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{Florist} mini quilt

Hello dear friends! This mini quilt started totally extempore and was one of the most enjoyable projects I have done!

Florist mini quilt by Teje

The base is made with low volumes and you can see that HERE.

Now the quilt is washed and I love all those wrinkles!

Florist mini quilt by Teje

On the low volume quilt I was supposed to create something applique. Those ideas changed few times and I ended up making these fun shape flowers. I was also happy to have a chance to use some of the bias strips I have from my mom’s stash. They are for poppana weaving and they are thinner and softer than the similar strips for rug weaving.

raw edge applique

For the flowers I chose colours to match with the low volumes and few more bright ones.


I sew the pieces simply twice around with cotton thread in light blue. I didn’t use any fusible materials, just pinned the pieces on their places.

applique flowers

Here is the quilt after sewing the flowers, before the hand quilting and embroidery stitching.

raw edge applique flowers

As you saw, I quilted first by machine straight lines on the low volume quilt. Then I sew the flowers and after that I made some embroidery stitching on the flowers and leaves.

quilting threads

I quilted also by hand lots of lines between the machine quilted lines. I did them randomly, some only short lines, some full width and in several low volume colours.


And here we are just before the washing. Now I tell you that it was a mistake to make the binding before finishing. I didn’t think that I shall quilt so much by hand and all that made the quilt wrinkle quite much, so the binding was slightly ‘too big’. After washing I ripped the binding, for the first time ever! I knew I wanted to be perfect perfect and I’m happy I made it again.

Florist mini quilt by Teje

And then lets see what magic washing makes!

mini quilt behind

Because I didn’t quilt on the flowers but made like embroidery, leaves and flowers stayed a little bit fluffy.

raw edge applique flowers

Those bias strips are so cute!

applique leaves

Kona cottons didn’t fray very much. Blue leave is Essex linen, grey is Oakshott and they frayed beautifully.

applique leaves

{Florist} mini quilt is different than my earlier works and I’m so happy I jumped to this sudden project!


Inspiration for this quilt came from Jo Avery at My Bear Paw’s mini quilt for Pantone’s colour challenge. It really spoke to me! Have a look also how fantastic improvised flowers she makes!

After making the flowers, I was remembering something that I had seen at Kviltstina. Stina’s style inspires me a lot and I think her tulips or this quilt gave me idea for the flowers. She has made for example improvised blueberries and butterflies!

Florist mini quilt by Teje

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog and for your lovely comments!

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Nero’s Post: Yellow

Vof vof vof dear friends! I haven’t had a chance to write you for a while and my photo-files are overflowing, so I thought to go with a colour. Yellow can show up first because I see it every where this time of the year.


I have been picking up lemons, lemons and lemons…

lemon juice

This time of the year trees are full of lemons. I do my best to pick some, so they wouldn’t go waste. I give them to friends but most of them have also lots of lemons. I make lemonjuice and put it in ice-cube bags and in the freeze. I make lemonchello. Next I think I try lemonpie.


These yellow balls I found from a tree outside. Have you thought how camera helps us to see little things? Without taking photos I wouldn’t have noticed these tiny, funny things!


My friend Mia from Finland sent to me this cute bird! Thank you Mia! Those wooden beads look so real berries!

felted bird

Mia makes unique, beautiful felted decorations, bags, purses etc. which she sells in her etsy shop. Her blog is ‘Handmade by Mia’.


Our neighbour has lovely garden and fantastic rosies. She gave us few and I have enoyed watching while they open bigger and bigger.  They have so beautiful yellow colour with just a little bit pink some where … but the amazing thing is their size …

yellow rose

yellow rosies

Hmm, what else in yellow … I’m sure you like to see a drop of yellow fabric …

hexagon flower

… and also yellow from happy, running free, village hens …

fresh eggs

I’m linking at ‘Wandering Camera’ by Soma at ‘Whims and Fancies’.

Nero Shephard dog

Thank you dear friends for stopping by and for your sweet messages! I’m always waiting to read them! Would you like to pick the colour for my next colour-post?



Flowers, fabrics and ideas

Hi dear friends! Beautiful flowers I got from friends, inspired me to take some photos … fabrics from friends.


Some of you already noticed these amazing cats in my last post. They are from my ‘cousin’, special, dear friend who I got to know through my blog. Thank you Sonja! One idea for this is to make a medallion quilt. I haven’t done any yet and it would be nice to create borders for this special piece by picking colours and shapes from the cat squares.


Hyacinths are one of my most favourite flowers! The strong purple colour of these made me think of Jessica from ‘Quilty Habit’! I won this special bundle from Jessica’s give away: fabrics that I never had but often admired. Thank you Jessica! Part of these fabrics may become covers for my notebook and file. But then, also these could be very inspiring for a medallion quilt or a new summer bag.


My Finnish quilter friend, Leena from ‘Tilkkutie’ sent me beautiful fabrics with houses and bags. Thank you Leena! I love houses and of course bags! These houses would be fun for a baby quilt or for pillows. Every house could be used separate with matching colours around. They would make also beautiful tea cosies. Bags would make lovely clutch bag or a project bag for knitting…hmmm also the houses would make lovely knitting bags.


For my latest project I took out all my solids. Many colours match well with the colourful prints but I was very happy to notice that two solids from Anneli, were perfect for this project.


Beautiful bundle of colourful fabrics and fun white/black print became from my Finnish quilter friend Anneli. Anneli from ‘Chromatobalomata’ lives in Greece. Thank you Anneli! Look at those super cute buttons! These fun fabrics are perfect for many things….happy mini quilt for my sewing room, bag, pillow…notebook covers…seems to be that I have to make notebook/journal covers!


Thank you my dear friends for these beautiful fabrics and flowers!

I continue to cut these…


… ending up with these …


…I hope I end up with a colour explose quilt … but I worry a little bit.