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Sunday Stash: Lots of new Fabrics!

Hello dear friends! Oh I love fabrics, gorgeus fabrics, fabric bundles, half yards, fat quarters, yards, fat eights, delicious colours and beautiful prints!  So much awesome fabric has arrived to my sewing studio! and this is not all …

new fabrics

I’m so happy to start the butterfly quilt and for that I had to find colourful fabrics and blue fabrics. The basket full is from “Fat Quarter Shop”.


Lets start from the most colourful! ‘Early Bird’ is amazing collection by Kate Spain. I adore her fabrics; always so beautiful!

Early Bird by Kate Spain

This is a fat eight bundle and that’s why there are so many pieces. It includes also few solids. So Beautiful! I love bundles to be able to get lots of prints and colours and they are perfect for my scrappy designs!

Early Bird by Kate Spain

When searching for blue fabrics I finally decided to buy these …

fabrics from Fat Quarter Shop

They are: Nature Walk Cloud Marguerite (pink / in sale!), Grand Canal by Kate Spain (leaves), Neighborhood light blue (dogs and cats), True Blue Circles in Admiral’s blue and Glasier, Modern Minis Blue Circles (down left / in sale!) and Storybook Vacation Blue Fancy Flower (small flowers).

All these and the ‘Early Bird’ fat eight bundle are from “Fat Quarter Shop”. I was happy with the prices and very quick delivery!

Few weeks ago arrived lots of frabrics, too! Fabrics down on the back are from IKEA. One on the front left is linen from Ikea and it’s very interesting! Most likely will become bags. All these Ikea fabrics are heavier that quilting cottons so they will be bags, pouches etc.

Low volumes and those two up fabrics are from the “Needle and Foot”. Great fabric shop in etsy, which I saw in Instagram. Friendly service, good prices and beautiful fabrics! Shipping took more time but I’m used to that so I’m never in hurry with my orders. The fabric with bees is Bumbble Buzz by Maureen Cracknell (we all love her fabrics, right!). Flowers next to that is Remnant – Tossed Floral by Alice Kennedy.


I really missed (and still do) low volumes! I had hardly any and wanted so much to create with them. So when I saw a fat quarter bundle with letters and text in low volumes, I had to get it! It’s Basically Low by Helen Stubbings. Low volume flowers on down left is Lily Flowering Rows by Alice Kennedy and the far left grey/blue is Color Weave Textured (my new favourite basic! it has gorgeus feeling). So these were all from ‘Needle and Foot‘. Just add this on my wishlist!

low volumes

As I now finally have low volumes, I made already last weekend mini quilt. This weekend I have continued and here is a small sneaky peaky!

low volume quilt

An other low volume fat quarter bundle I have, is with sewing items and it’s from “Fluffy Sheep Quilting”. The ‘fish’ in the corner is from ‘Tik Tok’ charm pack (bought long time ago).

Early Bird by Kate Spain

I could have played with these beautiful, folded fabrics all day long, but today was laundry day!

washing fabrics


One day someone asked me on the street if I have seen their cat. Unfortunately not, but I asked where they live if I see the cat. In the pink house, was the answer!

fabric laundry

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed your visit here and perhaps found inspiration and info for your fabric shopping!

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Have a happy sewfull week!




My sewing room and stash

Hi dear friends and welcome to my sewing room!
sewing room

I know you like to zoom first to see what there is on my table …

sewing room

Yes, happy colours: Kona solids and Kaffe Fassett designer strips in warm colours. New project that I’m very excited! But please step in and I’ll show you what I have in my sewing room.

sewing room

This photo is few days ago, before I started the new project. Here you can see well all the room. On the left is the door and on the right is door to the balcony. Behind me is the design wall and the ladder for quilts. Some quilts are on the drawer as well as the pile of new ikea fabrics. Ironing board is front of the wardrope and I hope one day I find arrangement to change that.

Lets start from the small things and leave the fabrics last. In the white drawers I have sewing threads, all kind of sewing supplies and some small materials like buttons, ribbons, zippers etc.

sewing supplies

In the wardrope I have fabrics, except quilting cottons. There are canvas fabrics, ikea fabrics, other home decor fabrics, boxes with mixed fabrics (older cottons and some re-cycled), waddings etc.


I’m  happy to have lots of light in my sewing room. There is this narrow window and door to the balcony.

On the table, next to my sewing machine I have the things I need often. That wooden double tray is my favourite. There I have bobbins, labels, pins for basting, scissors, hera-ruler and fabric markers. On the table there is also mat for cutters and scissors, rulers I use all the time, pincushion and an old emal bowl which is my thread catcher.


My sewing machine is a basic Singer. I used to belittle (even despise) it. I miss my super electronic Husqvarna, which stopped to work many years ago in age of 20. Then I didn’t sew much and got this one. Now I have changed my opionion about it. It has worked very well many years and never complained all the kilometres it was made to stitch. I would love to have fantastic sewing machine with the special thing for quilting, but I can assure you that with the basic sewing machine (even without any machine) beautiful quilts can be created.


My sewing table is from our taverna, drawer (filled with my painting suff) and a board placed on them. When I sew and work behind my table, this is my view…


I like to have open space front of me and good light. The general light in this room is excatly over my table. Light is correct and makes photo shooting easy. The office lamp helps a lot but that I switch off when I take photos because it has warm light and that makes photos look dark and colours wrong.

And now come to see my fabrics!

fabric stash

Before the Christmas I arranged all my quilting fabrics and scraps. You know how they love to get all messed up. I shared them a little bit better and just now I opened the boxes so you can see the colours. Usually there starts to be piles and project trays on the boxes and it’s not nice to move them around when trying to find something.

First, on the right are boxes for scraps: warm, cold, low volume and the littlest. On the floor are (just now to show them) solids, shirt fabrics (I buy these also as fabric and not only use re-cycled shirts), basket with white. On the down self there are my Go!baby cutter machine and container with knitting/crochet projects, ‘different’ fabrics (Marimekko, batiks, linens).

Second self from down has scraps, some I have cut scraps, low volume, some new pieces that didn’t fit with their colour, dark colours (brown, grey etc.) and then un-washed fabrics. I pre-wash my fabrics.

Then the ‘main’ self starts with scraps and strips and then there are the colour boxes. Last box on the left has some specials which I save a little bit. Office/paper selves far left are for blocks and projects.


On the upper self are the threads for hand quilting, bindings, selvages (big blue box), hexagons (smaller blue box) and my {3.5″} project box (I collect 3.5″ squares from all my fabrics).

Now I wish we could sit down and continue chatting about our fabrics and quilts, perhaps do some hand sewing with cup of coffee and apple pie. When that’s not possible, we can be happy that internet gives us the opportunity to visit friends all around the world, to see and show our sewing spaces and to share our quilts!


Almost forgot to say that most of my solids are now on the table and ironing board. Many quilters are ‘sewing from stash’ this year. Me too, as always. I buy fabrics when I can and when I see something I like. Then I start to think and make plans for a new project and choose fabrics from my stash. Only sometimes I go to buy something I need, like yesterday white. Oh that bright, crispy white! … with bright colours! … but this is already other story and has to wait for the next post.

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You can guess how I spend this Sunday evening! I hope you have a lovely day and something very enjoyable to do!

Thank you for visiting my sewing room; I hope you liked the tour! Thank you also for your sweet, friendly and supportive comments!