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Quilt top with girl and puppy

Hi dear friends! I hope you like lots of photos because I do! I enjoy posts with many photos and stories about process etc. So here we go! “Maggie and Puppy” baby quilt top and some details how I did it.

baby quilt

Here the quilt top is almost finished. Puppy’s leash and the ribbon for the balloon will be sewn later. Perhaps it needs also small border.

baby quilt by teje

First it was Maggie and in the very beginning her hair! One scrap gave me the idea for her hair. That scrap was left over piece from drunkard’s path outside piece. Here are now enough photos so I show you that scarp on an other time.

This is totally free piecing. I just cut pieces and started to think how to sew them together and how to add the background.

patchwork girl

Next time I know to plan better so the seams will go more … something.

free piecing

free style patchwork

I was so happy to sew the curve for the skirt that totally forgot to think about the stockings!

patchwork girl

Easy way to make them was to sew the light green scrap on the top of the darker. Then I sew the pink stockings on both sides and trimmed the sides.




Planning for some extras was fun even later I left the hand bag out because it looked too much.

girl with scraps

And here is Maggie.

free pieced girl

The other main thing I wanted to make for this quilt was a dog. I didn’t have any plan or drawing, just cut some pieces and then trimmed them to get the shape that looked like a puppy. Notice the collar is with the same ‘leather’ like Maggie’s turquoise booties!

patchwork dog

And here is Puppy.

patchwork dog

Few houses for the village.

house block

Flower gardens and green for the park. And white! That’s important for me to get lightful and fresh look. Before the white there is always something that bothers me and when I add white it’s fine.

patchwork house

I tried many balloons but at the end it looked best with one pink balloon. I sew the pink balloon like log cabin block and cut it circle/oval. It’s needle turn appliqued on the quilt top. I shall still cut away the fabric from behind the balloon.

baby quilt top

Weather has finally changed and there is spring in the air or in fact it is spring! Sunny and warm weather is the best when you take many puppies for many walks every day. That’s why Maggie and her Puppy needs to wait for a while to be continued.

baby quilt by Teje

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Have a beautiful day, happy sewings and puppy walks!


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{Scandic Scene} Quilt top

Hello hello hello! How are you today? I feel happy happy because I have new boots!

boots and leg warmers

Yesterday I was really lucky because I found what I was looking for, these boots, last pair in my size and my favourite colour! All leather and handmade in Greece by Kokka shoes. And I can were my woollen leg warmers with them! Click the link if you like to see Nero wearing them!

my new boots

Why I speak about boots even I have a new quilt top to show?! Because I have a ‘thing’ with this quilt project, serious thing.


I was twice lucky with these fabrics. I won them and I won with them. Those gorgeus solids are Scandinavia from Oakshott and the adorable pastel prints are Notting Hill from Annett at Knettycraft. Thank you very much! Fortunately I had purchased bundle of Honeycomb in lovely soft colours. What I won with them? Piece of mind.


Shortly about the process. If you like to read the the beginning post, it’s HERE.

Because I liked these fabrics soooooo much, I didn’t want to waste any. So I cutted the prints as big squares as possible and then made them half square triangles. Oakshott solids I cut to slides and then to retangle triangles.

retangle triangles

These fabrics are so amazing beautiful! I’m really sorry that this quilt ended up to remind me one very bad and stressful time last summer. I hope that one day I can make new quilt with the gorgeus Oakshott fabrics and then have only happy memories for that project and quilt. On the other hand these adorable fabrics helped me a lot. I could name this quilt also: ‘Keep Calm and Quilt’!


I made little scuares and drunkard’s paths.

drunkard's path

Because I didn’t concentrate well there were difficulties with the block sizes. I just made the flying geese blocks and didn’t care that the hst blocks were not all exactly same size. That I payed later. In summer I left the project to this … (blocks and pieces stored in the closet).

Scandic Scene

Now when I wanted to finish this, I didn’t want to have those flying goose lines on the sides, because the block sizes didn’t match well. I should have trimmed too much and then the corners would have disappeared.


During several days, trying to make myself to continue this, but prefering to make trees for my ‘Fabric Forest’ or knit or what ever else, I pushed myself to finish this. I arranged the blocks many different ways and finally just made the decision. Now when looking the first photos, I miss the flying geese blocks on the sides. Have to remember that in future.

Scandic Scene by Teje

I feel sorry for these beautiful fabrics! Each fabric, colour and print on this quilt is my favourite! I hope one day I can take this quilt top out from the box and start to quilt it, thinking something nice.

Scandic Scene by Teje

Now I’m heading to something sweet: planning a new baby quilt. If you remember, in my last post I got an idea from my vintage rainbow fabric mosaic. I hope to finish that soon. I’m knitting new leg warmers to wear with my new boots. And for sure I shall make many happy trees!

My sewing machine had cleaning/service and then I finally cleaned and organized a little bit more my sewing room. I turned around all the furnitures before the Christmas. Perhaps next time I welcome you to my sewing space.

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Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog! Thank you also very much for the sweetest Birthday wishes and comments!



{Splinters on Snow} quilt top

Hi dear friends! Quilt top with little triangles is finished and there was a perfect day for photo shooting.

Chips on Snow quilt top

When this top was finished, I don’t know why by I wasn’t very exicited. When I took it out, the excitment came …

Splinters on Snow

That stain glass illusion is so beautiful, when the sun light comes through the quilt top! I like always the seam allowances as a part of the ‘design’ and in this they play even more important role as there is so much white. Next photo is from the backside …

quilt top from back

This quilt started when I was going through my scraps. I save even the smallest because I know I like to make fabric pictures and then even the littlest can be important. I noticed that there were lots of triangles so I thought to improvise something with them. My word for this year is ‘improvise’.


After basting, I got more excited …

Splinters on Snow basted

Yesterday we had summer here! Yes, bright blue sky and about +22 C or perhaps more. I had lunch on the veranda with the dogs and started to quilt this.


After a while, dogs chose the shadow because it was really warm.

Perle cotton threads

Usually I find easily names for my quilts … but not this time. Usually my quilts present something or there is a theme or something … but not this time. Then ‘Marle’ said that it looks like snow. Yes! I thought so too and continued from that.

I couldn’t decide how to quilt … finally I picked blue threads as shadows on snow. I started to doodle. Is there doodle quilting? now is, it’s free motion quilting by hand without any plan.

quilting by hand

Now when I have quilted a little bit, I can see that some little creatures have been running on the snow!

With this quilt I’m not in hurry to finish, so I can use more time for the quilting. Other wise I would stitch some wavy lines.

blue sky

And the sky was so blue beautiful! Today is quiet, slow Sunday and I’m planning to have a stitchful, relaxing day. In fact this time I’m writing on the couch and Hanna is sleeping next to me … upside down … Nero is sleeping in his favourite place front of the window and Nelli in her basket.  Later we shall go for a walk … but no hurry today.

Splinters on Snow quilt top

I’m linking to ‘Scraptastic Tuesday’ which is a linky party every month’s second Tuesday. Hosted by Leanne and Nicky. November I was one of the lucky winners and just received my fabrics from ‘Green Fairy Quilts’ – Thank you! Yesterday I already washed one fabric because it’s planned to be part of my funniest project ever! Hmmm I hope you’ll find it as fun as I do. I can’t keep my hands (or eyes) away from that!

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Splinters on Snow by Teje

Now I try to stay away from that funny project and to quilt little steps on that snow.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments! Have a lovely day!