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Drunkard’s Path for pillow

Hi Dear Friends! Somewhere last month I thought that it’s time to make a new pillow. Trying to keep my colour palet smaller, wasn’t easy. Curves are easier than expected.

drunkard's path pillow top

I drew the templates on my own. Because I haven’t done very much curves, this was also exercise and I cut the outside piece big enough to have space to trim if needed.

drunkard's path block

Okey, I could have trimmed the blocks smaller but I trimmed them as big as possible.

drunkard's path pillow top

That meant that the ‘flower petals’ didn’t meet, which doesn’t really matter, but made me continue.

drunkard's path quilt block

I wanted so much to add other colours for the leaves but then stayen in my plan and picked blues.

drunkard's path

I cut the leaves just free with scissors. With the hera marker I made line where I should turn the seam allowance and then I basted them. If you make the line with hera marker on the back side, it helps to turn the seam allowance. You can see the line a little bit on the dark leave down right.

drunkard's path

Leaves are ‘needle turn applique’ which is quite easy and you can find many tutorials from youtube and pinterest.

yellow flowers

Spring is here and even we have now few rainy days, last two weeks were warm and beautiful! Yellow spring flower from a friend … clearing the long greens from the garden made birds happy …

… mountain view from my sewing room … with some shadows of clouds …

For the quilting (by hand) I made several circles in the centre. Then I made other circles outside (using kitchen bowl to mark them).

drunkard's path

I’m joining Kelly’s link party ‘Needle and Thread Thursday’.

Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments! Have a beautiful day!




Reinbow Hexagons

Hi Dear Friends! I have really delicious photos today!


When I finally reached this point I couldn’t stop taking photos! I started this project in June and can’t remember now exactly how and why. Perhaps just needed something small to enjoy fabric and sewing.

reinbow hexagons

First I didn’t have any plan but later there has been too many ideas. I shall stick to one idea even I feel that this is shouting: I want to be a table runner! But I don’t have now time or patient to make lots of hexies more to fix the edges. I want to finish this soon! One other idea is very tempting but also that I shall save for an other time.

paper piecing

My way to baste hexies is with thread and through the papers. My way to sew hexies is as you see in the photo and I use one colour through all the project (usually white or beige). I don’t mind that the stitches are visible. This is handmade and that can be seen. I cut the fabric squares (in this case 2.5″ x 2.5″). If you make a quilt, it’s better to cut hexagon shapes so you don’t have too much extra fabric. When making something else we don’t mind about that.

paper pieced hexagons


I thought that I could have finished this whole thing in these days but I have had many friends with me and mostly just played with them.

quilting with puppy

When my friend, London was resting I picked the basting threads and papers. They come out so easily and quickly with a help of a needle. I have super fun hexagon templates from Annett! Thank you again my friend!

paper piecing

Then this rainbow piece got good press. And few more photos …

reinbow hexagons

… I spent long time to find the matching colours from my stash … other wise this would become a table runner! But I want to connect the ends.

hexagon project

My way to baste quilt top is with curved safety pins. So, nyyh nyyh, now the gorgeus scrappy look is hidden for ever … should I make one time small, scrappy wall quilt so that the back side would be the front side?! Yes! I think so!

fantastic hexagons

Did I show you this? I did? Okey shall we continue then and lets see how I quilted this.

Iiiik! I cut it!

paper pieced hexagons

Don’t worry, not by mistake! This was planned but wow, you need nerves to do that! In fact I think I should have cut more but that brave I wasn’t. This is my first time do this, so I started with little and I see later if I need to cut more. I felt so sorry to cut those edges!

Quilting is by hand with Perle cotton no 8, diagonal lines which create lovely diamonds. Unfortunately you can’t see that well in photo. Have to wait until this ‘thing’ is finished and washed.

These cuties are too small to save, even for me.


Now the next step is to connect the ends … i can do this, i can do this, i can do this, i can do this …


I’m surprised that it’s already ‘Scraptastic Tuesday’ which happens every second Tuesday of a month (I feel it’s almost every week?!) I want to send super super Thanks to Leanne at ‘She can Quilt’ and Nicky at ‘Mrs Sew and Sow’ for hosting this party! Also I want to thank them and their sponsors because last time I won! More about that later.

I’m joining also my favourite weekly linky parties and you can find all their buttons on my sidelist!

sleeping puppies

Now all our puppies, Nero, Hanna and our special guest Paris, are sleeping. Nice hmm? but do they sleep at night if they rest now? I think I shall use the opportunity and stitch the ends and if they are not sleepy at night, lets play then!

paper piecing hexagons

This was the beginning of this story. If you like to read more, click HERE.

Thank you for joining my scrappy adventure! You know I love colours and small scraps! Do you? Do you love or hate hand sewing? If you had asked from me 10 years ago, my answer would be totally different than today!

