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Blogger’s Quilt Festival: {Florist} mini quilt

Dear friends, I’m happy you stopped by! I have been away from my blog for a while and that’s a long story. But today I am here for a special event! It’s time to celebrate quilting and quilts at ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’, organized by Amy at ‘Amy’s Creative Side’! Thank you Amy!

Florist mini quilt by Teje

My first entry is ‘Florist’, mini quilt I made this spring.

Florist mini quilt by Teje

If you like to read more about the process, click HERE.

raw edge applique

applique flowers

quilting threads

Usually I write story for every quilt but now unfortunately I can’t do that because of bad pain in my back. I hope you still enjoyed your visit! Thank you for stopping by!


raw edge applique flowers

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{Florist} mini quilt

Hello dear friends! This mini quilt started totally extempore and was one of the most enjoyable projects I have done!

Florist mini quilt by Teje

The base is made with low volumes and you can see that HERE.

Now the quilt is washed and I love all those wrinkles!

Florist mini quilt by Teje

On the low volume quilt I was supposed to create something applique. Those ideas changed few times and I ended up making these fun shape flowers. I was also happy to have a chance to use some of the bias strips I have from my mom’s stash. They are for poppana weaving and they are thinner and softer than the similar strips for rug weaving.

raw edge applique

For the flowers I chose colours to match with the low volumes and few more bright ones.


I sew the pieces simply twice around with cotton thread in light blue. I didn’t use any fusible materials, just pinned the pieces on their places.

applique flowers

Here is the quilt after sewing the flowers, before the hand quilting and embroidery stitching.

raw edge applique flowers

As you saw, I quilted first by machine straight lines on the low volume quilt. Then I sew the flowers and after that I made some embroidery stitching on the flowers and leaves.

quilting threads

I quilted also by hand lots of lines between the machine quilted lines. I did them randomly, some only short lines, some full width and in several low volume colours.


And here we are just before the washing. Now I tell you that it was a mistake to make the binding before finishing. I didn’t think that I shall quilt so much by hand and all that made the quilt wrinkle quite much, so the binding was slightly ‘too big’. After washing I ripped the binding, for the first time ever! I knew I wanted to be perfect perfect and I’m happy I made it again.

Florist mini quilt by Teje

And then lets see what magic washing makes!

mini quilt behind

Because I didn’t quilt on the flowers but made like embroidery, leaves and flowers stayed a little bit fluffy.

raw edge applique flowers

Those bias strips are so cute!

applique leaves

Kona cottons didn’t fray very much. Blue leave is Essex linen, grey is Oakshott and they frayed beautifully.

applique leaves

{Florist} mini quilt is different than my earlier works and I’m so happy I jumped to this sudden project!


Inspiration for this quilt came from Jo Avery at My Bear Paw’s mini quilt for Pantone’s colour challenge. It really spoke to me! Have a look also how fantastic improvised flowers she makes!

After making the flowers, I was remembering something that I had seen at Kviltstina. Stina’s style inspires me a lot and I think her tulips or this quilt gave me idea for the flowers. She has made for example improvised blueberries and butterflies!

Florist mini quilt by Teje

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog and for your lovely comments!

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Nelli’s Post: sewing projects

Miauu, miauu! It’s me Nelli here and I’m very happy to see you! After our guest puppies left, I have been again more in the sewing room. This is not the best photo of me but the only one now to show you that I really have been working …


As you see I had put earlier lots of little tringles  on my design wall, some ‘lines’ with narrow bias stripes and  some other inspiration blocks. In the weekend I thought to relax and to focus to this ‘Dream Catcher’ quilt project.

dream catcher

First I sew the petals to create the center circle (which is not going to be necessarily in the center). I thought that if one day I need to empty my design wall, it’s better to have at least this circle sewn up. Perhaps you don’t need to look too close, but if you do, you see that I had to improvise. I was so happy that sewing the curves went really smoothly and I was expecting some issue at the end … and there it was. But I don’t mind at all! This is very improvised, creative, free style project so any ‘mis takes’ will be concidered ‘art-is takes’! After making this circle I welcome any curve-prject with no fear!

flying geese

Making these small flying geese curve lines was really fun! Totally free style, even I took care how to place the colours. I could make these all the time, but that wouldn’t look interesting, so I had to start to make something else, too.

improvised patchwork

It was time to for more colour! If you look my design illustration for this quilt, there are also very colourful parts. Okey, don’t think exactly this drawing because here the colours are very pale. Miouw, I should paint this again with COLOURS!

dream catcher

I love colours, you know! Want to see the cat I made?! One day when I don’t have anything to do, I shall make this quilt! This kitty is hiding in the grass waiting to catch something …

blue eye cat

By the way I went to see my vet, Stavros,  yesterday and he said I’m very well. I’m 14 years now and feel great! I had a small thing with one too long nail … ah why we girls like long nails? Be careful, the nail can grow to your finger! Yiaks!


