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Case for phone and sunglasses

Hi dear friends! Great to see you and hope you are fine! It’s beautiful spring, sun is shining and we are heading to summer.

phone and sunglass case by teje

I made new cases for sunglasses and phones!  I picked happy colours and add loop lock. You can catch the case on the loop of your jeans when going for a walk. If you like you can catch there also your keys or a strap to wear the case on your neck.

I have used selvages and add other strips and scraps for colour.

case for phone and sunglasses

Closings are with magnetics and there are some fun details.

phone case by teje

phone case

These cases are soft but firm enough to protect your sunglasses or phone. I have quilted the top piece with wadding and heavy-weight cotton and the cases have lining. The ribbon loop for the lock is small so if you don’t use the lock, it doesn’t bother.

sunglass and phone case

Some of these cases are in my etsy shop ‘NERO’S POST‘. If you like to get other size or colour, I’m happy to make custom orders!

sunglass and phone case

That smaller, flower case with strap is for my camera.

sunglass and phone cases by teje

One baby quilt will be delivered soon and then I can show it to you! There are the driving Moomins! Next on my table are bag projects. One starts right now and I’m really happy to make that! I hope to baste the baby quilt ‘Puppy and Girl‘ soon. I have few new pouches to show. I made some new bracelets because they were almost finished. As you see, I do my best to focus this year!

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog! Hanna and Nero send you hugs and thanks for your sweet comments on Hanna’s post! 

Now first I shall print one bunny …

Have a great weekend!

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Nelli’s Post: sewing projects

Miauu, miauu! It’s me Nelli here and I’m very happy to see you! After our guest puppies left, I have been again more in the sewing room. This is not the best photo of me but the only one now to show you that I really have been working …


As you see I had put earlier lots of little tringles  on my design wall, some ‘lines’ with narrow bias stripes and  some other inspiration blocks. In the weekend I thought to relax and to focus to this ‘Dream Catcher’ quilt project.

dream catcher

First I sew the petals to create the center circle (which is not going to be necessarily in the center). I thought that if one day I need to empty my design wall, it’s better to have at least this circle sewn up. Perhaps you don’t need to look too close, but if you do, you see that I had to improvise. I was so happy that sewing the curves went really smoothly and I was expecting some issue at the end … and there it was. But I don’t mind at all! This is very improvised, creative, free style project so any ‘mis takes’ will be concidered ‘art-is takes’! After making this circle I welcome any curve-prject with no fear!

flying geese

Making these small flying geese curve lines was really fun! Totally free style, even I took care how to place the colours. I could make these all the time, but that wouldn’t look interesting, so I had to start to make something else, too.

improvised patchwork

It was time to for more colour! If you look my design illustration for this quilt, there are also very colourful parts. Okey, don’t think exactly this drawing because here the colours are very pale. Miouw, I should paint this again with COLOURS!

dream catcher

I love colours, you know! Want to see the cat I made?! One day when I don’t have anything to do, I shall make this quilt! This kitty is hiding in the grass waiting to catch something …

blue eye cat

By the way I went to see my vet, Stavros,  yesterday and he said I’m very well. I’m 14 years now and feel great! I had a small thing with one too long nail … ah why we girls like long nails? Be careful, the nail can grow to your finger! Yiaks!


So the weekend went and it was time to work and not just play with scraps. I made test block with a house. Soon I shall make a quilt where I need houses and the family in this house has a lovely dog, Collie.

house block

Before the quilt with houses, I am making (just almost finished the top) a baby girl quilt. You know how much I like pink!

economy block

You can understand that I didn’t sleep well with the green blanket, blaah! I like the blue, star blanket in my sewing room bed but here I need pink blanket!

Nelli cat

As I said I focused to ‘Dream Catcher’ in Saturday evening … and ended up with two chickens! That’s the way it happens with sewists! When I saw the chickens that Adrianne @ ‘On the Windy Side’ had made, I just had to get one chicken! Click HERE to read Adrianne’s post and get her free chicken template! See in Instagram her chicken flock growing up! You will enjoy seeing all her photos – so much inspiration! and cats!

chicken block

Adrianne’s fabrics are so perfect for her chickens and I felt that I can’t find anything (!) from my stash. Then I didn’t find anything else than this blue for the background and I feel it’s too strong colour … at least for the orange chicken.

chicken raw edge applique

I made yellow chicken with my favourite fabric which is like lime yellow in real. Then I couldn’t stop making some eggs with favourite scraps … and then I stucked … thought to make this pillow but … there is a big But and I think I shall separate these two ladies … they Kot Kot  too much and I can’t focus to my quilting work!

Hanna and Nelli

After having a nap with Hanna, I shall baste the baby quilt and start the fun part,  quilting by paw! with pink Perle no 8 cotton!

