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Hanna’s Post: Butterflies and Lavender

Vof vof, friends! It’s me Hanna here, surrounded by lavender and butterflies!

Hanna puppy

Spring turns to summer here in Crete and there are lots of flowers around. When I come home from my walk, I have often flowers and leaves in my fur. In my garden there is a big lavender bush and it’s full of tiny purple flowers. When me and Nero walk near by this bush we smell really nice!




There are busy bees collecting honey and beautiful butterflies flying around.


My new quilt projcet has butterflies and I have already made few to test how the free piecing would work. You can see more about that HERE.

fabric butterfly


There are really so many kind of butterflies! That’s fun and gives me a change to make creative butterflies with different techniqs. You may know that I love paper piecing! But, the Big But is that it takes a lot of time and I think it’s better for small blocks. But, I made yesterday one purple butterfly and I love it! It took time but I’m hooked! I think I shall make few of these small butterflies but I couldn’t make many because this quilt is going to be the biggest I have ever made.

paper piecing butterfly

paper piecing butterfly

Patter is from Lillyella and I’m sure you have seen many of these beautiful butterflies flying around in blogs and instagram. I made small change on the body

paper pieced butterfly

butterfly quilt block

Diamond blocks are made with Kate Spain‘s ‘Grand Canal’. I think my favourite is this deep purple! It brings water to my mouth! Now I’m waiting to receive bundle of ‘Early Bird’ also by Kate Spain, to continue this project. I think these small butterflies with solids add something special to this quilt.


I picked lots of lavenders to make later lavender pouches. There is still much more to cut but I leave them for the bees for a while.

dear dog Hanna

Hmmm, what I was thinking? Making plans is one of my favourite hobbies. Often it’s difficult to concentrate and start to make something. But when I start then it’s difficult to stop. I was thinking to clean in the garden, you know those fallen leaves and flowers, but I think I prefer to make new butterfly. What you think about juicy yellow-green butterfly? … pink … turquoise …

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Kisses from HANNA



Nero and Hanna: waiting for the packet!

Vof vof, it’s me Hanna!  With Nero we have been waiting for The Packet! While waiting we did many things.

Nero and Hanna

It’s coming from far away and we woked up many mornings watching the sunshine on the Fabric Forest.

Fabric Forest quilt by Teje

Fell a sleep many evenings … watching the same sunshine! One day I had bath and I looked like a wet bear!

Hanna had bath

Sometimes we got tired to wait. Isn’t it coming yet, Nero?!

Nero and Hanna

We had delicious food! Hb made it and said it’s soufle. I know there was bacon and that’s my favourite!


We had walks and picked little flowers. If you stop to smell the grass and look around you, you can see beautiful tiny things that other wise you wouldn’t notice. I think fairy uses that green thing to comb her hair.

wild flowers

Sometimes you can see bigger things. Nero’s job is to take rubbishes out. Look what he found one day! Is this a treasure or trash? I know I can fix it and it will be my treasure. It’s iron and there is mirror in the middle. That could be changed to something else, like my photo for example! No, now I know! I shall put there photo of me and Nero!

Hanna and old mirror

Hmmm, perhaps I shall make picture with Nero, Nelli, Foxy and me. That would be really nice.

We have been sewing a lot. Mostly I like the crown we made for The Honey Pot Bee! I want to give this crown to my hero, Nero! Last Monday he wasn’t well and we were so worried. You know that he is 12,5 years. But fortunately from Tuesday he was well again! What a relief to see him again happy, sitting on his favourite place, playing with ball, ears up and enjoying his small walks. Today I took the trash bag out and Nero said: ‘shouldn’t I go now out with that bag and not you?’ We all get used to our habits! I said to him: ‘Dear Nero, you can go today to the other road to read some new news’.


Can you guess how fun it was to make this crown! When I was walking I was planning how to do it. I thought that darkened silver would be nice and then I could decorate it with lots of gemstones and with some colourful glass pieces. I love those turquoise diamonds! There is also silver thread!


And I show you how I made the fun ribbon for the edge.

chevron edge

I was thinking hard how to add something to the edge and looked my fabric stash. Hmm something with lines … haa, yes chevron is just what I need! I didn’t cut the rest of the piece before marking it on the back side. I drew line where the stitiching should be and then added 1/4″ seam allowance.

My crown became improvised. I mixed up with my notes and those colourful triangles are not the same like in the pattern. Also the silver thread was a mess. It just ran out on its own! Lucky me who didn’t have bigger diamonds! But now I have an idea for a patent. Have to try first and then I tell you.

Hey Nero, I think I see something there on the road! Come to see! Is it our bike coming?