Have a great week and seen you soon! And soon postcards from Finland!


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Blogger’s Quilt Festival: After the Storm

Vof vof and welcome to Mediterranean! You just landed on Crete, beautiful island of Greece! Me Hanna, I’m your hostes during your visit. I know that you flew here to see the ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’, which is hosted and organized by Amy Ellis at ‘Amy’s Creative Side’ so without further words, lets go to see the quilts …

After the Storm quilt by Teje

‘After the Storm’ is our entry to the Small Quilts category.

storm at sea quilt project

We started this quilt with a beautiful fat quarter bundle of blues and greys, Kona solids. Long time favourite pattern Storm at Sea was just perfect for this project.

storm at sea

As we live on one of the most sunny islands, sun shines often on our quilts.

After the Storm quilt top

If you like to read more about this process, click HERE.

After the Storm quilt top

Me Hanna, I’m always helping in the sewing studio and here I start to quilt by paw. It was still really hot day and we stayed only for a short while outside. Then there was no sign of storm yet …

Hanna and quilting

First I quilted around the sun but later I changed my mind. When I was quilting the first circles, I realized that it looks better if there are only circles.

hand quilting

For “custom’s recuest” I changed also the centre to look more sun and not so much star.

hand quilting

I named this quilt ‘After the Storm’ because of the storm at sea pattern and because the time was really ‘after the storm’ in our life.

After the Storm


Name: ‘After the Storm

Design: Teje Karjalainen

Block pattern: storm at sea

Size: 30″x 30″ (76 x 76 cm)

Technics: pieced by machine, quilted by hand

Category: Small Quilts


Looks like this quilt had more changes than usually, because also the binding had to be changed. First fabric didn’t behave well and I did it again with a fabric that looks like little waves.

storm at sea

One day I want to make this pattern so that the blocks are on point! Also the look change quite much depending how the colours are placed.

We went for a drive yesterday to take sea view photos … ‘After the Storm’ we said … in fact it was before the storm …

storm at sea

I’m really happy that the strong wind didn’t take my quilt! It was a ‘shoot in a second’ to take the photos. No way to plan well about the background etc. We were really up and the road was a serpentine … when I turned right, what I saw …


She is at the edge of terrible high place and I couldn’t go very near to take photo to show you the deepness. On my leftside was walking some one else …


To have a small idea about how high we are, look the little cars down at the end of the road.


Until now I never had problem with high places, driving next to the edge of narrow road high on the mountains, but yesterday I didn’t have ‘stomach’ to do that and we returned back from the first curve. If you have the currage to go down, follow this video … after you park the car, you still need to walk to reach the beach down.

‘After the storm’ was in fact today. Early in the morning we woke up to rain and thunder, first since April! Wow, it was great! Gorgeus smell and cool wind! After few hours sky cleared up and sun was shining again.


Our other entry is ‘STRAWBERRY CAKE’ for the Scrappy Quilts category. Nero is telling about that quilt.

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After the Storm quilt by Teje
Thank you all for coming for a visit to Greece! I was happy to show you a little bit around here and to tell you about our quilt. Lets continue now all together our visit in the ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’! Isn’t it just amazing that we can visit quilters around the world! There are many our friends and always we meet new talented quilters showing their beautiful quilts! Best place to have fun with quilters and to find new inspiarions!



[Fun for Friday] and thoughts about blogging

Hi dear friends! I just love this funny face! Guess what she’s looking at?

cute cat

I don’t see this kitten every day but now and then she visits our garden. This time I wasn’t the only one behind the window …

Nero's garden

Nero was just looking, didn’t say anything. But the kitten thought better back out slowly …

greek cat

So she tip toed away …

greek cat

This post is sort of new beginning. I have been thinking a lot about blogging, mine and others. Then Rachel put in words those thoughts and maybe yours, too. That post shows how important blogs still are as you can see from the interesting and long comments on her post. It’s getting more quiet in blogland and I’m sad for that. I miss the time when there was happening “too much” around the blogs! Always so many interesting hops and qals to join, so much ideas and inspiration to put into effect. But now often I roll up and down trying to find something to read and something to get the big ‘wow’ smile on my face!

There are of course still many many inspiring, fantastic blogs but I fish … wish there were more. I don’t like to put blogs in any order but this time I like to lead you to my two favourite blogs: Rachel’s “STITCHED IN COLOR” and Jayne’s “TWIGGY AND OPAL”. I’m sure both of these blogs are known by most of you but if you are new in blogland,  have a look, I’m sure you will love them! Both ladies are so talented and have all the time new ideas! They know how to mix the colours best way and wow, where they find the time and energy to make so much! I don’t think they sleep much. I enjoy their writing and beautiful photos (photos inspires me a lot) and I appreciate that they show how to do things.