Thank you so much for reading my post! I feel much happier after chatting with you! Thank you also for your lovely comments and sweet words about my ‘selfie’ in Instagram!

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Trunk Show – My Favourite Quilts

Hi Dear Friends! Welcome to my Trunk Show! Soma from ‘Whims and Fancies’ is hosting an online Trunk Show where we can show quilts! Here are the quilts I chose. Each quilt has a story and these are my favourites. I hope you enjoy the tour even you may have seen these before.

‘PUPPY PORTRAITS is one of my favourites! I love dogs and when I saw Lorna’s pattern with puppies I knew I have to do that! I participated the Blog Hop and made portraits for my puppies. Every puppy has a name and small story. Some of the puppies are hand pieced. I was very lucky and this quilt brought to me bundle of blue/grey Kona solids. (Used for example for ‘After the Storm’ quilt). PS. Lorna has add now ‘Paw Print’ blocks for this free pattern.

'Puppy Portraits' by Teje

‘Puppy Portraits’ by Teje

‘TRAVELLING BIRD’ is a mini quilt. I made this quilt to send a quilt book on a travel. First stop was my friend Judith. The idea was that each quilter reads the book and sends it further with something quilted. Judith made fantastic bag and sent the book again, but unfortunately after that the journey didn’t continue.

'Traveling Bird' by Teje

‘Travelling Bird’ by Teje

‘BUNNY’S FRIENDS’ was a special custom order. I enjoyed this project very much even I was also nervous if they would like it. I made first the cute bunny from Kristy’s pattern and the story began. Bunny tells the story how the quilt grows and how she had even some little helpers. This quilt looked so perfect on my sewing studio’s wall that it was hard to apart.

'Bunny's Friends' by Teje

‘Bunny’s Friends’ by Teje 

‘PIC NIC ON THE BEACH’. This quilt was inspired by the ruler ‘Hex N More’ by Julie. I had just received the ruler so I was really excited and thought to make a quilt with all the possibilities this ruler gives. Having those beautiful, summer breeze fabrics, I started to make a big puzzle. This quilt was also one of the most enjoyable projects I have made!

Pic Nic on the Beach by Teje

‘Pic Nic on the Beach’ by Teje

‘PAPER DOLLS’ was custom order for a sweet girl. I thought this was the perfect project to use the fabric that I had treasured for a while.

'Paper Dolls' by Teje

‘Paper Dolls’ by Teje

Looks quite clearly that I like animals and children quilts with happy colours! But lets continue our Trunk Show …

Online Quilt Trunk Show | Whims And Fancies

… with few other kind of quilts.

‘AFTER THE STORM reached to be one of the viewers’ choises in the latest ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’ and got 5th most votes! Wow I was so amazed and happy! It’s made with Kona solids and the pattern is Storm at Sea. This pattern appears with single or double diamonds. I made this quilt to calm down from a storm in life.

'After the Storm' by Teje

‘After the Storm’ by Teje

‘SWIRLS AND STARS’ from men’s shirts are special to me. I thank hb’s shirts for starting to quilt! I really liked the fabrics and colours and thought often how nice patchwork they would make. After many quilts I finally made these two quilts with his shirts. Fabrics are really good quality (not easy to hand quilt) but strong enough for our furry friends. I have given these to Nero and Hanna so I can enjoy watching them instead of some old blankets.

'Swirls' from men's shirts by Teje

‘Swirls’ from men’s shirts by Teje

'Stars' from men's shirts by Teje

‘Stars’ from men’s shirts by Teje

‘SUMMER WINE’ is paper pieced with octagons. Little white squares are sewn without papers, just folded the edges. I made this quilt during the hot summer days and my favourite song ‘Summer Wine’ was in my mind. This is small, soft quilt and I use it often on my sidetable. Some of the fabrics are vintage pieces and some from friends.

'Summer Wine' by Teje

‘Summer Wine’ by Teje

‘FANTASY FOREST’ is my most special quilt. I hope that one day I shall make an other quilt, different, but as dear as this quilt. This quilt was part of the Forest QAL and won the 1st prize! I had never joined quilt along neither had done foundation paper piecing. When I saw the Woodpecker, I was totally sold! I thought this bird I shall make no matter what it takes. And as you can see I fell in love with paper piecing! In that time my fabric stash was smaller and it was real challenge to choose the fabrics and colours. On the other hand I feel that made this quilt more fun, creative and brave. If I had more fabrics, I may have chosen more traditional, safe colours for the animals and this quilt wouldn’t look so happy and alive.

'Fantasy Forest' by Teje

‘Fantasy Forest’ by Teje

Thank you Soma for this Trunk Show Quilt event! You made me search my quilts and that was fun. Many of my quilts give me ideas for new quilt designs! Also they give me inspiration which I have missed lately.  I realized that I need a new, long term, relaxing quilt project and in fact I have already picked the fabrics. Today I shall have a slow sewing Sunday … making diamonds from my new jelly roll: ‘Grand Canal’ by Kate Spain!