Yes Hanna, it is and he’s carrying something wrapped with brown paper! It must be The Packet!


Jippii! Our packet is finally here! How exciting!

Seriously, Nero, is this all we have been waiting for so many days?! I think I’m a little bit disappointed. It did smell interesting but there were nothing to eat or play! Blaah.

quilt wadding

But no worries! I know that you know why this packet was so important. With Nero we can continue to wait; perhaps there will come something else, soon!

Nero and Hanna

You guessed right. This means that the quilt project with puppy and girl will continue.

If you like to continue reading, how about visiting Connie at ‘Free Motion by The River’. She shows us her sewing studio! Wow it is so spacious and well organized. Connie has a cute sewing friend Sadie and at the moment little visitor in her studio.

One quilt pattern has been long time in my to-do list and now I saw it in gorgeus colours! Free pattern ‘Blown Away’ by Jodi Godfrey from ‘Tales of Cloth’, is available at ‘Free Spirit Fabrics’. Shop fabrics here and find inspiration here.

This time I ordered the wadding / batting from ‘Chitter Scraps’ at etsy. I’m very happy and will shop again from them. There are lovely fabrics, too.

I’m joining my favourite linky parties! All the buttons are on my sidelist. Click to visit to see what other are sewing!

Thank you so much for reading my story! Kisses to you sweet friends for your lovely messages!

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Hanna’s Post: {Yellow Submarine} quilt

Vof vof friends! I’m happy to see you and hope you are fine! Today I show you this quilt …

Hanna and quilt

… which we tried to finish for the Christmas and to put it in Santa’s bag. That didn’t happen and we gave this quilt to hb few weeks ago. I’m trying to find the submarine …

Hanna and quilt

… but I see birds, jars, letters, cars, scooters … nothing looks submarine to me … it is kind of ship right?

Hanna singing

Haa, now I understand the name! When we were quilting this, I was often singing “Yellow Submarine”! My extempore video didn’t turn out good enough to show, have to exercise more,  so you can listen Ringo Starr singing ‘Yellow Submarine‘.

kumiko fujita fabric

Pattern is simple, 5″ x 5″ squares in point. We started with a charm pack ‘Tiki Tok’ by Jenn Ski. It has lovely colours with vintage feel, colours that hb likes. Yellow fabric with letters and text is by Kumiko Fujita. That we bought long time ago and used the last pieces here. Some other fabrics are from England, US and Norway (


We have had quite cold winter here in Crete and wanted to give this quilt even there are still few stitiching lines to make. All the fabrics are from our stash and trying to keep it in warm vintage colours was a challenge. Border with texts is Ikea fabric. It’s fun and many quilters like to use it.


With rainy days, we couldn’t go out for photo shoot. When the last quilting will be done and it’s washed and wrinkled, I shall show you more photos. This quilt is 60″ x 75,5″ so it wasn’t easy to hold it and my only idea to show it at home was on the bed.


I’m snuggling here because yesterday and today has been a little boring. Our sewing machine is in cleaning/service and someone had a ‘good’ idea to make a general cleaning in our sewing room. It’s so upside down that I can’t step in at all. Everything is out and I do hope she puts them back in same place because other wise we can’t find anything. But hey, she found the long lost needle felting needles! Like to hear from where? They were in a shoe box behind the fabric boxes ??? With dog’s logic you don’t keep shoe boxes in a sewing room!

Hanna singing

I decorated with my puppy friends and spring greeen lights! Why don’t we make quilt for the bed ‘header’?!

quilts by teje

Now it’s absolutely time for my afternoon walk and sun is almost shining, so quickly out before the rain comes! Then I think I need to give a paw with the cleaning. We have to finish today because tomorrow I want to start a new baby quilt!

Hanna and Yellow Submarine quilt

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Thank you dear friends for reading my story!

Kisses from


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Star Zipper Pouch – 8 is Great!