So the weekend went and it was time to work and not just play with scraps. I made test block with a house. Soon I shall make a quilt where I need houses and the family in this house has a lovely dog, Collie.

house block

Before the quilt with houses, I am making (just almost finished the top) a baby girl quilt. You know how much I like pink!

economy block

You can understand that I didn’t sleep well with the green blanket, blaah! I like the blue, star blanket in my sewing room bed but here I need pink blanket!

Nelli cat

As I said I focused to ‘Dream Catcher’ in Saturday evening … and ended up with two chickens! That’s the way it happens with sewists! When I saw the chickens that Adrianne @ ‘On the Windy Side’ had made, I just had to get one chicken! Click HERE to read Adrianne’s post and get her free chicken template! See in Instagram her chicken flock growing up! You will enjoy seeing all her photos – so much inspiration! and cats!

chicken block

Adrianne’s fabrics are so perfect for her chickens and I felt that I can’t find anything (!) from my stash. Then I didn’t find anything else than this blue for the background and I feel it’s too strong colour … at least for the orange chicken.

chicken raw edge applique

I made yellow chicken with my favourite fabric which is like lime yellow in real. Then I couldn’t stop making some eggs with favourite scraps … and then I stucked … thought to make this pillow but … there is a big But and I think I shall separate these two ladies … they Kot Kot  too much and I can’t focus to my quilting work!

Hanna and Nelli

After having a nap with Hanna, I shall baste the baby quilt and start the fun part,  quilting by paw! with pink Perle no 8 cotton!

Thank you so much for reading my post! I feel much happier after chatting with you! Thank you also for your lovely comments and sweet words about my ‘selfie’ in Instagram!

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Quilty 365: finish and new start

Hello, hello, hello! I could have continued those little trees for ever … but had to put end some where …

Fabric Forest by Teje

Fabric Forest quilt

In the Fabric Forest sun is shining always! Sunlight through the trees were strong and made so deep shadows that I had to close the shutter to take photos. Hanna is on her way to the balcony where she likes to lie when I’m sewing.

Fabric Forest quilt

One of my favourite moments is when I can cut the edges and the quilt starts to have a clear look. Binding was easy pick as I knew much earlier which one it will be. But now I think should I have chosen solid? Ah, you know, there is always too many possibilities.

quilt binding

Quilting wasn’t so easy choise. This project was late because I didn’t have idea for the quilting. Then I decided to stitch spider web. After few lines I got the idea and had to rip those lines (perhaps for the first time ever I ripped quilting).

Fabric Forest by Teje

For the bed quilts I like to sew the binding by machine because it’s stronger. After realizing that hand sewing is much quicker than I thought, I like to hand sew the binding for the wall quilts.

Fabric Forest

Wonder clips remind me always of my dear friend who sent them to surprise me!

hand quilting

‘Fabric Forest’ is part of the Quilty 365 project. I started 1st of January 2016 and I made 60 little trees for January and February. To make the quilt square I add 4 empty blocks. In March I didn’t make blocks but sew this quilt to finish it and started new theme.

If you like to read more about my ‘Fabric Forest inspiration and project, click HERE, HERE and HERE.

I have so many ideas in my notebook for the Quilty 365! For the one I wanted to start, I didn’t find background fabric from my stash and didn’t want to by now. When looking for that fabric I got new idea …


What you think? Looks quite fun!

applique circles

I cut pairs from hard paper: with the bigger I cut the fabric and with the smaller I baste.

applique circles

applique circles

And the fabric is from Ikea …

ikea fabric

I shall link with Audrey at ‘Quilty Folk’ for the ‘Quilty 365’.

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Fabric Forest by Teje

‘Fabric Forest’ = ‘Kangasmetsa’ (in Finnish), is now drying outside and I’m happy to say that the trees didn’t disappear in the washing! This forest will get better and better after each wash!

I shall go now to stitch my 6th circle. Thank you very much for reading my short stories and for writing so wonderful and supporting comments! You make my day!


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Quilty 365 – March linkup

Hello friends! Happy new month! 1st of March, who could believe, and it’s a showtime! How are we going on with our ‘Quilty 365’ projects?

Fabric Forest by Teje

I have made 60 little trees, one for each day of January and February. I chose to add four ’empty’ blocks so that I could make this square.

Nero and Fabric Forest

Weather was today once again amazing, so warm that I changed to flip flops (for the first time this early) when cleaning in the garden. Yesterday we had terrible strong, warm south wind and it dropped so much leaves all around. I took the ‘Fabric Forest’ on the outside design wall. Soon the wooden fence will be green, covered with vine leaves.



lunch in the garden

Coffee outside, with Hanna, Nero and Finnish magazine. And look what there was on the first page!

Koti ja Keittio

OMG, those tiles are the best! I would love to have a kitchen wall or a table covered with these!

hexagon tiles

I’m really happy to receive every month the Finnish ‘Koti ja Keittio’ (Home and Kitchen) magazin. It’s full of beautiful houses, decorations, ideas, photos are really good and it gives to me inspiration for home and sewing.