Thank you for visiting! I hope you found inspiration for your quilting! Enjoy your visit at the Trunk Show!

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Nelli and pillow


{Orange Stones} quilt and scraps

Vof vof vof dear friends! It’s scrappy time! This time we made really small scraps from our little fabric pieces. They were for a special occasion and this quilt was packed with them…

Orange Stones quilt and Nero

Hmmm, I haven’t changed much these last years. This quilt was made some years ago. I never slept with it and thought that one day it may find a good home.


Because I couldn’t go to find a card and I use to make things on my own, I had to find an idea for a card … that was difficult.  But then something started to ‘come out’. I cut circles, tiny as a finger nail. Lots of colours, not exactly same size of shape … as the years are in our lives. Some are more colourful, some less, some bigger, some smaller.


Eighty circles for my father’s 80 years. I hope his years has been as colourful as the circles …


I was thinking to cut numbers 8 and 0 on the cover of the card so that circles inside would show through them, but then understood that I couldn’t do that well and would just distroy the whole thing.


So many colourful years didn’t find space enough to be in lines and rows, so they flew randomly on each others.


‘Orange Stones’ quilt has always been one of my favourites! I like the simple pattern which shows the fabrics well.

Orange Stones quilt by Teje

Also these fabrics have been my favourites … I think now I have used even the last little scrap of them.

orange fabrics

In that time Foxy was still with us … hmmm those happy days … we were a good gang!


Foxy was my sweetheart and Hanna is my dear sister (not real sister).


This quilt got the name from the stones I crocheted that time.

Orange Stones quilt by Teje

I hope this quilt gives sunshine to my father, cheers him up and brings him lovely memories from Crete.  Happy birthday, father! and many many more colourful years!


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Orange Stones quilt

Thank you for reading my post and thank you for your sweet comments!

Big furry hugs from



Quilty 365: finish and new start

Hello, hello, hello! I could have continued those little trees for ever … but had to put end some where …

Fabric Forest by Teje

Fabric Forest quilt

In the Fabric Forest sun is shining always! Sunlight through the trees were strong and made so deep shadows that I had to close the shutter to take photos. Hanna is on her way to the balcony where she likes to lie when I’m sewing.

Fabric Forest quilt

One of my favourite moments is when I can cut the edges and the quilt starts to have a clear look. Binding was easy pick as I knew much earlier which one it will be. But now I think should I have chosen solid? Ah, you know, there is always too many possibilities.

quilt binding

Quilting wasn’t so easy choise. This project was late because I didn’t have idea for the quilting. Then I decided to stitch spider web. After few lines I got the idea and had to rip those lines (perhaps for the first time ever I ripped quilting).

Fabric Forest by Teje

For the bed quilts I like to sew the binding by machine because it’s stronger. After realizing that hand sewing is much quicker than I thought, I like to hand sew the binding for the wall quilts.

Fabric Forest

Wonder clips remind me always of my dear friend who sent them to surprise me!

hand quilting

‘Fabric Forest’ is part of the Quilty 365 project. I started 1st of January 2016 and I made 60 little trees for January and February. To make the quilt square I add 4 empty blocks. In March I didn’t make blocks but sew this quilt to finish it and started new theme.

If you like to read more about my ‘Fabric Forest inspiration and project, click HERE, HERE and HERE.

I have so many ideas in my notebook for the Quilty 365! For the one I wanted to start, I didn’t find background fabric from my stash and didn’t want to by now. When looking for that fabric I got new idea …


What you think? Looks quite fun!

applique circles

I cut pairs from hard paper: with the bigger I cut the fabric and with the smaller I baste.

applique circles

applique circles

And the fabric is from Ikea …

ikea fabric

I shall link with Audrey at ‘Quilty Folk’ for the ‘Quilty 365’.

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Fabric Forest by Teje

‘Fabric Forest’ = ‘Kangasmetsa’ (in Finnish), is now drying outside and I’m happy to say that the trees didn’t disappear in the washing! This forest will get better and better after each wash!

I shall go now to stitch my 6th circle. Thank you very much for reading my short stories and for writing so wonderful and supporting comments! You make my day!


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Hanna’s Post: Hexagons

Vof vof dear friends! It’s me Hanna and I’m so happy to see you!

Hanna's hexagons

You already guessed from my title that I shall show you hexagons. I think really super idea came to my mind …

bed's header with hexagons

I know that Teje has been making these hexagons slowly slowly for a long time but she didn’t have a good idea what to do with them. One idea was a big pillow but I don’t think we have place for so big pillow. Then a while ago she put the Marimekko’s Unikko fabric on the bed’s header. We both love how it pops out from the white wall and bed cover.

sweet puppy Hanna

Now? Is it now time I can sing my song?