As I’m back to quilting business (already some custom orders in line) I thought it’s time to take time to fix my blog, too. Yesterd I started to make new header, using hours for no result. And if you noticed even have now mistake in the blog’s name. For some reason that I can’t understand, I couldn’t add the mark:  ‘  … so now it writes NEROS POST?! Every time I pressed that button, the computer stucked for a long time. Have to find an other way to do it. Also because I use wordpress free theme, there are some limits. For example I can’t choose free the size of the header photo. I wanted to make this time only one line, but I guess I shall make the same 10 squares to get this done.

Anniversaries haven’t been celebratied often lately. Somehow life has changed and we are tired to do ‘this and that’. I used to have fun in my blog when celebrating dogs’ birthdays and at least the blog anniversary. Dogs did give ways and picked winners. When I started my blog in 2010 I was at home and had all the time to figure things out on my own. It took lot of time but was so much fun! So now when I’m again ‘at home’ I think it’s good to enjoy blogging again! It is so fantastic to have blogger and quilter friends all around the world!

So I’m planning to celebrate soon my blog’s 6th anniversary. I’m also thinking (trying) to post more often (the time I spend just thinking what to look in the internet, I can also write myself). I like to play with words and today when vacuum cleaning Nero’s hairs, I started to make a list:

  • Monday Makings
  • Fabric Fuesday
  • Wordless Wednesday
  • Thursday Things (tutorial, tips, this and that)
  • Fun for Friday
  • Super Saturday
  • Sunday Stash

Hmmm, don’t get too excited, I don’t think it’s possible to write every day under these themes but I’m sure this list inspires and helps me to write more and not only to show quilt projects. Perhaps this gives also ideas to you to post more! Let me know if you have more ideas for the themes or if you wish to see/read about something. I like to make tutorials so there will be some new of those, too.

My hb has always been very supportive about my quilting and blogging and I thought to ask him to give some of his special, secret recipies. Would you like to try delicious recipies from a really good, Greek chef?! That could be some times on Mondays.

So now I think it’s time to do some hand quilting to have perhaps quilt finish for Fabric Tuesday! Or … perhaps I shall play with my friend …


Thank you my friends for being there! Thank you for reading my blog and for writing so sweet, friendly and fun comments! Thank you and welcome many new followers!



Quilty 365: finish and new start

Hello, hello, hello! I could have continued those little trees for ever … but had to put end some where …

Fabric Forest by Teje

Fabric Forest quilt

In the Fabric Forest sun is shining always! Sunlight through the trees were strong and made so deep shadows that I had to close the shutter to take photos. Hanna is on her way to the balcony where she likes to lie when I’m sewing.

Fabric Forest quilt

One of my favourite moments is when I can cut the edges and the quilt starts to have a clear look. Binding was easy pick as I knew much earlier which one it will be. But now I think should I have chosen solid? Ah, you know, there is always too many possibilities.

quilt binding

Quilting wasn’t so easy choise. This project was late because I didn’t have idea for the quilting. Then I decided to stitch spider web. After few lines I got the idea and had to rip those lines (perhaps for the first time ever I ripped quilting).

Fabric Forest by Teje

For the bed quilts I like to sew the binding by machine because it’s stronger. After realizing that hand sewing is much quicker than I thought, I like to hand sew the binding for the wall quilts.

Fabric Forest

Wonder clips remind me always of my dear friend who sent them to surprise me!

hand quilting

‘Fabric Forest’ is part of the Quilty 365 project. I started 1st of January 2016 and I made 60 little trees for January and February. To make the quilt square I add 4 empty blocks. In March I didn’t make blocks but sew this quilt to finish it and started new theme.

If you like to read more about my ‘Fabric Forest inspiration and project, click HERE, HERE and HERE.

I have so many ideas in my notebook for the Quilty 365! For the one I wanted to start, I didn’t find background fabric from my stash and didn’t want to by now. When looking for that fabric I got new idea …


What you think? Looks quite fun!

applique circles

I cut pairs from hard paper: with the bigger I cut the fabric and with the smaller I baste.

applique circles

applique circles

And the fabric is from Ikea …

ikea fabric

I shall link with Audrey at ‘Quilty Folk’ for the ‘Quilty 365’.

Also I shall join my favourite weekly linky parties:

Fabric Tuesday, Sew Cute Tuesday, Linky Tuesday, Let’s be Social, Needle and Thread Thursday, Whoomp There It Is, Fabric frenzy Friday, Oh Scrap

Fabric Forest by Teje

‘Fabric Forest’ = ‘Kangasmetsa’ (in Finnish), is now drying outside and I’m happy to say that the trees didn’t disappear in the washing! This forest will get better and better after each wash!