Koti ja Keittio

My special table cloth is painted and made by dear friend. And now few process shoots …

quilt blocks

raw edge applique trees

fabric trees


Hanna and Fabric Forest

Weather is turning and now it’s cloudy, very high humidity and the air is full of African dust. It will rain and after the rain everything outside is muddy dirty. I hope my car is in the garace when it’s raining dust! But in the lunch time today, Hanna still missed her sun glasses!


You know that this ‘Quilty 365’ project is about making one block with and applique circle (or what you choose) every day for one year. Because I shall have a problem with time, I let myself to make my own schedule. My plan was to make new theme for every three months. The truth is that 60 trees is big enough forest for me. And the other truth is that I don’t have enough time. So my plan B is that I make blocks two months and then third month is for finishing the project and preparing the new one. I have so many ideas for following months that who knows if I still start new theme in few days … other wise it will start in April.

One other thing is that I hope to sew clothes this month. I’m always too late and don’t have time to make any summer clothes. This time the weather has helped me to think this early enough. So I have already ideas for summer blouses and perhaps even skirts (when I was wearing skirt last time???)

dogs in the garden

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Belgian - German Shephard Nero

So now I don’t have any idea what I shall do next. I have so many and so different ideas in my mind … today I even took out some yarns because I really miss knitting … I think I start with those … or should I sew …

Thank you friends for reading my blog! Thank you for writing beautiful, fun and supporting comments! Thank you for your replies by email as I’m no-reply ‘wordpresser’!

I hope you have wonderful March! Are you planning to sew summer clothes?



My scrap projects

Hi dear friends! Scraps are super fun and I have several scrappy projects going on. One of them began just yesterday.

little squares

This idea has been in my mind long time and yesterday I took some little squares I had already cut and continued cutting more 1.5″ x 1.5″ tiny squares. Slowly arranging them … deciding about the colours … perhaps still changing my mind.

little squares

My portable design wall is too small. Have to make this in sections …

little squares

… or to wait to empty my big design wall …

little squares

… and have to cut more little squares. I won’t tell you yet what this is going to be, but you are welcome to share your guessings in the comments.

fabric forest

My Fabric Forest is going on very well. It has grown since this photo but as said the wall is now full of something else. I try to stay away from those little trees because if I start to make them, I can’t stop. Instead of sewing by hand those trees, I have been quilting by hand the ‘Splinters on Snow’. I hope to finish this soon because next quilt top is soon finished and ready for quilting.

Splinters on Snow by Teje

I think those mouse steps on the snow look fun.

Splinters on Snow by Teje

These photos are from today. Gorgeus sunny day again! Looks like we have few days cold and rain and then some sunny and warm days. Tomorrow perhaps comes rain again.


One day I was ripping some blocks. They had my favourite fabrics but didn’t work for the project I had tried them. So better rip them and use for something than have them forgotten in a box. I realized that the ripping wasn’t bad job to do at all. Have to check if I have any other orphan blocks that I could use for something else.


I start to have good amount strips and many great quilt ideas to use them. Just how to make up my mind?!

It’s second Tuesday of a month and time for ‘Scraptastic Tuesday’! I shall join the linky party!

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little squares

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you love scraps and join the party! Thank you also for your lovely comments! It’s always enjoy to read them!



Quilty 365 – January linkup

Hi dear friends! My fabric forest is growing very well!

Fabric Forest by Teje

Here they are all in random order! I’m participating the ‘Quilty 365’ where the main idea is to sew one one fabric circle each day for one year. There are other ideas except the circles and I went on with my Fabric Forest idea.

fabric trees

I concider that I started this project 1st of January, even in fact I started already back in December with the mugs.

Now I have made 46 blocks. I allow myself to go futher and not holding exactly on ‘one per day’, because I know there will be days when I’m not able to do these. Also I have found out now how to continue all the year…you understand there can’t 365 tree blocks, or what?! I shall share my year to quarters. So I’ll end up with four small quilts with different themes. And if at the end of the February it looks like I have enough trees for my Fabric Forest, I may change the theme every 2 months. If I’m not able to carry on during the summer I accept that.

fabric tree and hedgehog

Sik sak scissors make perfect little hedgehog! When ever I spread the little scraps, I’m hooked and can’t stop myself making more and more funny trees.

raw edge applique tree

If you like to see how I made them, read my first Fabric Forest post.

fabric forest by Teje

My design wall is next to the balcony door and even there is good light on in the room, it can’t beat the sunshine and always the right side looks dark.

This winter has been amazing. Except few very cold weeks, the weather has been gorgeus. Today went for Hanna’s walk wearing t-shirt and had lunch coffee with the dogs outside! Is it going to snow in June or what?!

beach in chania

Who wouldn’t love to sit in the sunshine …


I have to show you also something else, really enjoyable: the best ever dessert, home made kind of mille feuille! I could eat these every day … and did in fact many days!

home made dessert

I’m linking with Audrey at ‘Quilty Folk’, for the ‘Quilty 365 – January linkup’. Head over to see what others have been doing for the ‘Quilty 365’. There are so many beautiful projects and great ideas!

fabric forest by Teje

Wishing you a wonderful, happy, sunny February! Thank you for stopping by and thank you for writing so sweet comments!