Vof vof, Hanna here again! What’s the best way to start new year? Making stars of course!

star zipper pouch

Teje asked me what shall we do for the first project this year and I said stars, lets make happy stars!

star blocks

First we made the blue star but the oranges and pinks were calling us so much that we made second star.

star block

We continued with the orange-pink star because it looked so delicious with the light blue fabric we had in mind for the background.

half square triangles

Now it’s time to tell you about the title: ‘8 is Great’! It’s the 1st challenge of “Project Quilting – Season 8”. We haven’t joined this before and were really happy to read about it. Beginning of the new year makes us want to do new things. So this challenge is to make something quilted with 8. Number eight is great even I’m not so good with numbers and prefer letters. It’s fun how many ideas we quickly found with 8. Perhaps we shall make more ‘8’ things but now about the star pouch, but hurry up, challenge for 8 is only for this week.

hst blocks

Our favourite, wonky star has eight points! Then we felt that we like to add 8 little squares … and 8 triangles …  didn’t plan to make a Christmas tree, but it just came out! I hope you see the snowy tree or no tree at all!

quuilt blocks

When making pouches, we quilt them like we do when making mini quilts, with the wadding (or fleece) and backing. The pouch becomes soft and comfy.

making zipper pouch

It was already late evening when we were choosing and cutting the lining and making the pocket – with Moomins!

pouch project

Little things and details make difference. Some jewelry supplies are great for sewing and handy tools help to add them.

wonder clips

Final step is to sew the binding by hand. Leather cord to pull the zipper and our pouch is ready!



Sometimes it can be boring to be a quilter-puppy. I wonder when shall we use that GO! baby? We made some birdies and bubble ages ago … can’t even remeber what is the third … now I can’t remeber how you call those ‘plates’ you put there to cut the fabric … oh, so much to remember …  I think we have also diamonds. I think also that Teje should crochet a hat with that yarn because they say it’s going to snow and she’s going to feel cold when we go for a walk.

wonky 8 point star

We have been really busy today; so many things to do and prepare. Nero will tell you about that soon!

So with our Big Star Pouch we shall enter the “8 is Great” challenge, hosted by Kim Lapacek at ‘Persimon Dreams’. Here you find the main information for the Project Quilting.

8 is great pouch

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Thank you for reading my post! Thank you also for your super sweet comments!


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Thoughts for the 2017

Vof vof, vof dear friends! It’s me Hanna here today to tell you about our thoughts and plans for the new year 2017.

Hanna and her garden quilt

I thought to start with this colourful photo. This quilt is ‘Hanna’s Garden’ and it’s like me. I’m happy, I laugh and sing a lot (if there is no camera near). My wish for the new year is Happiness and Health for everyone!


Yvonne from ‘Quilting Jet Girl’ made me think about plans and goals for the new year 2017. Visit her linky party!  Pat Sloan made me think about ‘my word’.

I knew right away, what my word of the year should be: it’s FOCUS. I would love to have word FUN or STORY (like Pat) but I know I need to choose FOCUS. I have to start to focus better because if we have thousands of things in our minds it’s difficult to get something done. But I won’t forget FUN or STORY! We need to have fun in our lives! And I love stories! I love to read stories and I enjoy writing small stories. Every quilt is a story and if the quilt itself doesn’t have clear story at least it’s sure there is a story about the idea, inspiration, reason etc. Sometimes there maybe a story written on it …


About plans and goals … I’m not for goals but I do make plans all the time. And I like to set challenges. Last year my quilting challenge was curves. As the year went very strangely and wasn’t very progressive, I shall continue with cureves also this year. An other challenge I like to set to myself, is to be more improvising and creative.

dream catcher

In autumn Rachel challenged us with: ’30 Days of Quilt Design’! I really enjoyed making quilt plans and illustrating my designs! There are several I would like to make and hope to have time for that. My favourite design is ‘Dream Catcher’ and I have made small beginning on the design wall.

quilt design

An other favourite is this one with curves. Except the curves, I want to make more foundation paper piecing. That is something I love and really miss.  Hope to make patterns of my own drawings.

quilt design

More curves … and improvising! And more colours! You know for me it’s all about colours!

quilt design

But it’s not all about curves. I really love repeating patterns. Triangles are my favourites and with those you can make what ever you imagine! Stars are always Stars! And wouldn’t they be gorgeus on a dark night sky!

quilt design

I’m just finishing one quilt and shall show it soon. After that the ‘main’ quilt project will be the ‘Grand Canal’ with diamonds. That is really enjoyable project!

Grand Canal

There has been something in my mind for a long time and I hope to do make that/them/those this year.

I shall join ‘The Honey Pot Bee’ by Molli Sparkle. That will be fun and exciting! Queens and Kings has been announced!


My etsy shop is waiting for more stuff … selves are very empty after the Christmas. Lots of photographing for the shops is waiting, too.



Soon we shall have puppy friends visiting us and you can guess that we shall have fun and play a lot! If some one can catch us with the camera, I shall show you photos!


Thank you for visiting and thank you for your sweet comments! I hope you join me and Nero also the next year! We all wish you sparkling, super special new year 2017!!!


Hugs and Kisses!




Hanna’s Post: Knitting with Miss Moose

Vof  vof vof, it’s me Hanna and today we have a craft alond day with my friend Miss Moose!