Hanna's song

Sorry you can’t hear my beautiful voice. Any way, this is nothing special, I sing everyday … many times. I’m always happy in the mornings – new day starts! Who knows what fun may happen – and I sing! and in the afternoon and when I think it’s time to eat goodies and, and, and…

… but back to my idea. When I saw that the colourful fabric looks good on the header, I got the idea to make a colourful header with the hexagons.

sewing project box

Today I went to search the hexagons, sewing ‘suitcase’ and the grandpa’s old painting box to see what Teje has done until now.


I put the pieced hexagons on the bed’s header and I can see that I have to make many many hexagons. But I’m happy to see that there are some ready flowers and lots of pre-cut squares, so it’s easy peacy to continue.


Hexagons with solid fabrics are for some other projects. In summer Teje made Hexagon Flower baby toy. Click to see the tutorial.

hexagon flower baby toy

I was trying to find out when the first hexagons were made and found Nero’s Hexagon Tutorial two years ago.


This old wooden bench is Nelli’s favourite place and she kindly let me use for my photo shooting. First thing in the morning she goes out and stretch herself on this bench, fix her nails. Then she just enjoys the morning sun sitting on the bench and watching what happens in the garden. She can just see over the balcony ‘wall’ when sitting on this.

painter's tool box

Looks like this month is a scrappy month. Time to catch up several scrappy projects. Some of them will be finished soon, some will be finished hopefully until the end of the month and some will continue until unknown future (these hexagons).


Now I’m happy to continue paper piecing little hexagons, because I know where I’m heading to! And I see that I can use lots of colours … no need to plan them too much.

dea puppy Hanna

It’s second Tuesday of March and time for ‘Scraptastic Tuesday’! What a fun party that is! Full of scrappy-happyness!

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Thank you so much darlings, for your lovely comments! Teje has been so happy when reading your fun comments on her little fabric trees! 

Sweet kisses from me and I hope to see you soon again!


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Quilty 365 – March linkup

Hello friends! Happy new month! 1st of March, who could believe, and it’s a showtime! How are we going on with our ‘Quilty 365’ projects?

Fabric Forest by Teje

I have made 60 little trees, one for each day of January and February. I chose to add four ’empty’ blocks so that I could make this square.

Nero and Fabric Forest

Weather was today once again amazing, so warm that I changed to flip flops (for the first time this early) when cleaning in the garden. Yesterday we had terrible strong, warm south wind and it dropped so much leaves all around. I took the ‘Fabric Forest’ on the outside design wall. Soon the wooden fence will be green, covered with vine leaves.



lunch in the garden

Coffee outside, with Hanna, Nero and Finnish magazine. And look what there was on the first page!

Koti ja Keittio

OMG, those tiles are the best! I would love to have a kitchen wall or a table covered with these!

hexagon tiles

I’m really happy to receive every month the Finnish ‘Koti ja Keittio’ (Home and Kitchen) magazin. It’s full of beautiful houses, decorations, ideas, photos are really good and it gives to me inspiration for home and sewing.

Koti ja Keittio

My special table cloth is painted and made by dear friend. And now few process shoots …

quilt blocks

raw edge applique trees

fabric trees


Hanna and Fabric Forest

Weather is turning and now it’s cloudy, very high humidity and the air is full of African dust. It will rain and after the rain everything outside is muddy dirty. I hope my car is in the garace when it’s raining dust! But in the lunch time today, Hanna still missed her sun glasses!


You know that this ‘Quilty 365’ project is about making one block with and applique circle (or what you choose) every day for one year. Because I shall have a problem with time, I let myself to make my own schedule. My plan was to make new theme for every three months. The truth is that 60 trees is big enough forest for me. And the other truth is that I don’t have enough time. So my plan B is that I make blocks two months and then third month is for finishing the project and preparing the new one. I have so many ideas for following months that who knows if I still start new theme in few days … other wise it will start in April.

One other thing is that I hope to sew clothes this month. I’m always too late and don’t have time to make any summer clothes. This time the weather has helped me to think this early enough. So I have already ideas for summer blouses and perhaps even skirts (when I was wearing skirt last time???)

dogs in the garden

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Belgian - German Shephard Nero

So now I don’t have any idea what I shall do next. I have so many and so different ideas in my mind … today I even took out some yarns because I really miss knitting … I think I start with those … or should I sew …

Thank you friends for reading my blog! Thank you for writing beautiful, fun and supporting comments! Thank you for your replies by email as I’m no-reply ‘wordpresser’!

I hope you have wonderful March! Are you planning to sew summer clothes?