something doesn’t feel right, it’s better to make a new plan.


Now I have ripped the parts separate again and I shall continue first with the blue part.

Sometimes I’m lucky and the little triangles that received a while ago, match!


‘Tales of Cloth’ sells lovely packets of paper piecing papers. I saw how much fun sewists had playing with ‘hexagon shape family’ and wanted to join! I was really excited about these but didn’t have time to try them when I received them in summer. Now as the little triangles fit for my diamonds, I think I found new path for my project. New creative path!

hexagon shape family

I shall try to take creative and improvising path.

paper piecing



Now I’m again very excited to continue! Hmmm just can’t imagine anything in my mind at the moment. You know that I plan usually in my thoughts and I have the picture in my mind. This will be interesting challenge to work with many shapes. If I would plan with pencil and paper I would draw all day long and wouldn’t have any time to sew. New ideas come always even during the process because the project itself as well as the fabrics and colours give me ideas.

paper piecing diamonds

This needs to wait now a little bit because I’m thinking to make a quilt for the Christmas (grazy idea, I know, but I try).

Thank you very much for your visit! Nero and Hanna send you big kisses and thank for the lovely comments on their last post!


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Hexagon Fabric Basket and Scrap Tree

Hi Dear Friends! Good Month! It’s December and it’s SNOWING!

Hexagon Fabric Basket

I have been waiting to see the snow on my blog and yesterday it was snowing also in my sewing studio!


Outside was a storm! So much rain and wind that I had to force Nero and Hanna to go out. Big flower pots fell down. Just now tiny piece of sun appeared between the dark clouds. Temperature has fallen to +10C which is quite cold here. With the cold sea wind it feels the same as +2C in Finland.  We had a lovely morning walk with puppies in the fresh, cool air. After feeling too hot many months, we love this weather, but I understand if you feel the opposite.

But lets get back to the scraps. Last time I showed you a sneaky peaky … no one tried to guess what it was …


It’s the inside bottom of the hexagon fabric basket. During the summer I was sewing these hexagons and from the beginning I knew I want to make fabric basket where the hexagons are connected around. I was hard not to make a table runner with that rainbow piece but I stayed in my first plan.

A while ago it was like a summer …


… then the leaves turned yellow and orange …

sewing studio decor by Teje

… my scrap tree looked like wind was blowing and throwing the autumn leaves …

fabric vase

… and the colourful leaves were on the ground until it started to snow …

scrap tree

If you like to hear how all this happened:

I made the hexagon basket / vase. I liked the idea to put inside glass jar or vase and fill it with flowers. This time there wasn’t anything interesting outside to pick, so I thought to make a drif wood ‘tree’. But how to decor that tree? Scraps! I’m not sure, but perhaps this idea started from the ribbon tree that Marle made! I thought I could make that with selvages!

Here is how I made the tree …


I put stones on polyester wadding to hold the tree. I took the jar with trims … did you just throw them away?! Sorry!

scrap project for kids

This is perfect project to make with kids!

fun with scraps

scrap projects

This can be also seasonal decoration. I love my green lights but they made my tree look like it’s spring and Easter. So I made a wish for snow …



And now I have a snowy tree in my sewing studio! For the winter season I like the look of these plain branches and stones in the glass, so my new hexagon basket will store seasonal coodies.

hexagon fabric basket

If you like to make Christmas, or other, fabric basket, look my tutorial HERE. I show you how it’s easy to make any size fabric basket.

Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments! Hanna sends you kisses! She was really happy to hear you enjoyed reading her post about the knitting lesson she gave to her friend Miss Moose!

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Reinbow Hexagons

Hi Dear Friends! I have really delicious photos today!


When I finally reached this point I couldn’t stop taking photos! I started this project in June and can’t remember now exactly how and why. Perhaps just needed something small to enjoy fabric and sewing.

reinbow hexagons

First I didn’t have any plan but later there has been too many ideas. I shall stick to one idea even I feel that this is shouting: I want to be a table runner! But I don’t have now time or patient to make lots of hexies more to fix the edges. I want to finish this soon! One other idea is very tempting but also that I shall save for an other time.

paper piecing

My way to baste hexies is with thread and through the papers. My way to sew hexies is as you see in the photo and I use one colour through all the project (usually white or beige). I don’t mind that the stitches are visible. This is handmade and that can be seen. I cut the fabric squares (in this case 2.5″ x 2.5″). If you make a quilt, it’s better to cut hexagon shapes so you don’t have too much extra fabric. When making something else we don’t mind about that.

paper pieced hexagons


I thought that I could have finished this whole thing in these days but I have had many friends with me and mostly just played with them.

quilting with puppy

When my friend, London was resting I picked the basting threads and papers. They come out so easily and quickly with a help of a needle. I have super fun hexagon templates from Annett! Thank you again my friend!

paper piecing

Then this rainbow piece got good press. And few more photos …

reinbow hexagons

… I spent long time to find the matching colours from my stash … other wise this would become a table runner! But I want to connect the ends.

hexagon project

My way to baste quilt top is with curved safety pins. So, nyyh nyyh, now the gorgeus scrappy look is hidden for ever … should I make one time small, scrappy wall quilt so that the back side would be the front side?! Yes! I think so!

fantastic hexagons

Did I show you this? I did? Okey shall we continue then and lets see how I quilted this.