I shall go now to stitch my 6th circle. Thank you very much for reading my short stories and for writing so wonderful and supporting comments! You make my day!


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My scrap projects

Hi dear friends! Scraps are super fun and I have several scrappy projects going on. One of them began just yesterday.

little squares

This idea has been in my mind long time and yesterday I took some little squares I had already cut and continued cutting more 1.5″ x 1.5″ tiny squares. Slowly arranging them … deciding about the colours … perhaps still changing my mind.

little squares

My portable design wall is too small. Have to make this in sections …

little squares

… or to wait to empty my big design wall …

little squares

… and have to cut more little squares. I won’t tell you yet what this is going to be, but you are welcome to share your guessings in the comments.

fabric forest

My Fabric Forest is going on very well. It has grown since this photo but as said the wall is now full of something else. I try to stay away from those little trees because if I start to make them, I can’t stop. Instead of sewing by hand those trees, I have been quilting by hand the ‘Splinters on Snow’. I hope to finish this soon because next quilt top is soon finished and ready for quilting.

Splinters on Snow by Teje

I think those mouse steps on the snow look fun.

Splinters on Snow by Teje

These photos are from today. Gorgeus sunny day again! Looks like we have few days cold and rain and then some sunny and warm days. Tomorrow perhaps comes rain again.


One day I was ripping some blocks. They had my favourite fabrics but didn’t work for the project I had tried them. So better rip them and use for something than have them forgotten in a box. I realized that the ripping wasn’t bad job to do at all. Have to check if I have any other orphan blocks that I could use for something else.


I start to have good amount strips and many great quilt ideas to use them. Just how to make up my mind?!

It’s second Tuesday of a month and time for ‘Scraptastic Tuesday’! I shall join the linky party!

Also I join my favourite weekly linky parties:
Fabric Tuesday, Sew Cute Tuesday, Linky Tuesday, Let’s be Social, Needle and Thread Thursday, Oh Scrap

little squares

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you love scraps and join the party! Thank you also for your lovely comments! It’s always enjoy to read them!



{Splinters on Snow} quilt top

Hi dear friends! Quilt top with little triangles is finished and there was a perfect day for photo shooting.

Chips on Snow quilt top

When this top was finished, I don’t know why by I wasn’t very exicited. When I took it out, the excitment came …

Splinters on Snow

That stain glass illusion is so beautiful, when the sun light comes through the quilt top! I like always the seam allowances as a part of the ‘design’ and in this they play even more important role as there is so much white. Next photo is from the backside …

quilt top from back

This quilt started when I was going through my scraps. I save even the smallest because I know I like to make fabric pictures and then even the littlest can be important. I noticed that there were lots of triangles so I thought to improvise something with them. My word for this year is ‘improvise’.


After basting, I got more excited …

Splinters on Snow basted

Yesterday we had summer here! Yes, bright blue sky and about +22 C or perhaps more. I had lunch on the veranda with the dogs and started to quilt this.


After a while, dogs chose the shadow because it was really warm.

Perle cotton threads

Usually I find easily names for my quilts … but not this time. Usually my quilts present something or there is a theme or something … but not this time. Then ‘Marle’ said that it looks like snow. Yes! I thought so too and continued from that.

I couldn’t decide how to quilt … finally I picked blue threads as shadows on snow. I started to doodle. Is there doodle quilting? now is, it’s free motion quilting by hand without any plan.

quilting by hand

Now when I have quilted a little bit, I can see that some little creatures have been running on the snow!

With this quilt I’m not in hurry to finish, so I can use more time for the quilting. Other wise I would stitch some wavy lines.

blue sky

And the sky was so blue beautiful! Today is quiet, slow Sunday and I’m planning to have a stitchful, relaxing day. In fact this time I’m writing on the couch and Hanna is sleeping next to me … upside down … Nero is sleeping in his favourite place front of the window and Nelli in her basket.  Later we shall go for a walk … but no hurry today.

Splinters on Snow quilt top

I’m linking to ‘Scraptastic Tuesday’ which is a linky party every month’s second Tuesday. Hosted by Leanne and Nicky. November I was one of the lucky winners and just received my fabrics from ‘Green Fairy Quilts’ – Thank you! Yesterday I already washed one fabric because it’s planned to be part of my funniest project ever! Hmmm I hope you’ll find it as fun as I do. I can’t keep my hands (or eyes) away from that!

I’m joining also my favourite weekly linky parties:
Fabric Tuesday, Sew Cute Tuesday, Linky Tuesday, Let’s be Social, Needle and Thread Thursday, Oh Scrap

Splinters on Snow by Teje

Now I try to stay away from that funny project and to quilt little steps on that snow.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments! Have a lovely day!