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Blogger’s Quilt Festival: {Florist} mini quilt

Dear friends, I’m happy you stopped by! I have been away from my blog for a while and that’s a long story. But today I am here for a special event! It’s time to celebrate quilting and quilts at ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’, organized by Amy at ‘Amy’s Creative Side’! Thank you Amy!

Florist mini quilt by Teje

My first entry is ‘Florist’, mini quilt I made this spring.

Florist mini quilt by Teje

If you like to read more about the process, click HERE.

raw edge applique

applique flowers

quilting threads

Usually I write story for every quilt but now unfortunately I can’t do that because of bad pain in my back. I hope you still enjoyed your visit! Thank you for stopping by!


raw edge applique flowers

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Paper Pieced Diamonds

Hello friends! Last week I took this wip out and managed to make few stitches while taking care of puppies. Hmmm, I like this a lot!

English paper pieced diamonds

I mean this photo … this looks great in photo but I’m not enough excited. I like much more the back side! And I know why; because there is lots of white … and it looks more scrappy …

paper pieced diamonds

This project began in summer and the colours had a meaning. First it was quite grey, then few colours on the grey, then snow white – light, then blue etc.


First I made the blue half and then the purple half. I had many thoughts how to continue. Perhaps a table runner so that blue part is at the other end and the purple part at the other end but like mirror (so that the straight edges make the outside edge).


Now when watching the whole circle I feel that I should have used all the rainbow colours to go around. That would have been ‘me’ but I had decided to stay with ‘less’ colours.

Other good option would have been to use only greys. That would have been beautiful! But now it’s too late. One thing I have learnt is that if something doesn’t feel right, it’s better to make a new plan.


Now I have ripped the parts separate again and I shall continue first with the blue part.

Sometimes I’m lucky and the little triangles that received a while ago, match!


‘Tales of Cloth’ sells lovely packets of paper piecing papers. I saw how much fun sewists had playing with ‘hexagon shape family’ and wanted to join! I was really excited about these but didn’t have time to try them when I received them in summer. Now as the little triangles fit for my diamonds, I think I found new path for my project. New creative path!

hexagon shape family

I shall try to take creative and improvising path.

paper piecing



Now I’m again very excited to continue! Hmmm just can’t imagine anything in my mind at the moment. You know that I plan usually in my thoughts and I have the picture in my mind. This will be interesting challenge to work with many shapes. If I would plan with pencil and paper I would draw all day long and wouldn’t have any time to sew. New ideas come always even during the process because the project itself as well as the fabrics and colours give me ideas.

paper piecing diamonds

This needs to wait now a little bit because I’m thinking to make a quilt for the Christmas (grazy idea, I know, but I try).

Thank you very much for your visit! Nero and Hanna send you big kisses and thank for the lovely comments on their last post!


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Star Zipper Pouches

Hi dear friends! Colourful scraps make most fun stars! Bright Kona solids framed with white cotton and dark Essex linen = Stars pop out!

big star pouch

On the other side there is improvised log gabin.

big zipper pouch

This is a big pouch and perfect to be a project bag, travelling pouch etc.

project bag

When you make something fun it’s hard to stay in one. Here the centre is more simple. If you like to see how I made the star for the first pouch, click HERE.

scrappy star

cat face

Wow, what a star!

star quilt block

I quilted some lines by machine and then stitched colours on the patchwork centres.

Zipper has leather cord and beads. For the end of the zipper I used hexagons.

star pouch

This second star pouch is medium size. Again good for knitting and sewing projects or makeups.

zipper pouch

Lining has stripes and the pouch has binding.

zipper pouch

Medium size pouch is in my etsy shop. Big pouch flew already to new home.

Lately I have made many bags and pouches and I’m busy to finish some custom orders, because our special guest, ‘Paris’ will be soon here! Then it’s all day playing!

I want to thank you for nominating and voting my ‘After the Storm’ quilt! I’m so happy and honoured to have this quilt in 20 viewer’s choise quilts at ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’! Voting is now over and you can see all the winners here.

Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comments!


zipper pouch

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Windy Laundry Day

Hi dear friends! Weekend stuff includes lots of different projects.

paper piecing diamonds

Diamonds are waiting for grey fabrics. I have finished the purple piece and the plan is ‘open’ at the moment. I think anyway I shall use more greys so I gave them shower today …

Kona solids

I prewash all the fabrics and usually just with plain, warm water. For ‘normal’ laundry I have beautiful, turquoise liquid …


Windy day is the best for fabric showering because no need to wait long time to start using them.

prewashed fabrics

Today was laundry day and windy one but the title for this post is from last night. You know that I’m participating the ’30 Days of Quilt Design’ challenge with Rachel at ‘Stitched In Color’. I started with a good speed but lately there has been so many other projects going on that this one has sat on the back seat. Last night I took my notebook and chocolate box filled with colour pencils and started to draw curves (my own this year’s challenge).

30 Days of Quilt Design

Very soon I ended up with ‘Windy Laundry Day’! I tried to use not so usual colours and not all the brights like normally. Have to say that I really like this! I’m quite sure that one day this will be a quilt!

On Saturdays if happens, I craft along with Lucy from ‘Charm about You’ and other friends by joining the #saturdaynightcraftalong! This is really fun way to be in touch with friends. Great photos shared with glass of wine, tea, pyjamas, kittens and puppies joining etc. I think today I shall continue my ‘Dream Catcher’ project.

30 Days of Quilt Design

This post is full of links because so many things are going on now. Like the “Blogger’s Quilt Festival” hosted by Amy Ellis. She decided to give us few more days to join so if you didn’t enter yet, don’t miss the fun and chance of winning great prizes!