Iiiik! I cut it!

paper pieced hexagons

Don’t worry, not by mistake! This was planned but wow, you need nerves to do that! In fact I think I should have cut more but that brave I wasn’t. This is my first time do this, so I started with little and I see later if I need to cut more. I felt so sorry to cut those edges!

Quilting is by hand with Perle cotton no 8, diagonal lines which create lovely diamonds. Unfortunately you can’t see that well in photo. Have to wait until this ‘thing’ is finished and washed.

These cuties are too small to save, even for me.


Now the next step is to connect the ends … i can do this, i can do this, i can do this, i can do this …


I’m surprised that it’s already ‘Scraptastic Tuesday’ which happens every second Tuesday of a month (I feel it’s almost every week?!) I want to send super super Thanks to Leanne at ‘She can Quilt’ and Nicky at ‘Mrs Sew and Sow’ for hosting this party! Also I want to thank them and their sponsors because last time I won! More about that later.

I’m joining also my favourite weekly linky parties and you can find all their buttons on my sidelist!

sleeping puppies

Now all our puppies, Nero, Hanna and our special guest Paris, are sleeping. Nice hmm? but do they sleep at night if they rest now? I think I shall use the opportunity and stitch the ends and if they are not sleepy at night, lets play then!

paper piecing hexagons

This was the beginning of this story. If you like to read more, click HERE.

Thank you for joining my scrappy adventure! You know I love colours and small scraps! Do you? Do you love or hate hand sewing? If you had asked from me 10 years ago, my answer would be totally different than today!

Have a great week and seen you soon! And soon postcards from Finland!


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Pigs and Pouches

Hello! I hope you are fine and creating something with your favourite fabrics like me!

Paint brush Pouch

‘Paint’ fabric collection is one of my most favourite! It has beautiful colours and the prints are so fun! ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’ has still few pieces.

I picked some other favourite items for my photos: my grandfather’s small notebook and paint brush (from my sister when she lived in Japan). Any idea what it says here …

japanese text

Now I can’t say which pouch is my favourite … first it was this with the pigs! I love little pigs …

pouch with pigs

… and once I met two pig moms on my way …



Looks like they were coming or going to the beach which is down on the road …

Kalathas Chania

When I chosed the backing for the pigs, that became my favourite!

hexagon pouch

There is two wip’s in my hexagon project box. One with lots of finished hexy flowers, many of them already connected. And one which I began in summer and hope finish soon.

paper piecing hexagons

With this piece I shall stay in my first plan (I think). All these hexagons are now sewn, but I’m not quite sure if I need to add one or two lines. Thinking about what colours they should be, purple comes to my mind.

paper pieced hexagons

But back to pouches. Third pouch is made with stamps. I really like this blue fabric! Too bad we don’t write anymore letters, send postcards and even nice stamps start to be rear.

stamp pouch

All the pouches has lining, made with shirt fabric I bought last year from Finland. Soon I shall send you again ‘postcards’ from Finland!

zipper pouches

One of the best part is to pick and match the fabrics!

zipper pouch project

Dark fabric is Essex linen, the same I used for the Star pouches. I’m looking for to get new Essex linen soon, in several colours!

zipper pouch project

These pouches are now on the self in “Nero’s Post” etsy shop.

small pouches

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Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments! See you soon!

PS. ‘Paris’ is here!



Paper piecing diamonds

Hi! Missed you and hope you are fine! When there just isn’t any time for sewing but still you want to sew something or at least to have a project to think and plan … what to do …

paper pieced diamonds

I was desperately thinking where to focus my thoughts … hexagons … not inspired now … diamonds …. yes, those I wanted to try for a long time!


As you can guess there has to be colours but this time a little bit less. I try to stick in solids and not to add orange or red, perhaps not even green … sort of cooler colours. And mostly solids … perhaps they give me the calmness I’m missing at the moment.

english paper piecing

For the beginning I shall use only one print, my favourite circles on grey from Kaffe Fassett. That and the purple/pink may be sort of background fabrics. This purple/pink is a pillow case and one of my favourite colours! It reminds me of Finnish ‘whipped’ berry porrige = vispipuuro! And lots of delicious photos of vispipuuro/marjapuuro!

I could cut the diamonds quickly with ruler and cutter but I prefer to stay in the living room with Nero and Hanna (and air condition) and cut them one by one with scissors … one by day … or two …

paper pieced diamonds

Diamonds are (for my opinion) quicker to baste than hexagons and I shall enjoy this project very much! Hmmm, what this will be at the end … no idea … if it ever ends! That’s also fun that you can make these as much or less you like and think later what to do with them.

beads for bracelet

I made few simple baracelets the other day. Ended up using only turquoise and blue but fortunately realized to take a photo when there were still more colours in the bowl.

sunglasses on the beach

I hope you enjoy the summer … spend lovely time on the beach … if you wish! I prefer to sweat inside when ever it’s possible.

Best wishes from very busy and hot summer island Crete!