Hanna and moose

She asked me to teach her to knit. Well, about knitting I know a little bit because I take care always how Teje does that. So I promised to give her a lesson.

Nero and Hanna

Nero helped me to carry all the supplies out on the woods. Also Nero was very kind to give us some wool to start. Nero has so much fur and you can see that all the inside wool is leaving now. We could brush him non-stop!

Nero and Moose

So are you ready to begin, Miss Moose!

Hanna's post with moose

First I explained to her that we need wool and cards to create yarn. Miss Moose looks confused but don’t worry, she will do just fine.

Moose Hirvi

Good that we have cards from Teje’s grandmother.

old card

I showed to Miss Moose how to work the wool between the cards.

moose and wool

I can say that she was very good student and concentrated well to learn.


Many things are difficult when we try for the first time. But it’s always worth of trying! Unfortunately we had forgot that we don’t have spinning-wheel! It’s still in the attic in Finland and without that we can’t make yarn.

old spinning-wheel

So now what? We want to knit! I knew that Teje has yarn in her drawer so we asked from her and she gave us nice, fluffy yarn.

Hanna is knitting with Moose

I have to say that for a beginner, Miss Moose holds the needles very well and didn’t drop any loop.

Hanna and moose

I told her that it’s important to learn to keep her shoulders relaxed, other wise she can’t knit long time.

Knitting Moose

Yesterday when we had the knitting lesson, it was warm and sunny day. Miss Moose said: I feel hot and I need more sun glasses than wool scarf! I said, don’t worry my friend, they say in the weather forecast that winter is coming soon and when you have finished this scarf, I’m sure you can wear it.

knitting moose

So bravely Miss Moose continued knitting her scarf and she knit and knit and couldn’t stop because she liked it so much. I think next time she needs more challenging project … perhaps a fair isle pullover.


I’m really happy that Miss Moose learned to knit and enjoyes it! Now can have often craft along days and she can even join OUR QUILT GUILD and knit when we sew with Nero and Teje.

puppy and moose

This was really fun day and now it’s raining! Miss Moose loves her new scarf and she’s wearing it all the time!

Thank you for reading my story! Hugs and kisses!



Hanna’s Post: Diy Little Trees and Mug Rug

Vuf vuf friends! It’s late evening and we have been fixing our ‘winter window’. Went to find snow flakes … still have to store some other things … but I like to show you the mug rug we made and the little trees.

Christmas mug rug

Teje bought this tea towel from Finland and later at home she realized how much she likes it.  I said we could make a pillow to enjoy that nice print. So we did make a Christmas pillow. Our last post has tutorial for that easy tea towel pillow.

Christmas mug rug

There was only small piece left but that could make nice Christmas mug rug.


We made this really simple and to keep it flat, we sew the pieces just over each other with sik sak. That way there is now fat seam allowance. We had decided to add few ribbons so they covered the seams.


I really like our sewing room. We have comfy rugs on the wooden floor and it’s very cosy small space.

singing dog

When I’m really happy I start to sing! I sing often! But I’m shy and couldn’t sing to a big audience … I have heard that I should sing in You Tube … do you know if there are lots of listeners?

singing dog

Some days we spend hours in the sewing room but other days we have many other things to do. Like yesterday when we had snow on the coffee table in the living room!

diy fleece trees

We made little snowy trees! They are fun and easy. Take some bases and cover them with fleece. Add glue as you go.

diy little trees

If you like, you can trim the fleece ‘hairs’ shorter but I like the fluffy look!

diy small trees

I shall show you again these trees when our ‘winter window’ is ready. It’s almost, but I still have to paint something.

scandic style mug rug

We did some hand quilting on the mug rug. Then the binding with red, little gingham, what else!

Christmas mug rug

And so we can have a lovely coffee moment with favourite Finnish coffee … just a sneaky peaky from the ‘Winter in Woods’!

Juhla Mokka Finnish coffee

With Nero we got today new toys! They are from ‘Jumbo’ which is a local, big shop filled with anything you can imagine. Now there is of course lots of Christmas things. Teje told me that there was one puppy who really wanted to go for shopping and many times they carried her out! Too bad she couldn’t come to play with us.

singing puppy

Now I want to thank you dear friends, for reading my story! Hope to see you soon! I shall give a knitting lesson to a Moose! It’s hirvi in Finnish if you like to know; I do speak Finnish and Greek and my own secret language.


PS. I shall join Kelly’s linky party ‘Needle and Thread Thursday’ and ‘Finished of Not Friday’ at Busy Hands Quilts.