You can see all the categories and quilts HERE. Nominate your favourites HERE. Voting starts after the linking is closed on Monday. If you think my quilt ‘After the Storm’ is worth of voting, I appreciate if you take the time to nominate it and vote! Thank you!

scrappy star

One more scrappy star for a pouch. Finished, ‘folded’ and photographed; hope to share more soon.

greek honey

If you are out of energy, take a spoonful of Greek honey and eat fruits … or take a nap …

sleeping cat

She found her very own hammock (it’s a cover for shadow)! Now I shall take a spoon of honey and then puppies for a walk … and then lets begin saturdaynightcraftalong!

Thank you for stopping by and thank you so much for the super wonderful comments on my last post! Have a great weekend and see you soon!



Dream Catcher: centre blocks

Vof vof vof! It’s me Hanna here and I’m super happy to see you! Last week we were sewing with Teje the first blocks for our ‘Dream Catcher’ quilt.

dream catcher

I did a happy dance when I saw that these curved blocks worked out just we planned. From our big drawing (see the last post) we cut the paper templates and marked each piece in the sewing order.

paper templates

Then we made one test block to see if it works and what to decide about the fabrics. We sew the test block by hand and saw that it’s not necessary; it can be sewn very well also by machine – hurray! Solids look best as in our first illustration so we shall use for the centre part these three Kona solids and the dark blue (almost solid) fabrics.

testing quilt block

There are lots of small templates and each of them is different. That means that we have to keep them in correct order. First we thought about envelopes but when looking for those on the self, we saw few restaurant catalogues (from our old restaurant).


What a perfect way to organize our templates and also to keep the blocks in order. But I know how easily we mix things so I said to Teje: just to be sure, number the blocks. You can see that we cut ‘teeth’ for few edges (I saw that some where) but we don’t need to do that if cut the seam allowance a little bit more narrow.


So we knew that this will work and could cut all the pieces.


organizer for quilt blocks

All filed in order and ready to be sewn. Next photo shows you about the size of one block.

quilt block

We continue to make ’30 Days of Quilt Design’. You can see all our designs at Neropost in Instagram. There is my photos, too!


Just for fun and colour …

chinese garlic

Our sewing room is … no it looks like a mess but it’s not … it’s just full full full of many projects. But the nicest thing for me is that we have new, fresh, blue rugs there!


My favourite places in our sewing room are front of the cutting table and front of the ironing board. Teje gets good exercise when jumping over me.

It’s Saturday and I think now I shall go to brush myself and then I like to crochet some granny squares (Teje found new colour for our crochet project). Then I need to sew binding for one quilt and if I’m still awake I may sew few more blocks for this ‘Dream Catcher’.

dream catcher quilt

I wish you wonderful weekend! Thank you for visiting and for your lovely comments! And don’t forget: next week starts ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’!!!



Storm at Sea quilt project

Hello! Here it comes … all those blues with a bit of orange …

storm at sea

The pattern “Storm at Sea” has been in my mind for a long time. My ‘american cousin’ sent me once quilt book where the pattern is; thank you again Sonja! That pattern has so many possibilities. For ideas and inspiration, look at the Pinterest.

quilt with blue and white

My  sweet little bunny was looking carefully how this goes on. She’s from Helen’s book ‘Modern Vintage Gifts’.

storm at sea

This is the basic block of ‘Storm at Sea’. I thought to make it a little bit different for this quilt. In this project I made the corner blocks more simple. It depends very much about the colours, how this pattern will look. Colours make some shapes pop out. I’m planning to make few quilts using different colour layouts and using the single or double block.

storm at sea

Blue colours are so perfect for storm at sea and I’m happy to have this Kona bundle to play with!

Kona solids

First making some blocks and starting to decide about the colours  …

economy blocks

Adding diamonds and thinking more about the colours …


And the sun! We need sun over the Mediterranean Sea!

star quilt block

quilt project

storm at sea

Here you see how much the pattern change if we just turn it on point! I want to make this, too!

storm at sea

I try to finish this asap to start to quilt by hand! Lots of choises there too, but I think I know how I like to stitch this one.


Thank you so much for your sweet and loving comments! It’s so great to be back!

Best wishes from sun burnt Crete!



Time to return

Hi! I have missed your company and I’m trying to return …

paper pieced diamonds

This may be the longest brake I ever had during the six years I have had my blog.

paper pieced diamonds

It has been really rocky and grey here and we are gathering pieces to recover.


It took over month to stitch these diamonds. Often I just sit or lie down without doing anything … I think that says a lot, I’m not used to do that, not to do anything.

kona solids

I do hope The Fabric has still the magic power to heal. Finally it is time to open this special bundle which I won with my ‘Puppy Portraits’ quilt, part of Lorna’s blog hop at ‘Sew Fresh Quilts’.

Puppy Portraits

All the family helped to make this quilt for the Dog Gone Cute blog hop and of course Nero and Hanna presented it.

Kona solids

There is now small sunbeam and perhaps this beautiful blueness makes the sun shine again.

Kona solids

Always pre-washing … I don’t need any unpleasant surprises.

pre wash fabrics

Even washing the dust away the scratches won’t disappear.


Scrappy mess is turning to colourness …


Paper pieced diamonds are my side project when watching tv or even outside if the weather will ever be cooler again! This has been the hotest year ever!  But my new project … I’m excited about that, because it’s once again something I haven’t done before. That project is all about order … lots of small blocks and each of them has a certain place to be. Lets see if I manage to keep my plan and the order.

english paper piecing

I’m so looking for to join you my friends! I have seen lots of lots of inspiring quilts you have showed during the summer and can’t wait to try some of your fantastic ideas!

Next week I shall join also all my favourite linky parties! All the buttons are on my sidelist so you can visit the parties and blogs easily any time you like!

Best wishes and hope to see you soon!